Monday, January 26, 2009

Hey there!
So how bored I'm I? I have a million and one things to do, yet I am watching Martha Stewart! Not sure why!!!
I went for my annual HIV test last week... but guess what? They lost my blood and so I have to go back today!!! I am not amused. I almost changed my mind and said screw it... but alas! It's cold and there's flurries, so I really shouldn't be out doors. Any way, like I said, probablility always works weird for me! Besides if I go there, I will be forced to buy those chicken wings that I love so much which are bad for my health. ...hmmmm

Moving along, I am sooo blank for things to say because it's been sooo long, and I have been holding too many stories in my head, then of course now that I'm here, they froze and I can't think!

Maybe lets tackle Congo. Will Congo ever be peaceful? That's like asking will Gaza ever see peace for long periods of time. They arrested Nkunda...but really, there is probably anotehr leader in command eager to take up the cause.

You know what? I just realized if I sit here I wont make it to the let me get my butt up and head out. Awwwww Gawwwddd!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy new year!

I am still alive:-)

Things will be a bit tight till about January 22nd or so, then I will slow down again for a week or so, then start running again:-)

Hope you had a nice New years day, mine was ultra fantastic, danced till my legs hurt and ate till by belly felt like it would burst!

Okay I have a lot to say and as soon as things calm down, I will be back. It's not as bad as I thought though which is what scares me... I am very serene for the amount of stress I am under. I guess that's why I am super woman ...or crazy... not sure which:-)

Somewhere in this mess, I am finally going to get to watch Bamako for free... will tell you about it soon... but FINALLY... I have only been waiting 2 years???

ciao buddies~