Friday, October 27, 2006

Kaunda USA '06

some info on KK's visit:

KK will make Appearance on "Dancing with the Stars"
When the founding President of Zambia, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, visits the U.S. as a guest of Project Concern International this November, his schedule includes a range of activities from being honored for his work against AIDS to being hosted for lunch by actor Sidney Poitier.
Dr. Kaunda, a leader of African independence in the 20th Century, now devotes his time to addressing the AIDS pandemic in Africa. To honor Dr. Kaunda, Project Concern will present the former president with a special recognition award at its 16th annual gala, which will be held at the Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines on Nov. 3.
Highlights of Dr. Kaunda's West Coast visit include:
San Diego:
-- Interview for University of California series, "Conversations in History"
-- Project Concern's 16th Annual Hands Across Borders gala
-- VIP Reception for 30 organizations named to Project Concern's 'Hope for Africa Honor Roll' for their work in human services
Los Angeles:
-- Speech at the Los Angeles World Affairs Council
-- Reception hosted by the Association of Zambians in California
-- Lunch meeting with actor Sidney Poitier
-- Appearance on "Dancing with the Stars" (Dr. Kaunda is an avid ballroom dancer)
The loss of Dr. Kaunda's son to AIDS and his country's ongoing crisis - more than 1 million people are HIV positive in Zambia - inspired Dr. Kaunda to launch a vigorous campaign in his retirement. Today, at the age of 82, he is a respected global advocate.
A relationship between Dr. Kaunda and San-Diego based Project Concern was forged as a result the organization's innovative work to combat AIDS in Zambia. In May 2006, Dr. Kaunda delivered closing remarks at Project Concern's Africa Forum. This unprecedented event connected more than 200 people from 16 African countries to share practical solutions in addressing AIDS and hunger as 'dual epidemics'. Active in the global AIDS response since the late 1980's, Project Concern's prevention, care, support and treatment programs reach millions of people in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the United States.
At a special reception prior Project Concern's gala on November 3, Dr. Kaunda will greet members of the "Hope for Africa Honor Roll" - more than 30 individuals and organizations in San Diego who are contributing their time, talent and money to address critical issues in Africa.
Project Concern International is a San Diego-based health and humanitarian aid organization dedicated to saving lives and building healthy communities around the world. With 45 years of experience, Project Concern has worked in 25 countries and today helps more than 3 million people lead healthy, productive lives. To learn more, visit .

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Traditions/ religions/ movement

O.K I have been meaning to talk out this but keep forgetting. There was a case in Engy where a moslem lady was asked to take off her "ninja" wear (a.k.a burka if you want to be politically correct). They claim it's necessary for her to wear it because its her religion. Now do you think an islamist nation would be that tolerant of me walking around with a huge Christian cross (a la 50 cents), and my traditional tumbuka animal skin attire with my boobs bear? so why should we be accepting of theirs?
My job doesn't allow me to wear a nose ring, and i gracefully took mine off...even though i could claim putting an ornament on my nose is part of my tradition and should be allowed!

should people move to other countries and expect things to be done just like it is in their country? what was the point of moving in the first place then?

if the poolicy at your work place crosses or burka's then... thats what it means!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Happy Zambia Independence Day!

Happy Independence day to all Zambians and all adopted Zambians and all Zambians by proxy? lol!

chisokone chisokone chisokone!!! ushasokone mwana wa ndoshi!
One Zambia- One Nation! Vote KK!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Samora Machel

They are finally putting a real inquiry into the death of Samora Machel 10 whole years later! I will be surprised if they find a whole lot of evidence...I'm sure any one that saw or heard anything is dead now, or they would have spilt their guts a long time ago. Even though I was quite little at the time that his delegation crashed after leaving Zambia...I still remember feeling a sense of dread...u know like your grand-father just died after promising to take u ice-cream shopping...:)

Oh and on a Sad note...Lebo from Boom-Shaka died!! what's with all the good female South African singers popping off to sing for Jesus??? As usual I smell a conspiracy...we need to bring in the Ng'anga's to "smell the rats".

(Oh and Judy....I am still laughing about yesterday's conva! can't get over it. To the rest of you...mind your own beezwax!)


well it appears that they have found oil in Zambia....that simply means we'll get a little rich, then we'll have a war, then the US will occupy us, then they'll offer free scholarships and refugee status to those of us that will survive...then in like 50 years or so we'll either be quite prosperous or like our good neighbours les Congolais!

I hate the way the BBC keeps implying Mwanawasa has improved the Economy of Zambia...dude hasn't done too much. He didn't cause the international copper "come back", nor did he cause the debt of Zambia to be cancelled. So I don't think he should be praised for work that he did not do!!! has UNZA been fixed up? does it have as many educated prof's as it used to? has UTH (the biggest hospital) got most of the things that it needs..i.e xray sheets, dialysis machines, PANADOL, nurses, doctors...etc(if its better, why is our PRESIDENT going to the UK for something as easy as stroke treatment? why has he no faith in his own hospital?) c'est terrible! Its sad how the media tells stories to portray the writters views and not what's really going on!...hey it seems that I do it too...but if you read the first blog i published u would know that I live by my own standards...and represent only ME! so its justified!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Got curves???

Damn I'm hot! It just always surprises me:) haha...any birthday celebration came to a nice end today...its been 2 weeks of fun...and i thouroughly enjoyed myself thanks to great family and good friends.

ahhhhh! i can't twait for my next birthday:)

Oh and someone asked me why I haven't commented on the Zambian Election results...well coz they we're Bull Shit and will forever be bullshit! and even if Micheal Sata won...I would still think the results were bullshit. That's my story...and I'm sticking to it!

Diane Rehm

Can I just tell y'all that I hate how Diane Rehms speaks with a passion!!!! Don't get me wrong because I love her program...but I just can't stand how she talks! weired, but true.
I finally got a chance to see what she looks like and...not what I expected at all! i thought she would look older than she does coz she certainly sounds OLD!
and i don't have a phobia about old people because my favorite patients are actually old people... i just don't like the way the lady talks! I always have to change the radio station when i hear her...well honestly...I listen a little bit...then i change the station:)
This is her Bio...pretty impressive... but I still don't like how she speaks!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Mau Mau Vs UK

All I can say is, if the Mau Mau win their case of abuse against the UK government. I will also be filling a complaint on behalf of Zambia! I don't care that I wasn't even a zygote at the time of their rule... but a sista needs money.
I am probably not as rich as i could have been because of them...who knows? what if I could have figured out a way to sail to the UK myself and conquered them? they didn't give me the I should charge them...hhhmmm...sounds like a plan!

On another note. I am tired of people in my class assuming people from third world countries are dumb..."why don't they just subsidise?" doomass...! read the dargone IMF S.A.P's!!

We might not be philosophers sitting around and thinking about stuff because we don't have the time to do that...we are always thinking about where our next meal will come from, who's going to die next, who's funeral will take priority to attend for that day, who's wedding to organize, who's children to adopt, who's going to get the educated of all the kids in the house...etc

oh crap I'm late for class...taataa!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The last king of Scotland

Photo's courtesy of
This weekend I was away mulching off my aunt. I ate like a pig!! eat all you can eat cholesterol, fats, sugars, mmmmmmm salt!!!! The sucky thing was that there was an accident on the I-95 the day I left for Bethesda, and the day I got back! It took me approximately 2 hours to and from! how annoying!

The Bethesda food festival was in progress, so Bethesda was pretty busy. I forgot my camera at home because i was expecting to do a whole lot coz my fat lazy ass was looking for a nice cozy weekend sitting around with family! So i unfortunately had on some heels, biig mistake for all the walking we ended up doing thanks to STEVEN who messed up with the place we were supposed to go to! I could feel all the cholesterol and fats just seeping from my body with all the steps I took...thank God for refills!!!:)

So we went to see THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND, and it was fun fun fun! there's quite a bit to laugh at if you understand the culture and all that. Forest Whitaker did an awesome job, and actually didn't pronouce as babdly as most American actors do when they fake an "African" accent. The Swahili pronounciation was quite believable.

This movie wasn't quite as horrid as the other Idi Amin movies which show him eating human flesh and highly abusing women. It showed a little bit about his sex party's and all, but nothing too vulgar. I have trouble believing the good doctors story that he really didn't know what was going on... I don't believe he could have been that stupid. Well maybe he could have been if he was doing one of the mad president's wives and expecting not to get caught...doomass!

Any way, If you haven't seen it yet, I would recommend that you do... its quite entertaining, especially since its inspired by true events.

The only thing I had issues with was...why is it that when they do movies about Africans, they typically seem to use African American actors for the parts??? Do Africans not know how to act? Kerry Washington is really pretty...but do we not have any pretty African women who could have played the part with a natural African accent??? I could have sworn I have seen beautiful African women...and I do that every morning when I look in the mirror!

I'm not trying to 'player hate' or whatever its called these days...but you will never find an African actor invited to play the part of Martin Luther King, or Malcom X, faking a "Black American" accent. So I don't see why it can be done the other way. Is the suggestion being made that African Americans are more superior??? Is that because they are "Americans"? or is it becaus ethey have lived near white people??? hey these are all valid questions... I am just throwing them out there! just like the Ugandan doctor says at the end of the movie to the good Scottish doctor "they will believe you because you're white". Very powerful statement. Also please don't tell me that people watched the movie because Forrest whitaker was in it because that's not true. Educated people will watch the movie because they know Idi Amin and it doesn't matter who the actor playing the part is.

If you also think back to the documentary on Liberia and how the "African Americans" were the only people allowed to stand for the country's elections in the birth of the country. The "locals" I guess were too dumb to know how to run the country.
Oh i finally found some really good Liver pate from Balducci's... its been soooo long since I had some and i was really happy to amuse my taste buds with some.

ok...and on that interesting note...I will pen off and watch the Law and Order SVU marathon.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mark Foley

Agony is:
signing a bill that bites you in the butt!!! it's funny, but its not funny if you get my drift. Now the democrats ofcourse are going to try to use this to their advantage- even though they have a Lewinsky scandal over their head! But finally the republicans can get off their high horses... just a lil'bit. Its too bad kids had to be involved....

Its my birfffdaay!

so its that special time of the year again.... and this year I didn't send out and annual reminder to the family and friends about it. I wanted to see who would remember...!
Cousin Kimmy ofcourse wins the trophy for cousin of the year!
the people at work are soooooo nice, they gave me the cheesiest assignment ever...needless to say i was bored with having nothing to do, but it was great to not get swamped today!

I have had phone calls from all over the world and i can truly say i am blessed and loved...not many people can say that.

My mother who forgets our birthdays every year...did it again...and i have to remind her in an ever so gentle way that if she doesn't improve...we'll put her in a nursing home:)

Monday, October 02, 2006

Shooting in schools

I think its appaling that every other day there's shooting in schools... I think the government needs to put check points at schools just like they do at the airports. We are so obsessed with terrorists...we forget that we have crazy people in the country!

If I was a parent I would be petrified everytime my kids went to school wondering if someone was going to shoot them, or if THEY were going to shoot someone. The latter is highly doubtful as I wouldn't allow guns in the house anyway...but who knows?? Can you ever really know your children???