Friday, June 30, 2006


My hair is driving me nuts!!! I have been at it for hours and it still looks like I haven't made any progress... oh and my brother chose the T.V over listening to me bitch about stuff...:) nice... I will remember this day brother...:)

This week in my life...

So after a long silence...which was just due to my laziness to get on my blog...I have finally torn myself from my couch and decided to post something today...

Its been a pretty fun week. Over the weekend I had gone to DC to spend time with my cousin and my aunt. We ended up in Adams Morgan...and boy! the place never changes... I had all these memories of when Mwai and I were regulars there:) I guess I've become an old fart because it seemed "kiddie-busy" to me. Don't get me wrong...I enjoyed the dinner and the night out... but too many dar-gon kids were out!!!

I had a pretty rental car which i got while the dent on my car (caused by an accident in march) was being fixed. Lets see....oh! my last day at work was yesterday, I went out for dinner and my work buddies bought me breakfast and lunch.

during a tele-conference on wednesday with some ex-roma girls association members.... i was selected to be co-secretary of all north American members... I must have been drunk to accept!! I am still trying to find an excuse to back out...:) I'll give you the details of the confrence at a later date.

I am trying to take my braids out and having such a horrible time! Also Towson University has accepted all my credits from previous dunno how thrilled I am!

Agony is...if a stranger can tell what you're thinking!!! I am tired of strangers telling me what I'm thinking and being correct... so i am working on my facial expressions...or lack there of. I need to be less animated..:) fat chance!

I have another date tonight...waaahhhh:)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Another good reason to drink!!

So Ghana beat USA!!!! cheers!!! and the big babies are going on about a penalty kick... they forget that during the italy game they won coz of an own goal by the italian...

oh well i will celebrate with a drink...power people

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World refugee day

happy world refugee day to all the fugees of the world, to all displaced people and to those have have willingly left their country for greener pastures in another country... I had to make myself fit in somewhere so i could celebrate with a drink!

Well guys, I'm in the process of doing something rather dangerous, and i recognize it as such...but yet here I am going full force at it??? a bit warped don't you think? I feel like a fly lured into a spiders web...knowing full well the dangers that go with it, but walking in anyway. "come into my parlour..." said the spider to the fly... don't worry its nothing illegal! it just involves a man...;)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

soccer today...

woah! shame on Italy for scoring and own goal... pathetic play! what was with all the offsides, yellow and red cards????? that was like some vicious play!


Friday, June 16, 2006

Thank God it's friday!

Today has been pretty eventful, i have met with a friend who lives in Indiana for a spontaneous lunch in Frederick, and i have been to DC and i have a date for dinner...that's a bit too much eating and activity for one day...and they wonder why i'm getting fat! I have attached a picture of my friend and her husband at their wedding last year. They are an awesome couple!

I missed my soccer games due to all this socializing, but its all good! I also put in my 2 weeks notice at my job...aahhh I'm giddy with excitement and terror at the same time!

It is the anniversary of the soweto school children massacre today, so keep those warriors in your memory (30 years ago!).

Thursday, June 15, 2006

ESPN- Zambia

something i found on espn...the nyanja english translation seemed a little fake, what the translator was saying didn't match what the little girl was saying! well the parts that i could hear any way!

people are priceless!

hello good people! Today i have not been feeling very well all i want to do is sleep...and fart.
So any way I caught the England v T&T game...alll i can say is GGGOOOOOOO T&T!!!! England played pretty badly even though they won... I expected better from them than what i saw.

Also, I just hate the way people go to places and don't bother learning about what the real deal is with the country they are visiting. For instance I came across a blog from I guess it was a girl from sweden/ norway. She was raving about how the initiation ceremonies in Zambia are soo sexist and how she didn't understand why women needed to be taught what to do in the bedroom. Now ok, if teaching women what to do with men is sooooo backward, why then do women in developed nations read cosmopolitan magazines, karma sutra and watch porn? sex sells and helps you maintain relationships. The only way to do it in Zambia is to physically teach yound women how its done because in the past they never had TV's, nor magazines that would act as intruction manuals! If you are lucky i may give a brief history on the Zambian Initiation ceremonies.

Another individual was going on about bride price or as we say lobola. They were going on about how the man is buying the woah! what is the purpose of an engagement ring? a big diamond one at that? doesn't that sound like a man buying a woman? The bride price is not to buy a woman as many people might think. Lobola is to show appreciation to the family for having raised a beautiful woman who was also going to be a good wife.

Remember: people are priceless...only a fool would put a monetary value to another person!

Monday, June 12, 2006


OMG! how about the USA football team taking up netball or something???? 3-0???? WTF???? and they are playing ITALY on saturday...hhhhmmmmm! well any way with the investigation going on for the Italian team....they might get lucky! but 3-0???? woah!

can't wait for Ghana v Italy though... i am not sure who I'm for.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

conva with a gangsta!

This is the conversation between me and the gansta i met on the train friday night. Take note, he had a mouth full of gold teeth, tatoo's all over his neck..i.e R.I.P lil troy...etc. He wore a black leather jacket and sagging blue jeans (it was 80 degrees by the way!). My stupidity or lack of judgement led me to sit right behind him, and as soon as my butt touched the seat, he turned around and gave me a huge grin blinding my vision.

Gangsta gold: hi baby wwaassuup?
me (with the OMG look): I'm good how u doin?
gansta gold: watchu doin on the train so late by yourself? can i take you home?
me (why was i born so damned fine!): I live in Baltimore
gangsta gold: in the HOOD????? now why you do that? don't you got a job? why you have to live there boo?
me: I DON'T live in the HOOD!
gangsta gold: well all of baltimore is a hood! so what part of Africa are you from?
me: ethiopia (lolololol)
gangsta gold: so what kind of men you Africans, or African American? you know like other ethiopians i know only date ethiopians. so what kind os men you like?
me: just MEN!
gangsta gold: oh so like me... you want me to show you a good time? i can cook you dinner and we can just ride around town, and you can see my house..huh?
me: (weak smile on my face) hhmmm.
gangsta gold: so give me your number (pulls out his phone, giving me a glipse of what looked like a gun..?)
me: aaahhhh 410.......etc (fear over took me, so i gave him my home number and not my cell phone number. well how about this fool tried to call me..?)
gangsta gold: i need to make sure u aint lying to me. (so I quickly pretend my phone is ringing and i pretend to turn it off) boo i aint heard your phone ring...!
me: that's because it was on vibrate...
gangsta gold: so what's your name?
me: (gosh-dag-it why do i not know any ethiopian names?) Hanna
gangsta gold: ama call u Hanna! we can get together for dinner aight?
me: (running off the train and glad that he wasn't following me) ok. bye!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Arch-Bishop Mazombwe

so friday turned out to be interesting. I got a new job YYYYEEEAAHH! (as if I didn't know i was getting it!), the window of my car died...on a rainy day if i may add. Who expects an automatic car window to just not go up one day? Then i got hit on by a gangster with gold teeth and bad breath on the metro! just lovely! I'll give map out our conversation later.

Then I went to the Basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception (enuff words?) in washington DC for the firt time. I then went on to meet the Arch-bishop of Zambia- Merdado Mazombwe (and i thought my name was funny!).

I have never been a room where i felt so loved and like a star. His holiness was traveling with a delegation of the Zambian catholic womens league. Majority of the women were friends of my mothers..who is also in the organization..duh. So i got many hugs and kisses and ooohh and aaahhhs about how fat I've become. Thanks guys! that did wonders for my self esteem! little roundilox my dear- you have competition!

All jokes aside. I had an inspiring evening. The Arch-bishop described what plans the diosese of Zambia have for improving the economy and alleviating poverty. He says there are plans to build a new hospital and a new university both of which are very important to Zambia. He further went onto explain that 80% of the population in Zambia is illiterate! I knew it was a large number... but I never thought it would be that many! He talked about several orphans that he has helped and is continuing to help, and other plans of things to come. Most importantly he spoke of the need for us to love one another and stick together because "one finger can not kill a louse". We then had representatives of the ex Roma girls secondary school (RGSS) association explain to us how to go about sponsoring a child from RGSS for tuition and books. Lastly a member of the womens organization summed up what was discussed at their meeting (the world union of catholic women- or something of that nature!)

We had other speakers, i.e people that had once lived in Zambia and really want to go back. They talked about what they have been doing to help with the development of Zambia and i was really touched by everyone. So I guess you're all wondering what I'll do about it...well

my theory is...if they call me to help with the building of the hospital, I will have my bags packed in a jiffy. But don't hold me to that...I'm middle aged if we use Zambian standards, so my moods change:)

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Zambia Orphans of AIDS

There is a Zambia Orphans of AIDS fundraiser at the IMF friday 16 of June from 6pm to 11pm, feel free to drop by or to order tickets ($30- or $20 with student ID), or just feel free to make a donation to the program organizers...


Talking about Global Reaction to Zarqawi's Death - Newsweek: International Editions -

Quote :

Global Reaction to Zarqawi's Death - Newsweek: International Editions -

I had no idea how to feel about this man that had killed Nick Berg. There is no joy at knowing that he is dead because it doesn't bring back Nick... but i guess we could say the dudes been stopped from killing anyone else innit???

world cup- Togo!

O.k guys, wouldn't it be AWESOME if like Togo won the world cup?????? I am sooo excited they made it in... I don't know why. Maybe because they're as famous as Zambia.... who knows?

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Viva Manena!

O.M.G!...its happening!...or has it already happened?...aaarrrgghhh... but alas! the show MUST go on! Weirdo just got weirder...its that why I'm enthralled? wwaahhh...
one day I will be able to tell you the tale.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Power of attorney

its amazing how many people don't have a living will/ advanced directives! why do people find it hard to decide what they would like done with their bodies once their brain can no longer function? I myself have no living will...i'll get round to it some day...:)

In the mean time, if something out of order happens to me... I elect my mother as power of attorney, if something happens to her before me, I elect my brother as my power of attorney. They can do with me as they please...

I don't understand what the problem was with the Terri Shiavo case. Why didn't the husband just hand her over to his in-laws if he was so eager to get married and be done with her? he claims its because she had mentioned that she would rather die than live like a cabbage. But who is to say she hadn't changed her mind and just hadn't mentioned that? Her parents were prepared to care for her and keep her alive... what was the big deal with hubby?

Verily I say to you, if I am married and something out of order happens to me, hubby kindly return my body to my family(immediate/extended) they will know what to do with me. Hopefully I'll have my Living will/ advanced directives written by then..ha!