Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm still here!

hi everyone!!!! *wave*
I am sooo happy I just finnished all my course work for the last 10 weeks and I will not have too much work for a little while!
So any way-- Zambia goes to the polls today... may the best man win! I really have no loyalties, so I don't care who wins. It aint like they'll share the wealth with me any hey! I have an aunt in the race so.... I hope she wins.

I am sooo mentally tired at the moment though. Tisi and I went our Friday was unforgettable.... we had organic vodka....which I swear is the equivalent of kachasu!!! It was totally lethal. I really don't remember much of the night, but I have vowed to drink very little from now on!

Saturday, we had two parties to attend. The first was my buddy vixter's 30th birthday, which was a lot of fun. We ate some goat, greens and roti. It was really good. I also ran into a guy I haven't seen in gosh like 15 years or so. The world is small.

Later we went to get down in DC at the park at 14th for mi pana's friends birthday bash. It was awesome. We were totally tired from the night before and too scared to drink. We were at a VIP booth with drinks over flowing and all we had was orange and cranberry juice. I HATE cranberry juice!

Sunday I took Tisi to see the whitehouse and a little more of DC in the day light. Then we got home to B'more and just crashed!!!

Monday I had a job interview which lasted 3 flippin hours....and they had me sitting in the cold. I was soo sick later in the day. My whole body was tired, muscles hurt....hmmm. It was hectic. I have since felt a little on the way to recovery... but man.
So any way... now I have more time and can write alittle more often than I have been doing in the past few weeks. I have also vowed to tone down my weekend escapades. I need a rest. There are a few halloween parties for the weekend... but I see myself skipping those. I want to be really low key.
Who's excited about the elections next week ey? Any hoo, I am off to nurse myself...:-)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Independence Zambia!!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Zambia and it's people a very happy independence!!!! I was going to celebrate it at the JK concert tonight, but I'll pass on that:-) I will be doing something else though!

My friend Tisi flew in from Florida this week, so I am having a heck of a time with her, and we'll be sure to paint B'more and DC red...

Before I forget, I had the chance to watch Jacob Zuma at the council of foreign affairs while he was in the USA. He seems to have a lot of backing from people in the USA who would like to see him become president.... he is also quite an eloquent speaker...and makes some funny jokes... but there is something very shifty about the guy. I think he answered all the questions on investment, hiv/aids, ANC policies...etc ... well by insisting the policy of the ANC is different from the policies of presidents and ministers etc. The only thing is-- he really did't say what the policies of the ANC are.

Any way...I am off to deny that we're in a recession by greenspanning it in some clubs or something....:-) haha

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ichidunu chilalisha....

The weekend has been swell! I am a little tired and probably wont be able to write much.

Friday was happy hour:- Didn't stay long...but after that I went into hiding because I wasn't in the mood for a late night!
Saturday, went to my aunts and we went to see to see 'The secret lives of bees" movie. I cried several times because I am kinda emotional at the moment and I don't want to ruin the movie for those of you that will see it.
Sunday: Mi pana and I were supposed to go play golf ( I know...I really can't play but he was going to teach me)...we ended up playing pool instead...and i sucked at that too because I hadn't played in 10 years!!! Then we went to see "W"... interesting movie. I laughed through most of it, but they made Condoleeza look like a retard.

So any way...will be back tomorrow with more stuff....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tonights debate

Let me start by saying I am disgusted by McCain tonight. I thought he was better than that! I can see asking heavy questions... but that was uncalled for. He was more into making Obama look bad than answering the debate questions of what he would do.

Again: On the issue of health insurance... I'm I the only one listening? People that do not understand the Obama plan have not spent enough time in the hospital. For one thing, there are a lot of people that do not have coverage and over use the emergency room. It also sort of insures that everyone will have coverage. The only problem I have with it is that it is government run...which is problematic, but can be done as we have seen in other countries. I think health care should be a basic right. Every Tom, Dick and Harry should be able to afford it. It should not be decided by insurance companies.
Health care in America is one of my pet peeves. I do not understand why it costs so much and how one of the wealthiest countries in the world can have that many people without coverage and in debt because they couldn't afford it. Who pays for that then...aha! You the tax payer!!! yay!!!
McCain's plan is commendable-- give money to people and let them decide how they will use it. LOL...seriously give me the $5000 and I will buy myself something nice or ....I don't know... pay off some debt? Many people will not pay for health care with that money. I understand the fear of having government run things... but really, majority of 'joe the plumbers' will most likely use the money elsewhere.
**********phew! Off my soap box!!!*****************

On abortion-- I will forever be pro life... but I do respect Obama's stance. Abortion is not an easy decision to make and we should really be encouraging people to practice safe sex...and to think of adoption.
Immigration?-- Nothing really said. Disappointing.
any hoo... I have a conference tomorrow morning and I should go to bed:-)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So I know I've been slacking--what else is new right?
I sort of had a very good and very bad week...and I am sure I just confused y'all, but really, I had several very good things happen and several really bad things happen. I wont fret about it though because I am still standing innit?

Crazy though: you know how I am always saying probability is like my enemy? Well this man that annoyed me 2 years ago walks in and is my client... now for real???? I was sitting there like God you can not be serious! Okay I think I amuse God and that's why s/he pulls stunts like that.... to see my reaction:-) Don't worry...I didn't go all ghetto on him. I was very professional and only said what was minimally required and asked my co-workers to do the bulk of the work.

I think I mentioned that over a month ago I sent my passport to the Zambian embassy for renewal right? So any way, no one has ever responded to say they got my information and whether it is sufficient and all. So being goody two shoes, I emailed (coz no one ever answers the phone), and I got a lovely email informing me that a) It takes 3 months to get your passport back and b) The prices have since gone up since I sent my stuff in and it's now $100!!!.

So my thing is... if I hadn't written in, how would I have known all that? Also, if my application was sent in before the price change, shouldn't I be grandfathered into the old place? I'm just saying ka?. It doesn't make any logic for me to mail more money when I'm not even sure they got my stuff and if processing has began!

I will keep you posted on the passport saga. My fear is that they will loose my passport. They lost my cousins one and they also lost my friend Natasha's one... so that's 2 people.

Friday I went out for a drink with a newly broken-up-from-her-boyfriend person... guess what happened at the place we landed at first? They had 3 weddings in the building, and they band was playing love songs....LOLOL... I was like...ummm, lets get out of here I think! The next place was like all twelve year olds with fake ID's or something... then the last place in Fells point kinda hit the spot.

Saturday... my lovely mates took me to It was really awesome. Will post pics later. I loved the steak I ate...and the ambiance. Apparently it's a really popular spot and one needs to make reservations early...which we did and still couldn't get in till 8. The food is all organic. The portions European sized-- or shall I say upscale restaurant size. So you really do have room for appetizers, main dish and dessert. The only problem was out waiter has absolutely reeking breath!!! I mean... he could kill rats with that stuff!!! We all gave anyone who asked him too many questions at our table the 'look'... we were like just eat whatever...don't ask the dude any questions! By the end of the night-- we gather someone told him why we kept laughing when he came over...and he got some mint or a drink. Whatever it was.... it sho fixed the problem!

Sunday is a blurr--- I was recovering from Friday and Saturday and didn't achieve much.
Monday-- I felt like a princess...:-)

Oh and I see news week is just now addressing whether Catholics should vote for Obama or not. Like for real? I broke that story months ago!!! I should be writing for a big paper or something. I seem to way ahead of them. A catholic nun who is 106 years old is voting for the first time since 1952 or whatever...and she's voting for Obama:-) That's cute.

Sarah Palin is pulling all the stops this election and will on TV talking about what it's like to raise a child with Downs Syndrome. I had more faith in her ability to steal the show... but it's like shadow fell over her...and now the palinator doesn't seem to know how to aim her guns!

McCain had promised a clean campaign... but oldielox seems to be pulling out his dentures and forgetting to change his diaper! I liked him better in the republican race. He was even tempered and seemed as experienced as he is. Now he's just a big baby.

I however I'm concerned that I do not hear anything about immigration from the two presidential wanna be's. Hopefully they will address that tomorrow night. In the republican race McCain was logical on the subject... I hope the fear of loosing hasn't distorted his vision by making him say strange things now! Obama-- I do not recall what he says on the subject at all. I may read on it at some point. Too lazy at present.

Any way: I will be getting lied to by politicians for a few minutes: tomorrow-)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Na leloline mayo...

I had a fabulous few days as expected. I went to Woodmont grill in bethesda for dinner (the food was devine!) on friday, then went out to a club in DC to drink and get down....

I also had family in town from England, Holland and i feel even more special now-- as if they were here specifically for me:-) LOL... My highlight was spending time with "Nina anina" she is such a joy...major hand full! But so sweet and cute. It surprises me that my quiet cousin and her equally quiet husband produced this non-stop-talk-till-I-drop diva!!! She even says "it's pretty like me"! She's like a mini me:-) I absolutely love that!!!

Saturday, I over exhausted myself... went to a lunch cooked by the lovely Melissa, then we sat on her rooftop drinking wine and watching the city go by...the sun was soooo relaxing, i was almost asleep when I got home. The drinking spree continued. Then it was family time and shopping for all of Sunday and Monday. I came home with makeup I didn't need. Okay it looks cute... but I didn't need it:-)
Tuesday, I had lunch with one group of people-- California pizza house (or whatever), then after that went to meet another group of people for happy hour and another group for dinner in fells point-- El Trovador... the life of a socail butterfly! I can't even keep up with myself! Tell you what, a year ago, I would never have driven to fells point... but I think my Garmin gives me false confidence! Wait till she looses me down town in another city!-- talking about re-calculating...!

So any way: Yesterday, I had to sort of console two people having men trouble. I wont bash men at this moment coz i have something more important to discuss in my next post.
Enjoy Yom Kipur. I did.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Manena!!!

It's my birthday today....yeepeee!!!! I am very happy I have made it this far.... I feel soooo loved today:-)

I've had phone calls and texts every hour from midnight... I am blessed to know so many people who actually care that I'm alive:-)

I have a few activities for tonight and the weekend... so I am excited. Will Post pics when they are available.

Will also discuss debate later!

ciao~ and hope y'all have a drink for me!!!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Only 2 days remaining!

excitemundo!!! I have 2 days to my b/day...well actually it kicked off monday, and will probably last the month:-)
Oh and if you miss the debate tomorrow... you will be very upset with yourself! hey maybe you can catch it on youtube ha! I am going to a place with a huge plasma TV and lots of alcohol... that's the best way to watch comedy i think:-) I am looking forward to great laughs and giggles! I mean... the first Palin debate? woo hoo! Okay in her favor-- expectations are low, so she can only impress and not disappoint. They say she is good at debates-- not knowledgeable, but she just tells stories that have people clinging to her every word and stuff. I am also looking forward to seeing Gwen Ifill:-)

Also based on today's breaking news I am inviting all Congolese historians to investigate the link between humans and apes in the Leopoldsville area. It's aaaalwayyyys the fault of the Africans!!!! Very soon they will be finding a way to blame Africa for global warming! Like the little braziers and koloboi lamps started it all!

in more latest news it appears Al-Qaeda is not weakening in the war on terror. Imagine that! With Afghanistan only half covered and lots of fertile countries that can grow ripe al-qaeda who would have thought the would remain strong? We should have listened to Ron Paul on this one! Protect the home ground first.

Who is looking forward to Bill Maher's movie Religulous? opens October 3rd... my So any way I will be watching it for the entertainment that is Bill Maher-- who knows I might be a heathen at the end of the movie, I haven't decided yet:-) I may either watch it now, or wait till Mr Tyrone can hook a sista up..nuh mean?

On the Zambian front-- Zambia has said it will insulate itself against the global financial crisis. NOt sure how possible this will be. Also our Esther Phiri will be fighting for a title this weekend:-) good luck to her!