Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bit's and bobs...

I am sure you've all heard about the guy in Austria that kidnapped his daughter and kept her in the basement of his house....had kids with her...etc. All I want to know is how her mother had no idea that people were living in the basement!!!! How did she not hear them cooking, eating, moving about, and for heavens sake--Childbirth!!!! What did she think went on in her basement for all those years? was she never curious enough to take a peek, or even to store something there? If she knew about it...I think hell will be too good a place for her!

The Maryland film festival starts this week, and I am going to see I.O.U.S.A... it's a documentary about America's national debt. It should be rather interesting I think.

Also, in my attempt to be a little more open minded-- I am trying to see Story of women. I think it will have a bit of a 'Vera Drake' I am still debating that thought.

Sadly I wont be able to but would have loved to see 'Bamako' and 'Today the hawk takes one chick'.... because of a prior engagement.

Bamako (named after the capital city of Mali), is a sort of documentary/film in which the actors, pretend to have a trial against the IMF/ World Bank for crimes against "third world" nations. It is surprisingly produced (but not written) by Danny Glover and Elia Suleiman.

Today the hawk takes one chick:- Documentary following the lives of 3 Swazi women, who have taken on the responsibility to care for their orphaned grand-children. It's the story of most of a lot of grandmother's in the Southern region of Africa.

Other documentaries/ films of note that I may see are:-

Betrayal:- about the upheaval in Laos post the Vietnamese war

La Americana:- about an illegal immigrant who works to make money to help her daughter who is very sick in Bolivia. (I think we'll need lots of tissue for this one!)

The listening project:- This seems like a fun documentary--they have people go all over the world asking people what they think about America and stuff.

Over all I think the Maryland film festival easily beats the D.C. film festival! Baltimore ROCKS!!! I don't care what people say!!!


In following with my little comments about the U.N last week...I saw something in the Economist magazine about the new Human rights council-- okay, as I see it, every country has human rights violations of one kind or another. So I do not understand what criteria they use in allowing countries to be members or not. If every country has a violation--there shouldn't be any members in the council innit???

Surely, can America (with it's history of Guantanamo, Vieques, Amadou Diallo (you get the picture) judge China?

Can Israel judge Palestine?

Human rights can not be standardized for all countries and they shouldn't be...that's a fact.


Madonna has a new AIDS documentary out...and I was chuffed that she had carried her baby the Zambian way in the little clip I saw.


My future husband Warren Buffet has been in the news this week-- he says that the recession may be worse than we think... then he went on to buy Wrigley's!!! Instead of buying me that Mercedes I want!


I am watching 'God grew tired of us' the Sudanese documentary-- it is really funny if you have a funny bone in your body! But it is also quite heart wrenching. Especially when he is explaining how he thinks that God grew tired of them and that's why he wants to Finnish them off. I will talk more on the subject later

Monday, April 21, 2008

Nena's fritters

Because I am just multi talented...I decided to make fritters today. When I was younger I used to like buying fritters from the road side even though I was banned from eating them because the vendors weren't the cleanest lost in the city. I quickly discovered the best fritters were made by 'amake tepa' with yeast...and oh my God they were only K500.... not you know I would buy them and smuggle them into my room and pretend I was not "hungry" that day!

So any way, I went to visit a Zambian sister and we were reminiscing about the good old days...and i suddenly got a craving...and you know when i get cravings that I really gotsa eat what I crave! I swear I must have been Cleopatra in my past life! or even queen Elizabeth...I can feel royalty in my blood even though my family states there's no such thing!

If you're feeling ambitious, write me for the recipe and i'll gladly share it for a nominal fee of a fogo dinner:-) lol...just kidding!

Any way, interesting questions of the day on the BBC website today is 'Who is to blame for the stalemate in Darfur?' the easy answer would be--the people of Sudan--but they have no resources to help them fight the militia and the government. It would be awesome if they did, because they could simply do it the African way and have a coup d'etat!!! I just purchased 'God grew tired of us' which is similar to lost boys of Sudan, but I hear it's even better. My initial plan in life was to be the secretary general of the united nations...but with failures to accomplish much in certain countries, I am beginning to doubt the efficacy of the organization! I mean...I could be their 'turn around kid' and just amaze everyone with my talent at conflict management and stuff:-) LOL... but seriously...Darfur is our badge of shame as an International community!

Oh and you may have noticed that I didn't mention anything about the pope right?, that's coz he I decided he wasn't too recession friendly by paying us a visit on a wednesday/ thursday. Well I have some really beautiful pictures taken of him by someone at the IMF... they are really cool. I figured I have seen one pope in my life time JP2...and It wont make me more holy to see another I didn't go. There are people complaining about him from his shoe color, to the fact that mass was in spanish also, and that he met with a few victims of sexual abuse!!! You know people talk too much sometimes! (okay me too). They called it a publicity stunt that he did... what the hell though??? if he didn't acknowledge them... it would have been another woe is us pity party with people complaining that he should have met with them! aarrghh...! You can not please people I tell you!

Right....I am off to unwind with my Youssou N'dour CD.... he makes me sooo happy. I haven't a clue what he sings...even when he does songs in English...but I really like his voice and instruments. Talking of great voices....why is Oliver Mtukudzi being elusive with his dates for the 2008 USA tour???

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sun follows rain... follows pain
AAAAHHHHHH!!!! The weather is really sucky today! The worst part is, I do not have a good movie to see or a good book to read. Also, as if i wasn't suffering enough, I seem to have lost part two of my pride and prejudice dvd...ummm I wonder who 'stoled' it!
It's raining cats and dogs...and that's really pathetic considering yesterday it was so nice and warm and I got to do some fun things. Well at first, I was supposed to go hiking with some friends to some place called 'old rag' or whatever in Virginia. They were supposing it would take about 4 hours to walk the trail...and Manena wasn't feeling that on a nice warm day. Okay I plan on doing a hike at some point with them... but yesterday wasn't the day. In the next fort night or so, they plan on doing Harpers Ferry, so I will most likely do that instead. We'll see where the wind blows.

I was supposed to go dancing yesterday, but I guess I was tired because I sat to watch an Indian movie, then before I knew it I was asleep...! OMG!!!! I have become a grandmother!!! I didn't even do my wine!

Also, I'm I the only one beginning to see a conspiracy with the Obama, Clinton, McCain thing? This is what I mean:- If the democrats keep clawing at each other, they will indirectly help the republicans when it's time for the big guns to come out. If they really cared about their party winning, wouldn't the super delegates step up now and say "someone has got to go?" They need to sit both of the candidates down and tell them who needs to step aside and why. Their little fight is taking away from the main election where everything will count. Frankly, just as McCain is sort of campaigning at the moment, they too should have already started the main campaign and not this nit picking session. What is that's the idea? to make McCain win?, then when he's done he'll help Clinton win? Hmmmm??? what if?

I really don't care who doesn't matter to me, but I am certainly tired of listening to Hillary and Barak fight. And I am tired of hearing "experts" change their stance on candidates on a daily basis.

Moving on...why is it that most people in this country prefer to be confronted before they do what they are supposed to do right? The other day, my eye was inflamed, so i picked an eye doctors name out of hat, made an appointment and went by to see him

This was what happened after I was placed in the room.


Doctor arrives 40 minutes after I was in the room. Does not look at me, and does not even acknowledge that I am in there for a few minutes then:

Silly Doc:- You have a problem with the left eye?
Manena:- Yes sir
Silly Doc:- how long have you noticed it?
Manena:- since the night before
Silly Doc:- Okay let me take a look
(prods eye, shines light in eye, lifts Manena's head up, turns her head...etc)
Silly Doc (while reaching for a bottle):- Right. I am going to put a drop in your eye.
Manena (getting out of chair):- sir.
Silly Doc:- why?
Manena:- well because I do not know you. You didn't tell me your name, you didn't ask for my name and you have not said what the drops are that you will put in my eyes, nor have you told me what the drops do.
Silly Doc (pointing at his stupid lab coat):- I am the doctor!
Manena:- well you didn't tell me that and you didn't greet me. For all I know, you could be the janitor dressed in the doctors lab coat ready to drop some anthrax in my eye! This place is very busy and there are too many people walking around. You don't even have an I.D badge on.
Silly Doc:- I am doctor silly doc, and you really need to have your eye taken care of
Manena:- I understand that, and I will only stay because I have taken the afternoon off work to take care of this. But I am not happy and this is not a free visit.
++++++++after care of eyes, I made sure to let the office manager know that were I to alert JACHO of this man's foolish behaviour it would be a big deal. I also let them know that for my follow up appointment on Saturday, I was expecting better service. So any way, I went back on Saturday...and this was my visit.
Silly Doc:- Hello Manena, how are you?
Manena (on the defensive of course):- good.
Silly Doc:- is you eye doing any better?
Manena:- yes it is
Silly Doc:- Oh that's really great news! Let me take a look...etc oh and just wait a little so I can direct you out of the building.
+++++++The man was a different person with a better tone and demeanor. I believe it's because I went all spaz on him...or maybe he finally got some that night...I don't know, but why did it have to come to this? why don't people just do what they are supposed to before they are told off? It's like they like to see how far they can push your buttons before you react!

If the power goes out because of this lightening...I am gonna be the saddest little girl in the neighborhood!
The Washington DC international film festival starts this week. I want to see AmericanEast with Tony Shalhoub (Monk) and 'In the name of God' on Sunday. Then maybe Saturday I could see 'The pope's toilet'. Africa is ill represented by Egypt. They call them Arab world films, but so long as Egypt continues to be on the continent of Africa...I will call it an African country! I don't care how many ways y'all try to explain to me that it's Middle Eastern. What--evveer!
Also, wine in the woods is coming up on May 17th and 18th...what JOY!!!! Columbia will be alive with wine lovers from the Baltimore/ DC metro area. I will be drunk and I will be eating everything they will be selling:-)
Talking about know how I am always having stupid dilemma's right? So for the last few weeks, I had been purchasing South African wine--new labels to me such as Indaba, Oracle, Kanu, something with a leopard on it...ect. They are great wines...don't get me wrong...and I initially was doing it to support my African brother's and sisters. Then the other day, I sat and thought about it and decided the bastido's shouldn't benefit from my dollar...then i thought again and now, I am doing it for the paupers that work the field-- you they can have a job to feed little Man'dla and Sibongile with. It took a while to get to that conclusion...but it just goes to show you how much growing I have had to do. I am like so totally really!
LOL!!! Boredom really makes you laugh at things that aren't funny! I am listening to a song by St Bernadette choir 'Ubulwele bwa AIDS' and I just burst out laughing. I mean they are seriously lameting the devastation of AIDS...but it's the way they did the lalalala part that just killed me! I am really not that heartless! Besides, I have only had 2 sips of wine and I am not "happy" yet!LOL
I like how in Zambia we can take anything and turn it either into comedy or a song! It just kills me! I remember the day my cousin and his friends turned the Peter Stuyvesant cigarette wrapper words into a song which ended with the words..."talala wemwana ba wiso li lofwa....waskokoko jammoni...palamilitary ku bus stopo!" Hilarious!!!
I suppose you're tired of reading, so i'll stop here:-) Have a great week....ciao

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm sor'ed

amigos! como estas?..don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me? LOL

Well pardon the silence...but I have been quite busy, and it's not over yet. I will be indisposed for the next four weeks. I will be doing a lot of city to city travel as I help a local company with it's transition. LOL...someone actually thinks I know what I'm doing--that's cool! I also have a few projects to I will be spending a lot of time on the computer, I just don't think I will have enough idle time to blog...unless of course someone pisses me off and there's no one to make me feel better (lol...I wish I could tell this story! I am dying to let it out but can't).

I should really be in bed right now...but I just don't feel sleepy. Oh and Pregaz one gave birth Friday morning to little Madeline who came in at 5am and weighed 8.5 pounds! She is so adorable! I only got to see pictures because I couldn't go to the house--I still have a cold and cough thing going...SARS??? lol...just kidding (said in my Indian accent)

The news is still the same as last week eh? Olympic torch disruptions, Zimbabwe destruction, recession discussions...ect. Nothing new there.

I was hoping American airlines would have a huge chance. Any way, I am looking forward to the summer. Sexy needs to be outside doing wine tastings and other fun things that involve being outside. I am tired of the cold weather. Like totally tired.

So right now I suppose I am sor'ed (sorted--for non 'British' speakers), I hope you're all swell and peachy!


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Res ipsa loquitur

The thing I am fascinated about most in America is that anything is possible here! Every time I think I have seen it all...I am gently reminded that I ain't seen nothing yet!

I am amazed by the new job I had to do today....I was auditing charts for a pharmacy to ensure federal government compliance with billing(what??????????) I have no idea how this opportunity arose, but as with most things, I was soo good at it they asked me to return:-) Damn I'm good:-) lol... but it's the truth! I am just so versatile!!!!

Other than America a "man" will be giving birth. Res ipsa loquitur. As a WOMAN I am quite offended by the way. Okay lets start from the beginning. This chick decided a few years back that she wanted to be a man. So they cut off her boobs, gave her some testosterone shots and she/he (it?) got herself a penis i suppose. After that it got married and then now it's pregnant after artificial insemination. For real???

This shows flaws in the arguments rendered by supporters of transgendered people. They say people that get sex changes really want to be another sex. Like really? So how is it that if you're going to be a "man" you would then want to get pregnant? How many real men have gotten pregnant before? Take note that this is not the first transgendered "man" to get pregnant. So how can you then expect me to call you "he" after you've had a baby? Get a grip man!

I have met several people in transition (remember the guy from my class?), and it's so confusing, because you are seeing once thing, but hearing another! Besides, no amount of testosterone will change your genetic makeup.

hmm....American wonder!!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

It's all rainbows!

I have had an interesting week...which is actually good news! It was busy enough that I do not remember half of what happened. I remember running into mister delisioso himself! God took his time making that man I swear!!! After that, I have little memory of the week:=)

So I'll skip to Friday because that's the day I went for a jewelery party (a what????), it was great really. Lots of finger food and alcoholic beverages. I was even given the honor of being the Margarita preparer!!! I was sooooo chuffed with myself that I could mix a drink:-) I really should open a bar! The party planner was our Americasian friend that would like to join our "circle" by filling the other minority slot that we have open. She is pending approval as I evaluate whether I can handle sharing my minority responsibilities or!

Our one pregaz friend looked like she was ready to pop! It was so cute...she was winded in minutes:-) The baby refused to move or kick when we were messing with mama's belly--which looks like a nice little desk now--lol!

I also spent time talking to a total waste of sperm this weekend! I hope the persons parents know that they completely wasted a night of passion when they created that human being!

Oh and can I just say God is AWESOME??? He may work in totally mysterious ways, and frankly I don't agree with most of the decisions God makes-- but with regards to yesterday I can say that we were in agreement!!!

I am also quite ill by the way...picked up some bugs and probably have an upper respiratory disease of some kind. It might be just allergies, or most likely something i picked up from "french fry" and "french kiss" because they were coughing a lot.

Can somebody get me a secretary please? I am overwhelmed with what I need to do. I have so much stuff to remember, half the time I could swear I'm sleep walking.

I went to the dentist this week--no cavities!!! Thank you Colgate!

I also went for my annual Gynaecological exam (most women need to go once a year by the way!), and can I just say I love the new Nurse practitioner that I had to see!!! She was so swift and quick and before I knew it...we were done! Totally cool man! Usually I prefer men to do my check up and all because I find them a little more gentle than women--which is weired, but it's my experience. Getting the exam is uncomfortable as it is, so finding little pleasures like somebody who wont have a probe sitting in your cookie while they look for supplies is really nice! I can recommend my new NP to anyone!
Actually, I can not imagine having a job where I stare at women's poonies all day! What in the world!!!

My passport expires this year...and there is nothing I hate more than renewing it!!! They lost my cousins passport last time, so I am a little weary having to do it here as well, but what choice do I have? Sijui (is that how you spell it Swahili speakers?).

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Choisis la vie- Choose life!

So yet again I am going on my little rant about abortion-- so if you're uninterested in the subject I suggest you close out now and return on another day for something more to your liking:-)

I am in no way, shape or form in any position to impose my religious views about abortion on anyone because I too need help strengthening my religious beliefs and just being a "good Christian". As Jesus himself said, "let he without sin cast the first stone", being that I have plenty of sins...I can not throw any stones at anyone else for their sins.

With that said, you may have noticed that I usually approach abortion from the side of reason because here can be no 'wrong' or 'right' without reason. One can not convince another of something by merely saying "that's how it is" need to break it down into points that are logical enough for anyone to understand. I will get into this further at the bottom.

So here goes: I received an email yesterday about a case in Kansas where criminal charges will be brought against Planned Parenthood (the famous abortion clinic) because they have apparently been performing late term abortions--which according to American law qualifies as murder.

Well there is major uproar among certain people because they feel it will be a HIPPA violation to release charts that prove that indeed the Planned Parenthood personnel were in fact performing late term abortions and had forged the documents they handed in to the court.

I too should be singing the HIPPA violation song--but I feel that once you have committed a crime, especially one as big as murder, your right to privacy decreases when you enter that court room. Of course it's in the best interest of the women that are the subject matter to maintain their right to privacy, but if they willingly participated knowing full well that the baby/ fetus (whatever makes you feel better!) was more than 20 weeks old, then they have also committed a crime and by law should be punished!

So there's a catch 22--how far can the state reach into our lives and control things? That is the question.

I am continually amazed however that animals have more rights than an unborn child! Abusing an animal can get you jail time, yet suctioning a child out of your womb before 20 weeks is just dandy! You can do it as many times as you want my love!

Women's right to chose what happens to her own body:- Yes! by all means, a woman MUST have the right to chose what happens to her OWN body responsibly. She has the right to chose who she lays down in the bed with and must not be forced into sexual acts, and the right to alter her own body if she so chooses through plastic surgery...etc. Being responsible entails that you know and are aware once you are old enough to perform sexual acts that they can result in pregnancy. Responsibility means that you are aware that once pregnant, you are the vehicle by which life is sustained and the source through which the fetus becomes "viable".

Responsibility:- With all the contraception available on the market: pills, condoms, coils, patches...abstinence...etc is there an excuse to having unwanted pregnancies really?
In cases of rape, giving the victim the right to terminate the pregnancy is similar to giving the victim the right to murder the rapist in my opinion. Besides, even if you terminate the pregnancy, I doubt highly that you could forget that you were ever raped. The memory would linger on.

Morality:- Society sets the norms for what is moral and what isn't. Do not forget that not too many years ago, lynching was the norm in this society. It was accepted as morally sane by large masses of people who had the right to choose which negro could walk and which one couldn't. Homosexuality is also slowly becoming the norm now and is morally accepted where as it wasn't before. Even Hitler's ideas were morally accepted by his peers. Similarly-- abortion is accepted.

Conception:- The fertilization of an egg by sperm. Full stop. If you can prove to me that a baby can be created without the union of sperm and ova. I will concede defeat and agree that a fetus is just a woman's body part, like an appendix and can easily be removed if she so chooses. (even cloning depends on the life of another)

choisis la vie- Choose life! It will beinteresting to see the results of the case against Planned parenthood in Kansas.