Monday, May 26, 2008

Africa freedom day/ Memorial day

Can I say Happy Africa Freedom day or Memorial day? Is that like a sane thing to do, or do we just kinda nod at each other on these days? What's the proper etiquette I wonder? Okay so AFD was technically yesterday... but I was too busy (read: lazy) to write anything.
To commemorate AFD I re-watched Lumumba and The motor cycle diaries. You may wonder how the two are connected because few people know that Che Guevara was in Congo for a bit circa the Lumumba uprising if you will, and I just love watching revolutionary movies!
I get nostalgic when I hear names of leaders some long gone like Ben Bella, Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, Fidel Castro, Yasser Arafat, Joachim Chisano, Margaret Thatcher, Boris yeltzing, Sam Nujoma...etc. I am not saying these are my hero's or that they were necessarily good people but it just brings back memories of the 1900hrs news in Zambia, and how we had no choice but to learn what Frelimo or Swapo were doing, or what "mischief" the ANC had gotten themselves into.

I am also glad now, when I remember former class mates who were children of exiles from Mozambique, Angola, South Africa, Namibia..etc It was a great experience to know these kids even though at the time I neither understood-- nor cared to understand what it meant to be in 'exile'. I am fortunate for the lessons I inadvertently learnt from them even though I can not remember half their names!

Wait--while we are being nostalgic...can someone clear this myth. Was Mike Tabu really part of the black panther movement and exiled to Zambia...or is that just a tale he/ someone told to make him appear important????

Oh in sad brother abandoned me and left for Zed last night. Little Jay bird and I were at the airport to see him off. When the misery was about to set in this morning, I woke up and decided to watch pride and prejudice new version, and guess what????? YOU GUESSED IT!!!! I found My missing pride and prejudice part 2 (old version) in the cover of the new version that I hate!!!! So I am SOOOOOOOOO happpyyyy!!!

I almost cancelled a date so I could stay home and watch P&P all day! So yeah, I had a date this afternoon with an interesting fella. I have become sort of a dating charity case and everyone just throws men at me-- it doesn't matter whether the guy and I don't click, people just feel the need to save me from the sorrows of my single life. But guess what? I aint complaining. I eat all the free food I get, and I have fun in the process meeting new people, learning new things, and doing things I didn't think I would do. (not like that sicko! get your mind out of the gutter!).

It's not like I enjoy just 'dating'...okay rephrase that. While I enjoy going on these dates, I do often worry because, I hardly feel an attachment to anyone. Or sometimes, I feel a temporal attachment, then it's gone. I don't know, I guess I'm just getting cynical in my old age. I mean I think I am getting spoilt and used to my marriage to the walls of my house...then other days I jesswanna sing ...'lonely....i am so lonely...i need call my own...dooo dooo doo doo...woo woo woo woo'. Then other days I think, well...if I was going to be a mother/ wife by now, it would have happened. I have had the opportunity, and the whole 'purpose by design' thing would have kicked in. I figure, if i rush things, or settle... I may be the worlds worst wife or mother. Okay...correction. The worst mother kills her child and I never scrap that. I might get third place or something :-) how does that sound? Junior could be getting wine for breakfast, lunch and! Just kidding...dont call social services for my un-procreated child:-)...coz some of y'all are crazy enough to do that! Especially you Kokakolafanta!

I am three glasses into my wine bottle right now, so i suppose i should stop writing, before i end up telling you what color my poop is or something in that nature:-) I will try to write again on the morrow. Work is kinda going slow at the moment, so i will have a LOT of free time maybe... so you will probably get tired of all my 'new' posts.

I am off to practice my guitar skills with my new franglish song 'Manena is tres belle' my poor neighbors must be delighted...noooottt! (say it like borat!)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Johannesburg a.k.a jo'burg, jozee, j town...etc has been in the news in a negative light this week with regards to their treatment of foreign nationals. Thousands of people squatting in townships have been beaten and robbed--some killed by local south Africans under the impression that the foreigners are stealing their jobs and money.

I am very disappointed at the response that was given by prominent leaders ( al) of SA. Not one of them has mentioned (in the media) that the main reason they should be hospitable to these foreigners is that at one point in their history--the south Africans were refugees in other countries when they had major issues in their own country!

In fact, if South Africa is not will one day be like Zimbabwe.

Xenophobia exists in many countries but people need to understand that no one wants to be a refugee. No one is happy to be on someone else's land, living off bread crumbs. Yes immigrants are more likely to accept less money, but that is because of all the responsibilities they have, and the knowledge that less money in a higher ranking foreign countries equals more money in their homeland. Simple economics!

I can not imagine that there exists a person that can leave all they have ever known to suffer-- or live poorly in another country.

This is why education is important. It would prevent a lot of unintelligent views from circulating.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

oh wait!

My sister had a 9.5 pound baby! Imagine that!!! She calls me at 4 a.m to ask if I thought she should have a C-section...HELLOOO??? the baby is over 9 you really want all that coming out of your poompoom??? Not me gurl friend!
Don't have any pictures to share yet... but will do when I can:-)

Random ramblingz

OMG!!!! I have had a whirl wind week...and I still need to catch my breath! WOW. Okay, so I would be lying if I tried to remember everything that happened. Some things of note

  1. C$ arrived. We have had a BLAST since then. Tuesday will remained classified--it involves 2 liters of tequila and the two of us...we have to destroy my computer and camera chip when I run for president because the pictures are WAY out of this world!

  2. Wednesday we met up with the gang in Silver Spring. Did some more drinks-- because obviously we didn't learn our lesson the previous night! Then we went to the macaroni grill for dinner. Very nice evening. If only we were a 100% awake!

  3. Thursday is reserved for Chris the P.A--like WOAH mama!!! I think it took God a year to create that guy...hotness at it's best man!

  4. Friday...yeah...okay. So we walk into pizzeria Uno at Union station and the guys at the bar start applauding! That was too cool! I love when I get dressed up and people actually appreciate the fact that I took time to get dressed and didn't just get out of bed and not bother about my appearance that day. This is what I miss about predominantly black areas. The men are not afraid to wolf whistle...and women need that once in a while to let us know we still have the hotness factor!

After a beer break, we missed two trains to Germantown, finally we got that and had a blast in the area. I also got to finally meet my neighbor from Zambia! Imagine that???? The guy had lived next door to me for many years and was something of a legend...then finally out of no where, he and I met in the USA!!! There is a Bemba saying "ifichikumana fiwa" and I just love how true that is--translation 'Only ghosts never meet'-- meaning- while we're alive there is a chance we will meet. Or something of that nature.

Post Germantown, we went to Adams Morgan: my fav spot in this region. This time though, I did not go to Bukom or Madams Organ as I usually do, I went to a new (to me) place-- Grand Central. I danced ALL night! I refused to drink anything related to tequila and stuck to Guinness. I was not repeating Tuesday by any chance! C$ on the other hand doesn't learn anything. She was sorry on Saturday. Trust me! I also ate the huge pizza's they serve in Adams Morgan. Gosh! I had the munchies...and it was 3 am...and I was starving. Then two people who's names will remain withheld went to pee pee behing a gas station because the duffus on duty refused to render them keys! Master Changz let us rest easy at his house for the night.

5. Saturday is still kinda blurred.

6. Sunday we did a D.C tour in the rain because little Nkechi insisted on seeing 'cory's house' (the white house), so we traipsed in the rain for a bit, then the sun came out to play, then we did a little more sight seeing...and saw the embassy of Zambia--bow down! Took pictures of the mayflower were Spitzer spent his dollar. What I like about the district of Columbia is that there is always something new to learn.

We finished off the day with a nice dinner at Fogo de Chao...I couldn't breathe after dinner. They overwhelm you with the various meats if you forget to turn your dial from green to red!

My broke ass will return to work on Tuesday. Tomorrow, I plan on being lazy and trying to chill out. I hope I can make it! Next weekend is Memorial day I gather, I wont be getting much rest at all!

Monday, May 12, 2008

LLM Class of 2008!

It's been quite a week!
I have but one regret. I had the opportunity to help someone before things went astray and I didn't for several reasons. I know I made the right choice to wait--but I am still not happy that things went this way. At the same time, I probably wouldn't do it differently next time. I don't know...ethical choices always leave me confused.

Last week all I did was eat! There was plenty of free food at work, but my worst day was Friday. I went out for breakfast with a friend--then out for lunch with other friends---then out for dinner (Hibachi grill) with an entirely different group!!! The scientists are right when they say friends can make you fat!!! The Chinese dude at the Hibachi grill was hilarious! He turns to one of the guys in our groups who was there with his girlfriend and says--"hey I know you! You were here last Friday with a cute blond girl...but the one you have tonight is cuter...can I have her number?" we were all rolling on the ground at that!
Oh and my cholesterol is high....not very...but the good news is both my HDL and LDL are high, so things balance out. I aint cutting out the bacon yet:-) I told my doctor I would be making false promises if i said I would...she said I am very honest, and we moved on. One person you should never lie to is your doctor. Trust me on that one.

So my baby brother graduated yesterday from his master of laws program...and i had the pleasure to let the person sitting behind me know that he just turned 22 a little over a month ago! I am soooo proudy-woudy:-)
I opted to drive there...yeah...and yes I did speed I confess. I wont say how long it took me to get there...but all I can say is--I AM THE WOMAN BABY!!! I just totally ROCK!!! lol.

I think I really like Ithaca. It may be because it's in the bushes deep deyole...but it's certainly a quaint little town. My brother lives down town right around a lot of prime eating places...and I ate a LARGE was off the hook!

During the celebration I cried twice I think....I'm probably hormonal...but too many things factored in and I couldn't help it:-) for one BABY brother who's poopie nappies I changed was graduating. Then for another--the faculty member that gave the speech almost broke down several times when he spoke of the harsh times of being a lawyer. He was right in stating that you're holding someones life in your hands...and you have to make your best effort at helping them. Then finally one of the girls graduating was black and blind...she used her guide dog to help her walk across the stage and everyone gave her standing ovation. It still brings me tears to write that. That is what you call determination in the face of tribulation!

I also met Cornell's favorite Zambian--Professor Ndulo

The organizers did a great job with the ceremony and the reception. They had tables and tables of Hors d'oeuvre, champagne over flowing, and all types of desserts. I don't have to tell you what I was drinking:-)
My brother gave me my first guitar!!! I am soooo excited...I took it on a test drive and sang a few songs...and we're really bonding. i could be the next Janis Jolin/ Tracy Chapman/ Ani Defranco or whatever.
I had a horrible drive home because it was raining heavily and dark...and just yucky!
I am preparing for the arrival of C$ and her munchkin... it will be a major blast! I am on a mini vay cay from work and loving it!
Also if my sister hurries up and has a baby, I may go to London soon! wait let me call and find out of the baby is here because we are TIRED of waiting!...ummm baby yet!

Any next post will be about Burma.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


So I finally went to the film festival and saw I.O.U.S.A.... all I can say is, we probably need to start stocking up on canned and dry food:-) The economic situation in the USA is in the crappers!

It was quite frightening to watch. It's like we were seeing a train about to crash and not knowing how we were going to stop it....

Say what you will about Ron Paul being psycho and all... but the dude really has some great ideas and I really wish he had made it further than he did. He is in the film asking Greenspan some really heavy questions which the dude has no answers to. This is like in 2000... so it's not even like he's campaigning. I think he genuinely cares about the country. I like the big sign on Ron Paul's desk in the film which reads something like 'don't steal-- the government hates competition'...I laughed so hard when I saw that! Greenspan is a mess though... I said he was... and this just confirmed it!

Also... with a debt that high... shouldn't we start recovering money somewhere...i.e get out of Iraq a.s.a.p? Let them do the cleaning themselves... we need the money here and now. It sucks that just about everything is out sourced because it's cheaper that way. Some factory workers in China make $10 a day.... which American would accept that? Where would they live even if they wanted the $10 a day?

Cost of living is ridiculous here because people think they can afford more than they can since they live off credit!...The country and the people are living off dangerous is that? ask the IMF and it's SAP's!

Oh and baby daddy numero uno-- Warren Buffet was in the film too and he gives some very good information on the economy too:-) I guess that means he wont be buying me that metallic gray Mercedes with pimped out tires I asked for!

Any way...I am doing several things at once and can not i fear I may not sound too eloquent tonight:-) So I wish to recommend the film to anyone that has interest in the economic structure of the U.S and the world... it has an interesting piece on economic war fare...

Will try to talk more about the film at a later stage ... if I remember:-)

Saturday, May 03, 2008


At that time, gas was considered too high at $2 a gallon. John Kerry was running for president, the national debt was only $7 trillion or so, Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden were still on the run and we were awaiting the birth of my niece.

We were also just getting acquainted with the names of cities in Iraq and Afghanistan-- Basra, Mosul, Nineveh, Kandahar...exotic and far off. Very far off.

I was naive enough to think I would never be affected by the Iraq invasion though I evaluated people based on what their views were about Iraq and the 2001 catastrophe.

Before that point, I had met an interesting man with diverse interests and was having a great time getting to know more about him. His understanding or the world was similar to my own, and he was mature beyond his age! In my admiration for him, I found myself wanting to know more about what he knew and what he thought on many subjects. He was a likable sort of fellow.

His name was Nicholas (Nick) Berg. It still invokes sadness within me to write that name. The situation is something I will never understand in this life time no matter what equations I try to use. I suppose that's what makes it harder to close that chapter.

He had been to Iraq before on business and was back in one piece...but strangely enough when he said he was going back...I got the feeling he wasn't coming back. Even though I knew I am rarely wrong when I get those feelings, I went into denial when I heard he was missing.

He couldn't be missing. He had just sent an email a few days prior, and had stated that he would be home in a few days. He probably had to use another route or something! So I waited on good news.

The positive flickers of flames were quickly extinguished one afternoon when I walked into the house turned the T.V and computer on--I simultaneously found an email from his father and saw the news on the television. I cried for a very good while. I think that was when I developed a semi hatred for the media and the Internet. I have never and will never see those ghastly videos online.

And this is how the invasion in Iraq made it into my life. Fast and furious.

Up to now, I catch myself wondering what the point of our acquaintance was. Was I learning from him? was he learning from me? Was the lesson someone else's?

I was more sad than happy when Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (Nick's supposed murderer) was killed. It just brought more sadness to the realization that the dude's death wouldn't bring Nick back and that more people were dying and even more people were weeping.

Any way, the reason I bring this up today is that there will be a fundraiser--Bergopalooza in a few weeks . There is a scholarship in Nick's name and the details of the scholarship are on the website. If you can make it--please go out. If you can donate please send some money or something.

Insha'allah he rests in peace.

April 2nd 1978- May 2004