Sunday, November 01, 2009

Zed Independence

So I had a fun time at the Zambian Independence party in Baltimore. I almost didn't go, but my little buddy made me...and it was a much needed night out:-)

So I am not one to criticize (lol...) but as usual, we started on African time 10pm instead of 7pm. Then, we went into major prayer mode (seriously, I have no issues with prayer, but if I wanted to pray, I know where the church is, I don't need an evening of food and dance turned into a church). Then after the many prayers and religious songs, the speeches started and went on for another eternity. Then someone made a PowerPoint presentation on historical Zambia. So it was a great idea at first. It described a little of the migration of peoples that settled in Africa... then spoke about the British leaving Zambia...then Zambia was Independent.

Ok so the dude should have stopped there, but he goes on to talk about Kaunda's one party state thereafter, Chiluba's embezzlement (or whatever it was), captain solo's incident, Mwanawasa and Banda...I mean are you serious???? How that anything to do with the beautiful idea of independence? It just messed it up!!! It felt like it was a political presentation instead of just a "yay Zambia's independent!" thing.

Oh then the MC???? OMG!!! What rock did he emerge from? He was not funny!!! Jeez Louise! I found him to be crass...

Other than week has been up and job is kinda sucky at the moment and many people have quit. I am not getting a good feeling about it. Five people have gone...and instead of hiring replacement, we are interviewing agency staff...then the manager wasn't replaced either...they are using someone from a sister facility. Almost like a merger. That tells me something fishy is going they may be closing down or something! So if you know someone hiring...I'm your gurl! hola!!

Oh! senior moment! forgot what I had to say! any how...goood night

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Zambia oye!

So what's with the fuel shortage, electricity scarcity and water scarcity in Zambia????!!! Why wont people protest that mess? I mean come on!!! We have kariba damn and all that, then there's indeni, I am not understanding the situation right now. *Disclaimer* i am not inciting a riot or calling anyone corrupt-- just stating the facts! Is Mugabe the president of Zambia?

On a sad note, what's with all these young Zambians dying like every other day? So sad, I appreciate each extra day I live.

Talking about health insurance-- mine totally sucks! I got a $2500 bill from my two night hospital stay! Do I hear health care reform????
My buddy Michael Steel(RNC) is very hurt that Obama won the Nobel Peace prize because Obama hasn't achieved much apparently. Granted there are more deserving people than Obama, that's agreed, but insinuating the Nobel panel was only passing on a political agenda and hence diminishing it's extinguished value. The thing is, they see potential in him. They also see that so far he is trying to improve dialogue with the Muslim world and encouraging him to continue. They have done it before with others!
Oh, I am planning on writing to president Banda to see if he'll give me a diplomatic post to somewhere. Anywhere. I don't care. I heard the positions are going like hot cakes...and based on the fact that I am half from eastern province and so is he...I am guessing I can talk him into being loyal to his province-mate! I am tired of working for the man, I need a government position so I can sit on my ass and do nothing all day!
****************************************************** tomorrow! Rumor has it there's a holiday tomorrow and I am not sure which it is. All I know is i don't get a day off...hello government job are you there???? It;s me Manena!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

It's almost my birthday!!!!

You know I get impossible around my birthday...and I have no clue what the plan is, but you know what even though I don't do much that day, i am VERY content at the moment. I am just happy with my life and that I made it to 21...again! lol. (did you really think I would put my real age here?)
I plan on poppin a bottle of bubbly, eating a cheesecake brownie from Sweet Temptations bakery (will let you know how good it is), I will also have a special dinner, and watch a nice movie!
I'm on the phone, so I have just lost concentration!
But about Jon pulling the plug on jon and kate plus eight! wwaahh! /that was sooo funny!!!
- I am sick and tired of the incest Phillips lady!!! For real! How in the world is that news????
Salin Palin has a book... shoot! I need to write a memoir too:-)
I also think I have been watching too much Tyra,,,for real! Too much time on my hands!
Ohhhh... maybe I might see Michael Moore's new flick-- Capitalism: A love story.
I am sooooo sorry phone distraction!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What an awesome day!

I have been slightly infirmus and busy and couldn't blog much, but I think it's all about to change.

There has been so much going on from the tragedy of Castor Semenya to Health care reform. Of course y'all know where I stand on the HC debate... but I have a few things to say today.

So any way, let me start by saying, I have had an awesome day!!! I went to the doctor and got the all clear-- then i also got news that the doctors office owes me money! Woo hoo!!! Then, an old man sang "Smile" for me because he said I had a pretty smile, then I was hit on by a random dude(u know how conceited I am!) I LOVED it!!!

Tomorrow I head off to the DC area for the weekend...

Okay HC reform. Look I think Obama's problem is that he doesn't speak dumbaleze (the language of the dumb) people that can speak dumb are those stating that HC reform will be a government take over---- well HELLO??? When the hundreds, nay thousands without health insurance leave bills in hospital emergency rooms, whose money pay's for that and how? Tax payers pay through the government! The government is already involved in health care.

Ha! wait a minute did y'all get to hear Muammar Gaddafi's speech? LOL... that was some funny stuff!!! I couldn't believe he flew all the way to the UN meeting to basically tell them they all suck! Gosh I wish I had his job! Run a country and feel free to act like a jack ass all day!

Then president Ahmadinejad, threw in his own "why should we care about a few dead Jews when many people were killed during that time and we don't hold long conferences about them"

Another reason why some people need to live in China: This one dude robbed some Johns Hopkins students then during the robbery one of the students accidentally killed him... well his sister is on TV going on about... oh he was outside of the house when he was killed so the kid that did it should be punished! Umm your brother was robbing China he would be killed on the spot if caught!

Also in more legal Maryland news: Accorn is suiing the people that recorded them acting all crazy because in Maryland you can not record someone saying something without their permission! Come to think of it I think we don't do lie detectors either:-) goooooooo MD!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hi cyber space,
I have been receiving your emails asking about where I am...and honestly, It's not that I'm lazy...(tee hee hee-- I can't even lie with a straight face!) Ok, I am a tad lazy this year, but also my computer still isn't working right. I have been promised a high tech one... not sure when I'll get it though so sit tight.

I still don't have a chances of getting outta here are slim to none. Same ol' man problems... same ol' work issues... still watching reruns, and soccer.
Oh talking about soccer... DC United is playing Real Madrid in know I'll be there with bells on!!! I was gonna say DC United will get an ass thrashing...but USA Vs Spain surprised me with a who knows, we might get lucky...well the team...not me:-) ha hahaha
Shucks...I blanked out! All thoses stories going on, crazy Kim Jong Il and his threats, crazy I-ranians, crazy abortion doctor killers, crazy museum shooters...I mean the news is just flourishing with psychos I am afraid to go outside! Add to that Air France or the heart attack pilot...dude...where in the world is safety???

Any way...will be back soon. Please pray for my new computer...It's a sad state of affairs using this almost dead one:( I can't think straight with the screen looking all funny.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

RIP Windows XP

So I made my exciting come back....then something awful happened-- My computer died! It didn't work for like 2 weeks and kept freezing on windows xp. I have been patient and trying to fix it, though it hasn't been a priority because I had my work lap top, but I didn't think it was appropriate to use it for my personal entertainment:-) Yeah...sometimes I have morals!

I am currently using the computer in "safe mode"... hopefully it will fix itself. Or maybe my boyfriend Bill Gates/ Warren Buffet might buy me a new computer. Dunno.

Dude, I am trying to get into grad school ASAP, but can not think what to do! They all don't seem to pay more than I make now which disturbs me. I am also not getting very good reviews on the Nurse Practitioner track-- they are over used and abused...and make the same amount of money that I do. Then I thought I could go back to my international studies that I was previously doing... They don't get paid nuttin.I love that line of work though-- global studies, international relations, international health...etc. So I might just end up doing Public health or a freaking MBA. HELP!!! I can't think for real! I just can't justify the amount paid for school if I wont be paid enough when I graduate. I could probably get a scholarship though... my GPA is great. I just hate writing about myself in letters of interest.

OMG...what is with all the bloody re-runs??? TV has bored the hell out of me today! Serves me right for being anti social and staying home on mother's day. I made a special meal-- got major heart burn and played on the computer.

Oh and as if I didn't have enough to worry about, my car AC stopped working too. So I am looking to buy a new- used car soon too. I absolutely think it's a waste of money to buy new cars because they cost too much for nothing. I just want a car that gets me from point A to B safely and comfortably because my job depends on me driving around town.

Oh don't forget this coming weekend is wine in the woods in Columbia, MD. It's usually lots if music, lots of food, lots of Maryland wineries. I would definitely recommend it.

Hopefully my computer keeps working till I'm rich enough to replace it. I feel bad coz I am going to lose so many pictures and music and documents.

any who...Happy mama's day to all you lovely mama's out there. Also to the person asking if Castro was my boyfriend...umm honey not even if his penis was made of white chocolate raspberry cheese cake and protocolo wine!!! Never!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dambisa, Obama, Economy...lawd help me!

So after my hiatus (that's right! I learnt a new English word!), I have decided to blog a little...even though I have loads of things to do.
I can not even tell you how much stress I have been under....lawd gimme the strength! It has been hard, but I am here, and I am happy, and I know how strong I can be.

Will fill you in as we go along over the days...
So in the mean time, I got a new job ...yay! I also get my own company toys: lap top and cell phone and all, I am sooo excited! There are going to be sooo many changes in my life this year, it's not even funny!
I still don't have my passport...but my mummy is here, and she will take care of it. That's her job as a mummy:-)

So moving on....Dambisa Moyo: Dead aid
There has been much ado about this Zambian lady who went to the same secondary school as I did. She has been described as beautiful by some papers, intelligent by others, and some locals complained about her, which reminds me I need to get a new hair do.
My views on her book are thus:
if "corrupt" governments can't adequately help the general masses with donor funds...what will their incentives be without aid?
The title of the book suggests Africa is a country and not a continent. Solutions for Ghana can not be solutions for Zambia. They are not equal.
China doesn't keep profits in Africa when it makes money and surely the poor don't profit from that
I understand that she would like us to get into dialog over the issue which is great-- thing is it's not a new platform. It has been debated for years (see better arguments on same issue by Ali Mazuri- an old Kenyan man). Once you read his stance on the same issue, and the different way he presents and studies it, you will understand why I think her topic is good but not well investigated. She sort of says South Africa is a good example while it is not...and if you follow the market closely, you will see that SA will be Zimbabwe in 10 or so years if they don't watch it. Her idea is not new, and should not be treated as such, the adage "give a man fish, and he will be hungry forever, Teach him to fish...etc has been something we have known for years.
I am not saying she is completely wrong, but she is very shaky on subject matter. I may not have a PhD in Economics, but I have been following African matters and issues for years, and can safely say she is mistaken on several things surrounding the political economy or that aid causes corruption and conflict. Aid may contribute to conflict, but it is not a cause. Congo with or without aid will continue to have civil unrest for many other reasons than aid. Countries help other countries when they have a VESTED reason. She is right that billions have been sent to Africa as aid since the 70's. She is wrong however when she fights for fair trade. Read opinions on fair trade by OXFAM...or better yet ask a local trader in Zambia their thoughts on cheap Chinese goods and what that does to their market base.
Her proposal to cut aid in 5 years is crazy irresponsible as an economist and a Zambian. Especially to try and present this issue before the G20 summit. If this were to happen, imagine how many schools, clinics, shelters, orphanages...etc would be shut down! How many lives will be lost from this bad planning? The problem is not that aid doesn't work-- everyone knows that. It's finding new EFFECTIVE ways to utilize that aid. Even the United Nations and many others have been working at finding a solution to using resources wisely for the last few years, and that is what I do not find well spelt out in her book.
AS the person who marched in England with Jubilee 2000-- I find it offensive for her to say some stuff about Bono and the crew. Without the help of those types of people and the work done by the Jubilee campaign...a lot of the African debt dropped by foreign countries would have not been possible! They worked tirelessly for debt cancellation-- something she is not credited with.
That is my mini take on the matter...and I can expand if needed. Look out for my book "why I just LOOOVE aid" in book stores near you.

Okay...I am tired of dumb ass commentary every time I turn around about people thinking he should have been able to fix the economy by now, and they disappointed by what he has not been able to do so far. I am also quite put out by critics of the stimulus and such. You can criticise as much as you want to, but dude...where is your proposal???? I am all for people making their own legitimate and sound proposals and bringing it to the medias attention to show why they thing Obama sucks...and why their plan is more sound. After all, the economy is not a single party issue-- it's a global issue.
I want to know where the critics were when my best buddy-- BFF for life G.W. Bush was increasing debt and using money in places he shouldn't have been. They didn't ask his reasoning because criticizing the government at that time was tantamount to treason. Now that the media can speak, I think they are acting irresponsibly and without giving the guy (Obama) a chance to work. All I want to know is... If everything Obama is doing is wrong, what exactly is right???
The economy didn't get screwed up over night, and it can not be fixed over night. His plans make sense when he says the results will be years from now. Not in the near future.
You know I am a firm believer in the fact that the health care system in the United States has to be revamped. So I think he is right in putting money into that--and the Insurance companies and the people that benefit will fight this for life.
I also believe in affordable education and back his putting money into that to. Educating the masses is a big factor in a strong economy...and if people don't see how, then I don't know how to make that clearer.
Change in policy: but of course. Gas and electric companies have increased prices, and it's in every ones best interest to deregulate

aww--rite, I am getting back to my real life:)
Missed you all...and missed blogging. Will try to do better now:-)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hey there!
So how bored I'm I? I have a million and one things to do, yet I am watching Martha Stewart! Not sure why!!!
I went for my annual HIV test last week... but guess what? They lost my blood and so I have to go back today!!! I am not amused. I almost changed my mind and said screw it... but alas! It's cold and there's flurries, so I really shouldn't be out doors. Any way, like I said, probablility always works weird for me! Besides if I go there, I will be forced to buy those chicken wings that I love so much which are bad for my health. ...hmmmm

Moving along, I am sooo blank for things to say because it's been sooo long, and I have been holding too many stories in my head, then of course now that I'm here, they froze and I can't think!

Maybe lets tackle Congo. Will Congo ever be peaceful? That's like asking will Gaza ever see peace for long periods of time. They arrested Nkunda...but really, there is probably anotehr leader in command eager to take up the cause.

You know what? I just realized if I sit here I wont make it to the let me get my butt up and head out. Awwwww Gawwwddd!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy new year!

I am still alive:-)

Things will be a bit tight till about January 22nd or so, then I will slow down again for a week or so, then start running again:-)

Hope you had a nice New years day, mine was ultra fantastic, danced till my legs hurt and ate till by belly felt like it would burst!

Okay I have a lot to say and as soon as things calm down, I will be back. It's not as bad as I thought though which is what scares me... I am very serene for the amount of stress I am under. I guess that's why I am super woman ...or crazy... not sure which:-)

Somewhere in this mess, I am finally going to get to watch Bamako for free... will tell you about it soon... but FINALLY... I have only been waiting 2 years???

ciao buddies~