Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Joys of understanding

I am so happy today because I finally ujnderstand something that I was having trouble grasping...and it hit me like a ton of bricks, but I feel so much better with the new knowledge. I infact feel like a new woman!

Any who... I was reading 'saving fish from drowning' by Amy Tan (let me just say, i am a big Amy Tan fan- that's pretty much where I get my information on Chinese culture...pathetic really, but I can't afford to go to China although if I did, I have several friends I can stay with for free), The book is about Burma/ Myanmar and the monks...etc, but what was eerie was that I was watching the news this week, and I saw the conflict in Myanmar on telly, and i was like OMG!!! I'm I reading the book or is this real life? it was rather strange... but you know certain conflicts never end!

In more 'blow my own horn' news- this week I witnessed clients fighting to get me... that was like a WOW moment! I mean I know I'm good at my job and shmoozing people, but that was an eye opener! I was soooo tired but they insisted they had to 'get' me and my head was so big by that point I was forcing myself to work over my limit! So ofcourse I tried my luck and asked for a raise and they shot that request down quickly because "you are already costing us too much money because you're not staff". So there goes that dream:-) I also went to negotiate a contract this week, and we did get it, but the money was bull crap! So I turned that offer down.

Lets see... what else did I have to say today... Oh that's right! I'm I the only one that feels the southern African region hasn't given Zambia the proper recognition for all it did during the "struggle" for independence? It hurts me when i read certain historic texts and there is no mention of Zambia ever having assisted most of these countries. My big disappointment is Nelson Mandela (i think he's overrated if you ask me! ddid I ssstutter?) He hardly mentions zed's help except to say he was unhappy that Kaunda believed the other party...i mean c'mmon! talk about petty! Debate me if you like, but i aint altering my decision!

So the PGA tour is in my little neighborhood! Fancy that? I might get to see Tiger Woods who knows! but ofcourse I was the last to know. My friend called to ask if I am going to the golf club down the road...dumb question really coz i don't play golf... so he quickly explains to me that that the tour is in town...and when i was driving home I finally saw what all the new signs read! 'welcome pga tour'... i was like I'll be damned! the bugger was right! I argued with him by the way because I figured the socialites would have informed me if we're to have hunky chunky golfers in Nenaland!

Oh and talk about a sheer waste of time! I was giving my friend a lecture for about 30 minutes before we figured out I was mistaken about the content of the stuff she told me in confidence! that was sooooo funny! I was ranting and raving about how she'll regret her decision and giving examples of stuff I had done...and oh boy! I was sooo far off the mark it was hillarious! She ostensibly got the gist of my explosion... as it applied to the real situation. Gosh I'm such a drama queen!

Why are there a hundred channels of nothing on cable? oH great a law and order marathon tonight and tomorrow! awesome!!! I don't even know why I watch it coz it sometimes frightens me!

Oh and this romance-in-a-book thing is really working out for me! I have a supplier now so i have 6 new romance novels to indulge in:-)

I am starved...and my wine is chilling in the taataa! Don't forget you have 4 days to my birthday...woohooo!

Friday, September 21, 2007

International day of peace and prayer.

According to my employers.... today is the international day of peace and prayer. So make sure to pray for peace and for me to get that thing that I want:-)

Shame on me!

Okay... so I know I vowed like a million times I wasn't getting my hair braided ever again after the trouble i had taking the braids out last time... but here I am with my tail between my legs off to Adele to do my hair! I can already feel myself pissed off tonight coz adele takes a loooooonnng time to braid sometimes, but i like her coz she does an awesome job and entertains me in the mean time with movies and her Francophone-English!
I am proud of myself though because I haven't done single braids in over a that's a real achievement. I do cornrows, but never braids, so today I think I can handle it:-) besides, there are few things that I have no self control over. This is one of them...and the others: i'll tell you when you're older!

My mummy makes me feel soooo special sometimes and then she messes up in the same sentence! So she tells me she's just sent me my birthday present (yes!!! my first pressy of the year!!! and it's money!!!! (tears!, cartwheels!, fireworks!!! Oscar award performance!) So then she goes "buy yourself something special" (now any one who knows my mum knows that she's had a bit of finacial stress the last few months like most Zambians, but she's the kind who- if she has the money, she shares it with us, and when she doesn't we're out of I am very humbled and grateful that she's done that) So just for good measure... I asked her when my birthday is- because I know she always messes up! and she calmly responds "October 4th".... see this is why I am convinced I am adopted. Moments like this (sniff, sob..) Well, I guess she's getting closer now because 10 years ago she claimed I was born on the 5th, so i suppose it's fair to say in another ten years she'll finally get it right!

So incase you were having trouble following me... you have exactly 12 days to that glorious universal holiday...aka my BIRTHDAY!!! OCTOBER 3rd 19...yeah right! like a lady ever discloses that kind of info!!! You all conveniently ignored me when i made a list of gifts that i want...but (deep breath)... I forgive you, for you knew not what you were doing.

Oh and I have several stories for you, but if I don't quit typing now, i'll be late for my hair appointment and that will be a great tragedy because I don't look so Nenalicious at the moment. I was just trying to make sure no one emails me a stincker about updating my blog:-)

Oh and sister has left for Zambia you didn't know i had a sister did you? I bet she's adopted!!! but you know what... i just realized my mummy probably forgets about my birthday and remembers the other two coz my head is smaller than my sibliings... so i wasn't as traumatic...and that's why she forgets! (that actually makes me feel sooooooo much better!) It takes so little to make me happy!

My mum wont admit I'm her favorite, but I'm sure sending her a few brochures from nursing homes can fix that little error:-) aahhhh... the duties of a good daughter never end:-)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Splendid Isolation!

The new week is about to start... the last just ended:-) duh!
well my new mantra is 'you are not stupid, you're strong!, you're not stupid, you're strong!' I am trying to stop being stupid about something that I really just have to be strong about...:-(
So yesterday we went to the Carroll County wine festival instead of the one in Virginia... becoz we figured Carroll county was better. I was such a glutton! I ate crab cakes, butterfly potatoes, kettle corn, FRIED cheese! Then we walked over hills and stuff, so i figured i had burnt all the bad calories... Then we went out to our fav sushi spot... where i stuffed my mouth with sushi, then ate chocolate cheese cake!
Then we went to miss p's house to see her matches on! it was sooo much fun! I was banned from laughing at people's profiles! We also found 2 people that I didn't expect would be there... one was this one guy that I used to work with who claims he's like ten years younger than he really is coz h3e wants to find someone he can have a baby with:-) The other was for me to know and for you to find out...waaahhhh!
So miss p. suggested they get me a match profile for fun, then adds..."oh by the way, one lady met someone on in florida and he raped her", so i'm like so you want me to get attacked too? lol... but really, i think i only liked one prifile of the 200 or so that I saw, and aint no way in hell i'm I joining and paying $30 to meet one person... because 30 bucks is 3 or 4 bottles of wine from cranbrook liquors! lololol... I am sooo funny aren't I? No seriously, I think I'm waayy past doctor Phil:-)
I have 2 places that I need to be at next weekend and I am uncertain which to do. The life of a social butterfly is not easy I tell ya... not easy!
So we all know I'm not good at therapeutic conversation at times right? this dude walks in and starts crying because his dog died and it's his 'best friend' and they just have to cremate and sprinkle the ashes in his favorite this point I burst out laughing! I had to get someone else to take over! I really don't get this strange pet love. It's a PET, not a PERSON...aarrrgghh!!
Also you've all heard about the little madison kid that went missing in portugal right? seriously, why didn't they hire a baby sitter for the few hours they were out eating tapas? or even just bring the tapas over to the room and eat them there while the kids slept? hmmm...
the other thing of concern is that G.dabya has let me down! his new "bail the losers on variable interest rate loans deal" really sucks! In a recession, what you want is people to spend money... that little idea doesn't encourage people to spend money! He could have also suggested that the mortgage companys keep rates as is... such as if your payment was $2000 a month before interest rates went up and is now $3500, let them keep you back at $2000 (or a little over)which was the rate you could afford before. That way less houses get repossessed...less damage done.

In other news... zambia has started a loan system for people buying houses. That will be interesting as an experiment. Zimbabwe here we come! Oh and zimbabweans are also now serving chopped doggie for dinner! they have officially joined Nigeria and China in that cullinary delight! splendid!

Oh and I bought myself a mills and boon/ harlequin/ silhoutte novel! I am sooo excited! I will have few hours of romance! totally awesome!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy pre- birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to my aunt Linda... well her birthday is actually tomorrow, but because of the bad vibe September 11th has, she prefers the 10th or the 12th!!

Oh guess what song is playing: You're nothing but
A liar, a cheater, a deciever, heart breaker
And I wont let you back in my life
So I'm takin
The house, the cars, the kids, and the dog
I want it all

Oh and the womens world cup started today with Germany winning 11-0 Agentina... lol that was so funny:-)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Love is patient,

Congrats Angela & Dave!!! The cutest couple I know got married yesterday, and we had great time. I had my shoes off for most of it, so i'm gonna have to check for splinters... maybe later.

I looked amazing as usual. I don't mean to blow my own horn, but really- why fight the truth???:-)
They had really done a great job with setting up the ceremony and the reception. I loved the fresh roses and the free wine ofcourse:-) the food catering was great especially the steak... I am having flash backs and need to make a steak today:-)
then we danced...

till we we're sweating...

and we got to take home personalized wine bottles and wine glasses... and I had to take a picture with my new best friend...

Thursday, September 06, 2007

My pumpkino is dead!

my pumpkino Luciano has gone to heaven to sing with the angels!!! He wa smy introduction to opera and I fell in love with him when I heard Nessun Dorma... You can see and hear how passionate he sounds. He actually got me to want to know what he was singing there by learning a word or two in Italian, as taught to me by my CD My only regret is that i wasn't wealthy enough to have seen him in concert.

But alas... there is a call for an encore with James Brown...Addio maestro luciano. Riposa in Pace!!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ron Paul wins again...

Well, I still think Ron Paul is the best republican there is on the panel. He seems very sincere... and hillarious... He seems to be very knowlegeable about international policies. So I would like him to win though I know he wont because most republicans seem to be well you know...
Rudy did well in response to his question about his "family values"... but your "personal" life does impact your "professional" life...ask not-gay-Craig.

I think this time the debate was a little more fair with letting most people get their voice out... though Romney seems to have received more air time than others. He seems kinda shady... I am sooo not feeling him!

McCain has such a calming demeanor... if he won too I would be okay with life:-) He is very detailed and "honorable"...

Brownback...still as strong as ever... "sanctity of marriage" spoken like a true catholic...the pope would be proud!

Also is Thomas Friedman like the Republican bible? I heard his name praised too many times. I would also like a republican in cyber space to tell me why republicans insist they are pro-life... but want everyone to walk around with a gun which is not a prolife sure booogles my mind.


...all my troubles seemed so far
No really, yesterday we had a celebrity politician at work and he really thinks Hillary's going to win. Oh and he liked my hair... he thought it took me hours to do and i really didn't want to break his heart with the i just agreed with him:-)

What is it with people leaving millions for their dogs! that Helmsley lady that just died left quite a bit of money for her little dog...and here I am only needing a fraction of that to pay off my house...hmm...hmmm...hmmm! On a more hurtful note, she left 2 of her grand kids out of the drama!

Talking about other drama... this is important information for ladies. If you're planning on having a child but aren't married, pick a lousy dude with 4 other girlfriends or something. I am serious! Bare with me for a lil' bit as I explain my reasoning. Useless men are quite useful. They don't bother you when you have to make plans for your kids because they don't care (men with commitment issues tend to have issues bonding with their kids). Men who care want to fight with you about what time the kid eats, sleeps, takes a poop, who you can and can not have over for around their kid...that's too much drama! I saw something today which leads me to believe that I would rather have a dead beat baby daddy fo sho'! Just send me the baby-daddy cheque or whatever it's called and we'll call not call us...:-)

In more news of things that could kill us, we're not allowed to smell microwave popcorn (the butter kind), and the dar gon muslims almost blew up Germany and made in a fashion no no!

On a funny note... my cousin who is a high school drop out and pretty much a dead beat dad once told me many years ago that "to men, all women are beautiful in the dark" how about University researchers just figured it out that men are not very selective about who they take to bed???

OOOH and guess who's birthday is coming up??? now I'm not one to push for pressy's, but in case you were wondering, I changed my mind and I don't want the iPhone any more, I want the ipod touch... and also I want the new mercedes benz that parks itself... You all have enough time to save up for that big *tears* make me proud!!!

i have been watching FOX news for an hour now and O'reilly is on telly... he's kinda crazy... he seems to think America will be safer once all foreigners... excuse me "aliens (legal or illegal)" are chucked out! Pardon my french, but dude's an ass hole... he's been cutting off all his guests when they why have them over if you're the only one talking???!!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Oh Hillary is on c-span talking in New Hampshire...politicians are amazing. When politicians speak it feels like a good story book:-) I am from a country where those that are honest with themselves know that Zambia pretty much runs itself regardless of who is president. So it's amusing to hear Sen. Hil Clinton speak making all those promises which probably wont get delivered because I don't see how she'll achieve half the things she's promising in 5 years as president. Well I guess as the Tumbuka say, "a journey begins with one step". She sure makes some great promises though. Cheap colleges, more jobs, green environmental policies, a better 'no child left behind' policy, better care for veterans...blah blah blah...
Any who, the weekend is going super... I am still thinking whether to go to DC today, I haven't decided. I initially wasn't going to, but the boredom and i guess the guilt has set it (i promised to go).
I got this really funny video from someone yesterday... i suspect it was from zurii, but i'm not sure:-) watch it carefully. It's from an Australian T.V show about how dumb people are sometimes. The interviewer goes round asking Americans questions about the world such as what country begins with 'U' and they have no clue and yet they live in the United States of America!!! then they have a questions 'what religion are buddhist monks' and they all look blank! Or my favorite 'what is kofi Annan?' and the response is....drumroll please...."a drink!" lololol

OMG...Tina Turner is on telly... I need to go now... taa:-)