Tuesday, July 31, 2007

what shall i call this one?

i have been having a bit of fun, so i have been neglecting my best friend bloggy!

Any way, to fill you in... this last weekend we saw Hairspray, I really thought it was funny...and no it has nothing to do with my baltimorean biases...Oh and Kelly Ripa and latifah are soooo pretty! Travolta did well representing the round and luscious...and well... overall it was fun.

Then we went to the harbor and had a fun time watching baltimore from the trains.

Then the kids and I saw The simpsons movie...ummm well it was okay, but i think they are right in the beginning when they call us suckers for watching their movie!

Then this morning i went to the oral sugeon to take my wisdom teeth out like my dentist said... but the surgeon took one look at my x-rays and said "don't bother them if they don't bother you" and I kissed him! I am such a cow! he wasn't even cute, but i was sooo happy he sent me home without surgery! He made me promise to return if they ever bother me though... so i will be a good girl!

I also finally learnt how to do a sew in... girls know what i'm talking about! Oh and about new york, I think we're gonna have to rent a car and drive there... I was hoping for a nice relaxed trip there, but it seems complicated to take the train and the bus to Ithaca... so my lazy ass will either have to drive there, or we'll fly.

Oh wow... they are finally taking down khmer rouge! those little punks looked very scary in 'the killing fields"!
WOAH! Zim has a $200 000 note! what the heck! I hope the rest of Africa is taking notes on what not to do...! It seems like only yesterday when we used to feel posh by taking a vay cay in Zimbabwe!
I also don't understand the United States logic to not joining CEDAW...
Why did I think Ingmar Bergman was dead like a while ago? turns out he just died! I guess it's the way the movies look...:-) strawberry fields... oh wait that's the beatles....! well the one i saw had the word strawberry somewhere:-)
oh and which dummy doubted that Star Jones had surgery??? dude get your eyes checked!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Dem Debate

Okay, so i ended up watching the debate anyway...
Gravel at first seemed just well...senile, then he sort of started to make sense when he said "follow the money!" I also felt sorry for him, what's the point of being invited to speak in a debate when only a few people are chosen to speak?

Richardson scared me when he didn't seem to respond honestly to the question about traveling in a private jet...what he didn't know the difference btwn a private jet and united airlines??? urrrgh! politicians!

Obama:- (Sometimes I wonder if I'm watching the same program as other people!) when they asked him about soldiers dying in vain... he responded by saying that "they are doing what has been asked of them"...and also the other question abouut meeting with cuba, venezuela...ect and he said that talking to those countries is better than not talking...but someone said that he didn't respond to the question... well english is my third language so i probably didn't understand him, because to me the statement means if they are doing what is asked of them, then they have not died in vain, and yes trying to find common ground with the "axis of evil " Over all I think he did a pretty good job.

Clinton:- Edwards was right... the jacket was a no no for a presidential debate! It had a... kim Jong-Il effect...I wasn't feeling it! I also think she did well in the debate... the sme fluff and buff they say... but well thought out responses... i.e the question about talking to cuba et.al...

Dodd:- oh heeeellll noooo! how does that man have a kid in kindergarten?

Talking about aging people and children. I got my social security benefit explanation...or whatever it's called. So on what part it tells me I'm eligible for benefits if something happens to me and so are my kids and my husband. My parents would definately be screwed if i died...coz they get nothing! I do not understand why the American family is defined as 'husband, wife, children under 21.' Even jobs give youu benefits for only husband, wife, children...not for your parents. It doesn't make sense especially since many people take care of their aging parents and there is a high divorse rate in the country! Why can't I sign up for benefits for my parents at work? To me, immediate family includes parents no matter how old I am. When we age, we become like children and need someone to look out for our needs. The nursing home isn't family. Seriously. Okay I'm knackered, but you get my point innit??

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy...

Okay, so seriously, I didn't notice that I haven't posted in a week or so:-) and yes I have been receiving your messages to update...but i was just too busy...my brother's here...so we're bonding:-)
This past weekend we were in the Washington DC area and we also went to Virginia. We ofcourse went shopping and did the American thing on Sunday morning...IHOP! gosh I felt like a glutton! Tonight we're doing pizza...
Oh wait, I strained/ sprained my back at work friday...and my job depends on a good back, so pray that i heal fast okay? I asked for the day off tomorrow and left work early. I am such a foolish girl because i hurt myself friday (ironically I was working in pain management), and was playing about saturday and sunday knowing full well my back hurt. I also took my new contact lenses out for a spin...and silly me, i kept them in too long and my eyes felt funny:-) Come to think of it, i am not happy with the world being so clear...i miss the faded version i used to see without vision correction! in fact when i look in the mirror now, i am not as impressed as i usually am when i have no glasses on...but i'm still hot though!...lol!

Any way, the democrats are debating soon, hope i remember to watch it...well it's coming on at a time 2 and a half men will be, so i am trying to think what will entertain me more:)

Talking about politics... I seriously do not understand why health care for the poor is so mismanaged! I have been offered a case management job and i think it will depress me if i am not able to get funding for kids that can't get dental care or eye glasses and stuff because medicaid doesn't cover this and that...blah! I think it will do me a world of good to do it so i can learn to be more mindful of things.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hello...can you hear me?

Congratulations to the new lawyer in our family! wooo hooo!

Any way last week was rather interesting, I was accused of being bossy twice which i really don't understand.

And I have the bestest friends in the whole wide world!!! Thanks T for the wonderful package!!!

I also almost forgot about Dr David Kelly...you know... the guy who doctored up the "saddam is dangerous" report! http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/july/18/newsid_3430000/3430065.stm

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Someone please call 911!

Someone please call 911, tell them i have been been shot down...and the bullets in my soul, and it's piercing through my soul...feel my body getting cold!

okay tonight we went to a winery, and i am drunk but not sleepy yet! It has been an interesting week...so to end it on a good note i went out to the usual boordy's winery and got drunk..yaay! So any way, the song is a dedication...you know who you are...Mr. Special!

Some wonderful stuff happened to me this week..well and some not so cool stuff. Well on a good note I am officially a co-owner of a LLC!!!! how cool is that??? more details to follow...but really...I came to this country with $200, and I am damned if i leave with that amount! It's called determination..and I have enuff for my village! ah tumbuka muli huli? enisha baby!!! woooh!!!

Oh wait...i was also employee of the month 2 months in a row... which makes me wonder..coz i really didn't put too much effort into my work...and if I did, I would probably own the world!!! I feel like a nerd...oopsy!
oh no... the wine i was drinking tonight has watermelon...how disgusting is that??? I hate watermelon with a passion!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Donate Blood Save a Life!

I forgot to mention to those of you on the east coast...or more likely people in the MD-DC-VA region that there's a blood shortage at the blood bank and the red cross needs your help. Check out their website for blood drives and stuff.
Although I can not donate blood for the reasons listed below, I still encourage those of you that can to do it. You never know when you or your family will need blood...and it wont be available.
So here are some reasons why you shouldn't waste your time lining up to donate blood because they wont take it if:

  • you have HIV/ AIDS

  • hepatitis

  • have lived in or visited malaria prone areas. You need to wait atleast a year if you have visited a country with malaria, or wait 3 years if you have lived in a country with malaria.

  • if you lived in the United Kingdom for atleast 3 months from 1980- 1996, you might have variant Creutzfeld-Jacob disease (vCJD)...aka "mad cow" disease. So you will never be able to donate blood until further notice!...yaay!!!

  • were born in, or lived in, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Equatorial Guinea,Gabon, Niger, or Nigeria, since 1977.
    since 1977, received a blood transfusion or medical treatment with a blood product in any of these countries, or
    had sex with anyone who, since 1977, was born in or lived in any of these countries. You might have HIV-O.

I found out the hard way... after feeling guilty one year, I walked myself to a blood drive, and after screening, I was told I couldn't donate blood because I had lived in England in the 80's for way more than 3 months. Also initially when i went those sheets used to state that if you had lived in or around the Congo...you couldn't give blood. I am not sure why, but I gather it has to do with Ebola or maybe just the hiv-O. So automatically I was ruled out for two reasons. Okay so the whimp in me was really happy:-), then the lady goes ati...'oh, but you can donate bone marrow'...I was like 'oh hhheeeeellll nooooooo!'

So there you have it! Donate blood and safe a life.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dentists and Opticians

I have a stupid fear of medical facilities when I am the patient... and yesterday i decided to traumatise myself with seeing the dentist and the optician.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE: I have perfect teeth...no cavities, no gingivitis..nada...zilch! I went to a new dentist and as with others before him, he wanted to know if i had worn braces as a kid because my teeth are perfectly aligned...i was like 'no sir, just great genes!" I don't go to the dentist often...only under duress, and I have been told i need to remove my wisdom teeth because they will move all my other pretty teeth... but I have never had a tooth taken out and i have never had dental work...so i am understandably scared!

My vision wasn't that lucky! I got a new pair of glasses...waaahhh!

So since I am a whimp...I took myself out to dinner to celebrate how good I was! uuummm sushi!

Well my blogging is probably going to be a bit slow for a while or not... i just need to recharge my internal battery. Besides the east coast is so hot, it's hard to concentrate on anything other than the heat! Thank God for whoever created air conditioners!

So why...lol...any way, never mind...I will discuss this issue later!

Thursday, July 05, 2007


I found this nice video on Mwabi's page and 'borrowed' it for my own. I am one of those who has given up on trying to understand what the rules of "football" are. Many have tried to teach me and many have given up...:-) indeed I am that dense when it comes to football. You can read back to all my previous posts about the game if interested.
Another fun video is:-

It fits in splendidly with the news on the BBC ( http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/6267754.stm ) about strained relations between Zambian mine workers and Chinese investors. I guess we're back to the WENELA days! If you're from the southern African region and have no clue what Wenela is...shame on you!
I am in the process of reading Animal Farm again. Yes. I am one of those annoying people that can watch the same movie and read the same book over and over again. I feel like books and movies have a different meaning if you read and watch them at different stages of your life. it's pretty cool. It's been 10 years since I last read Animal Farm, but I still enjoy it. George Orwell...aka Eric Blair was a fun writter.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


So Monday night i was in a pissy mood, then Tuesday the comcast employees pissed me off further. They were supposed to fix my internet connection and it wasn't fixed and i called to inform them and they said it would take 6 days for the wireless connection to start. I put on such a great performance I guess because by evening they had fixed everything I asked for. I had screamed at one of the guys so bad I felt sorry for him later...but he caught me at a bad time and suffered for everyone else's mistakes...oopsy! It's really pathetic that businesses wait till they push you hard against the wall before they do what they are supposed to.

So that was my little victory for the week. I was also glad that they let what's his name from the BBC out. It's funny that Hamas helped get him out...!

Oh and remember what I said about the ZIALE students? They will finally be allowed to write the bars. Nothing has really changed, thank goodness they will get to write.

Oh wait...does anybody out there love God? okay then can you buy me an iphone pretty please? I am not sure what it does...but I want it!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

oh what fun!

okay, so my blogging has been slacking lately, but that's because my internet access at home died for some reaosn which i do not understand and so far neither do the technicians at comcast. I my internet access through comcasts broadband...or whatever they call it, I really don't care so lng as it works! well, they told me they can only come out on tuesday to look at it because they are "very busy this time of the year"...take note that I called them on Wednesday!

Any way, It has been a very, very nice weekend. Yesterday we went to a bridal shower with the gang and we had a great time! After a few adult drinks, I was quite happy by 4pm! Then we were off to boordy's winery for wine and salsa...AWESOME! It was just what I needed after a long week. To be honest I really wasn't tired this week because I mostly worked 9-5 for 3 days only...and on one of those days this little cute old lady tried to force $100 on me for the great care I gave her...it was really sweet!, but i would be fired on the spot and lose my licence if i dared take her up on the offer!

Any way, back to the winery...I have a weakness for latin men (or those that speak romance languages) so you can imagine how I felt in a room full of them! I was totally over joyed! I also like people that know how to have a good time and join into dancing even if they don't know how... and there were plenty of baaadddd dancers on the dance floor! I don't remember much of my trip back home...but i apparently led us home in the dark woods...and no, my companion was not drunk driving... just had a bad sence of direction! What was a little odd was that it was salsa night, yet they served crab cakes, pitt beef, pit turkey and italian sausages??? que pasa??? no entiende!

This morning...I went to church to pray for my sins from the past week and to say farewell to father matt (sob, sob), he's going away to another church and you could tell how great he is because the immaculate conception was filled to the max at his farewell mass. I also got to see the famous Knights of Columbus at mass in their full uniform...yeah... feather hats and all! I was silly to have left my camera at home because they looked sooo exotic!

Okay I need to feed my tummy...if i do not post by independence day, I wish all of you in America- or Americans happy independence day and you better believe I will be eating all your hot dogs...and benefiting from your victory! You know how us immigrants like to take over everything! viva independence!