Thursday, March 29, 2007

What that do booboo???

this posting is probably unrelated to the title...but oh well its my blog...and I can do what I want:)

So I am back at the school with the posh kids...and boy was it fun to listen to them go on about their spring break... "i was watching my boat get built for the summer?" "We we're at our other house in the islands?"... and i can't go into details, but the story involves a famous actress and something to do with the 'wedding crasher' movie.

I'm having a crappy dinner of cereal and cheetos coz I can't be bothered to cook tonight...and before you call me ghetto fabulous...cereal can be eaten any time of the day Ryan!
1. Please visit they need your help...I got to call the white house comment line for them...too bad I couldn't speak to dabya!
2. For a limited time period Starbucks is selling some Zambian coffee...please support them even if you don't drink your buddy a cuppa!!!

Also why do some people in the world lead such sad lives? Somebody I know had a crisis today and I picked up the phone call informing her of the crisis. So I relayed the message and she had to run out to the hospital because her sister was at that D.N.R (do not resucitate) stage of life. The poor lady is American, and she has nobody but her sister- who is ill, her mother- who is also ill in a nursing home and her eleven year old son. She had no one else to call in this sad instance. I on the other hand have a gazillion people I can call in a crisis. Now granted the death rate in Zambia is pretty high and I may have to erase a few numbers each year...but I have American friends I can call too. Their broke asses wont give me any money, but they'll certainly let me cry on their shoulders! I just wanted to share that sad story with you.
Guess what...another sad story...did you guys hear about the nine kids and adult from Mali that burnt to death in a house in New York? well my loving aunt sent me the pictures of the funeral the other morning and I cried like I knew them! I don't know what's up with my I'm not pregaz...but my periods were late:) I know T.M.I (too much info!) but my life is an open book:) Oh i'm sorry back to the pictures! They just captured sorrow at its best. I have no idea what the man that lost his wife and children was feeling...especially since he was sworking 2 blocks away when it!
I was amazed by all the Islamic Africans that assembled in New York for the funeral...I mean all you could see was a sea of colors as they stood apart from the men at the funeral.
any who... its bed time. Shalom. has a post called "Generate Press Coverage" that's worth checking out...

Media coverage of the ongoing genocide in Darfur has been woefully inadequate. The Center for American Progress found that during June 2005, CNN, FOX News, NBC/MSNBC, ABC, and CBS ran 50 times as many stories about Michael Jackson and 12 times as many stories about Tom Cruise as they did about the…

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Slavery Apologies...

For each piece of good news I got yesterday...I got a small piece of bad. Typically I hate tax time...well when I first moved to this country someone showed me a doodoo way of filling out W2, and it wasn't a problem before coz i made chick feed money, but when I started making double the amount...things changed....I started owing at tax time...until this year:) Last year I decided to just zero out everything on my W2 and it worked out superb this tax season...! I got enough money back to go for my brothers graduation in England...wooopeee!

So any way, back to the main gist of todays blog....its become common place for slavery apologies. My state of Maryland yesterday announced that they have joined virginia in apologising for slavery...and England just hosted their 200 years of slavery abolishment commemorative service.

What does an apology do in this instant? does it really help healing? does it change the hearts of the closet racialists that are lurking around the corner waiting for an opportunity to ruin a certain race? does it stop this maddness from ever happening again? is it important? majority of the punks that commited these atrocities are D.E.A.D.... they are answering to the big boss upstairs. Most importantly...will I get paid for being a to me in dollars and i'll accept the apology!

So if anyone knows why this is so highly important, please let me know what saying sorry will achieve.
Circumstances made me who I am...I wasn't born ignorant:)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Iraqi Victory

Okay, so I'm not as smart as the powers that be, otherwise I would be president, VP, secretary of state or whatever is higher...but my question is: If initially the Iraqi war was based on the fact that the country had weapons of mass destruction, and then when it was found that t'was not so....the war became about liberating the Iraqis and freeing them from the rule of Saddam...who is now successfully dead and the world is "SAFE"....hasn't America become the victor in the war then? and if so, what's the big deal with pulling the troops out????????? "mission accomplished"

If indeed the goal was to liberate the Iraqi's from the rule of Saddam and help them taste freedom...then the war was successful as we saw in the footage of the hanging Hussein. Just how much help do the people of Iraq need? they have been freed from their president, why can't they build their country alone? why is it taking their own people so long to train as security? If the Iraqi police never learn, will America or Great Britain colonize Iraq? can they? it seems it will be simpler to just do that, and it will be easier to tap their phones and weed out terrorists...n'est pas? okay smokes coming out of my head...I over thought the issue!

In Memorium Mama Christine Kapiya....One year time zooms!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Saint Patrick's day

I was planning to stay home all day Saturday in my knickers because I hadn't really made any plans to do much for st. paddy's. As with most of my plans, this one was shattered by 10am when my friend called to "inform" me that she was coming to get me and we were having lunch with other friends down town in Canton/ fells point. So ofcourse I had to quickly scramble to look for something green in my closet...not that the damned Irish ever wear the Zambian national colours in my honor on my birthday!...but when in as.... so I settled for my favorite colour...BLACK...and threw on some emerald earrings and a matching necklace. That solved the matter. I was okay going because it was my brother's 21st birthday (ggoooooo deedo!), and I had a reason to drink...:)
So we get to my one rich friends house.....ooohhh...I was green with envy!!!! her house is on the water front, four stories, has a BAR, beautiful bathrooms...(and you all know I love my baths!), an amazing view from the roof top...I mean the tax alone for the place is $14 000 a year, and its value is set to go up. So I guess they are looking at almost 2 million dollars for the place by next year when the $1.5 million condos down the road are complete.
Any way, we left her house and went off down town...where parking is ridiculous especially on st paddy's. Well after several mugs of guinness...I can not tell you where we were. I know the one girls hubby is a bar tender at one of the places that we ended up the drinks were free. It was a really cold day...but the place was full by noon. So you can imagine my state when I got home at 6pm to meet my aunt who came over to my place for a sleep over.
My aunt came bearing champaigne, steaks and a chocolate cake! Then we had the fire place "escapade"...which I shalln't speak of (lest my neighbors are reading) for a while, but to say...I wont be starting no more fires in the fire place for a looooooonnnggg time!
Any way...I need to go throw myself a shalom...
the picture was taken last year or the year before, not sure which. I didn't take any paddy-pics this year:)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Catholic is Catholic

I am always amazed by how the Catholic church is so standard that no matter what country you're in, or what language is pretty much know what is going on! This past weekend, I threw myself a party on friday, was highly pampered on saturday and had the pleasure of visiting St Matthews Catholic Church in Baltimore. (they unfortunately don't have a website as far as i know)

St Matthews seems to be a highly international church, and it hosted an all swahili mass on sunday afternoon equiped with an all kiswahili choir! It was really awesome, the dancing and the singing reminded me of home! The choir seems to be quite popular and has done tours in different states and has been invited to different churches also. They are called Wasafiri voices(Wasafiri means Traveller in Kiswahili) and apparently this website has a video of sunday which i have not looked at...hopefully i'm not on it looking all crazy! After mass, I was invited to dine with the Kenyan society, and trust me, I ate for all of Zambia, the food was delish! We had nyama choma, kachumbari, several rice dishes, peas and corn (irio?), stews and stews and stews...! don't forget the cake!

I also would like to mention that St Matthews has an immigration center and they provide information and services to people with immigration issues, or those needing housing, food, clothing...ect. Its its a pretty awesome church...and if i say awesome one more time i'll throw my lunch up!

One more thing...if that Sanjaya dude doesn't get off American Idols next week, I might start a petition to have him forcibly removed! he's cute and all..but I don't get who's voting for his vocal capabilities!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

wrongful birth suit!

So just as I was about to start thinking I had heard it all... beastiality, fetishes...etc. This woman let me know that I aint seen nothing yet!!!
Apparently a woman in boston is suing a doctor at planned parenthood for not getting her baby out properly! So she wants him and others to pay for the 2 year olds upkeep and stuff!!! Shoot....I need to come up with something to sue someone about!
If the lady didn't want that child, she had a choice to give it up for adoption when it was born correct? why has she still kept something she soo adamantly doesn't want? and why was she having unprotected sex at that age any way? You would think at that age she knew about the birds and the bees...!
I tell you, there are just too many pointless people in this world! SHE got pregnant and now its the doctors fault that he couldn't get the child out, and SHE failed to give it up for adoption... how will the child feel when she's older and finds out that her mothere sued a doctor because she was alive? then when the child becomes a bad egg and starts acting up... she'll be the first to say she doesn't know why! this is riDIKLAS! She should have given that child up for adoption to spare her the pain of this idiocy!
If she wins this case... it will just show us how we have failed morally as a society by letting people deny their errors and blaming others!
On a lighter note...I bought some apples and noticed when I got home that the packet says "apples that taste like grapes" They are called GRAPPLES....EH???? now why would anyone BUY an Apple if what they wanted were grapes??? I am seriously baffled by life now! why can't an apple just be an APPLE???

Pic: from

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Scooters going down!

Do not pass go, do not collect $200, honey head straight for JAIL! Its official Libby will be senteced in June...and if lucky...he'll be pardoned by Mister prezzy in 2008...? correct? I think the president gets to pardon some buddy's when he heads out...if I recall correcty clinton got to do it. So I am not worried about Scooter being in the jail house too long! But never the less he gets to hang out with Billy-bob and tyrone for a few days...

Pic: borrowed from MSNBC

Weekend blues

I'm I the only one that feels the weekend goes by too fast? Geez! One minute it was saturday and before i knew it, it was monday! I really shouldn't complain coz I only work 3 days a week... but this is why i was born to be rich...just so I go in to work when I feel like. I swear, I must have been cleopatra in my last life!
I actually haven't a clue what I did over the weekend...I remember being on the phone a lot, and watching Pride and Prejudice...yes again...I can not get enough of colin firth in that movie...seriously! So Ofcourse you've figured out if that story were true I would be Lizzy...:)I also own the new version of the movie, but in my opinion it was a waste of $20, or whatever it cost coz i preffer the older version.

I bought this new lotion for my body, it called palmers cocoa butter: for ashy skin with alpha hydroxy... I got compliments that my skin looks good, but the problem is, it felt like my face was burning after a week of use! My skin is naturally sensitive, but this was a little I went to read up on it, come to find the FDA would like me to report such occurances...apparently alpha hydroxy can cause blisters and burning sensations! Fancy telling me that before I invested in a large bottle of the stuff!!!

I am also embarking on a new adventure...I shall have more to tell on this matter after next week...its quite exciting...hopefully nothing will burst my bubble!
OOOh look what I found... read this if you're interested in the South African Market-