Sunday, December 30, 2007

The new year is upon us...

I can not believe that the year is almost over! I think it went by too fast even though i am looking forward to the next year. Some of my resolutions are:

*Paint the house!!!! by golly!
*Smile less- prevents me looking like a clown.
*Be less ghetto
*Understand that weetabix is not dinner material no matter how tired I am
*Dallas Texas
*Be less vain
*Join a soccer club in the summer
*Be more tolerant of idiots
*Do more music concerts and theater
*Edit my Novel for the hundredth time...and maybe find a publisher...lololol! yeah rite!
*Find a papa sucre (sugar daddy) with lots of money. Know any rich old men???
*****NEVER DO THING THAT AGAIN!!!!****** Very important!!!

I want to see how many of these I actually achieve next year. This year I managed to complete one of my pathetic:-) It was to treat people with kindness even when they are mean to me. Well I don't think I'll be doing that next year because I didn't care for it too much. I am afraid I am back to being a beeyatch next year. Sorry.

I had a GREAT time at church today...I even wrote to the church's musical director to tell him how happy I was. It's not only because the usher said i was very pretty... well his exact words were "woooww... you're so beautiful" which just fed my vanity...aahhh the life of a beauty queen:-) Any way, the choir did a few christmas carols using conga's, electric and accoustic guitars, piano's...etc. It was really lovely! It sounded like 1800 music meets afro beats, which was funny seeing as it's a all white choir. Ummm I guess white people can sing huh? lol!

I came home and cooked myself a nice lunch of cornish hen, mango and mixed vegetables. I really need to become a chef.... my culinary skills have just flourished this year:-) Hey! I said I will cut out the vanity next year! not this year!

I am not sure what to wear for tomorrow. I will be at my filipino friends house for new years...and I am rather looking forward to it. They always host a news years eve party and I think I have spoken about her before. She is the one that lives in the 2 million-ish dollar house at the waterfront. They have a four floor house and have a whole floor as the bar room and access to the roof top so we can see fireworks. She has interesting neighbors and maybe my papa sucre to be lives next door! So for that reason and many others, I need to make sure I have ample cleavage...screw the weather:-) watch me get pneumonia lol!

Oh and before I forget... I have tickets to see Ladysmith Black Mambazo but I haven't found anyone to go with yet. So if you live in the area and are not a stalker and have no serious mental issues and have a clue who LBM are then... holla at your guurrl! It's these moments when I really miss Mwai...dude you need to move back here...!!! I wouldn't have this dilemma if you were here!

If i don't post anything between now and new years day: I wish you and yours blessings, peace, love and happiness for 2008:-)

Friday, December 28, 2007


My brother left for Ithaca this afternoon...:-(....sad sad sad sad sad!!! So to make myself feel better I called my cousins in bethesda and we went to watch a movie at the Union station Cinema in the district of columbia (wow what a lot of words!)

I was not too impressed with the Cinema itself, I found the place a little dirty, the staff a little indifferent and I couldn't hear half the stuff they said! I mean I really try to understand ebonics...but seriously half the time I am clueless as to what is being said to me and you can tell the people speaking think it's ridiculous that I don't understand the 'talk' 'specially since i'm a kneegrow myself. In my defence...the caucasoids I hang out with have no clue what is going on either and they have lived here their whole lives! THEY should be teahcing ME ebonics, yet they are always asking me what words

So any way, the film we saw was 'The Great Debaters' and if you haven't seen it yet, I suggest you stop reading at this point. Are you gone yet????
Okay, for the rest of you....OMG!!! I was PMSing when I watched the movie...and can I just tell you guys that my emotions go a little crazy at this time of the month, so I cried most of the movie:-) I thought it was a great movie. Jurnee Smollette I think did an awesome job...though she kept forgetting her accent (well she sounded southern at first then changed in the middle, then went southern again). I related to her in the film. When she made the debate team I cried and when she gave that great speech at the first white school I cried. Then when that Negro cheated on her I felt her pain and triumph when she slapped his silly face!!!

i also like the round 14 year old boy... junior he did quite well especially with his closing argument about the lynching.

Dude, if I was born in that era...or for that matter if I was born Moslem, I would have done my best to be killed as early as possible. There are certain things I can not survive in this world. I would rather be DEAD than CONTROLLED. Every time I see movies like this, I thank God that I was born BLACK and BEAUTIFUL in a "free" world! If apartheid makes a come back...I will without a doubt feed myself to the fish before they tell me my name is not kunta kinte! walahi!!!

moving on... according to the Ney York sun giving makes one happy! Here I was thinking receiving makes people happy:-) that was quite a neat story.

Any who...I am off to bed now, stay well and be blessed.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


This christmas I think topped last christmas and I am very happy that I didn't have to fly to out to anywhere this year. We danced, sang, ate and partied like crazy! I thinkk I have the coolest, funkiest, loveliest family in the whole wide world and I know it! We were just lamenting at how we didn't have more family members over so we could party like we used to in Zed.

All of us have distinctly unique characters that when meshed together just creates sweet havoc. I am trully blessed to have each and every one of them.

My brother and I now know where Crofton what an adventure! we went to look for our family friends/ distant relatives in Crofton and the place is just so secluded. We had fun seeing ambuya and the fam... and just talking about the past.

Then we went off to a party at my cousins grandma's house. The food was overflowing and very delicious. We had a whole mix of people and the fun part was that no one was afraid to dance and show case their skillz... We all left with some lovely african prezzy's. I was particularly happy because I have been looking for an art piece for my wall in the dinning area and they gave me one! how cool is that? The boys all got hats from various parts of Africa... my cousin got a Lozi hat like the litunga one's...and my brother got a Nigerian hat as did most of the boys.

The next day, we all hang out at the house....some people got a bit tiddly and others just couldn't stop dancing. Ladies and gentlemen, I stayed sober for most of these activities...even when the amarula, sherry, wine, beers...etc were pouring in, I was drunk on life and love...awwww

I was not amused with the rest of their family because while the sat on their fanny's I had to go to work the day after christmas at 6am.... and I only got to bed at mid-night. After an afternoon of Carols, my grandpa's songs and other Zambian songs...and generally just speaking louder than usual as we fought to be heard above the merry voice was rather coarse the next day.

Then the family came over to my little condo and we just hang out and did more singing...and now christmas is over...

Seasons greetings to you and yours, and I hope santa was as good to you as he was to me. I was a bad girl and didn't go for the Christmas service, but I suppose I am forgiven because I was doing things related to 'love one another' and not other dubious things:-)

Our Fallen sister Bhutto

It came as no shock to to most of you out there that they finally succeeded in attempts to assassinate Benazir Bhutto.

What I admired most about reading about her was probably her stubbornness and bravado. Two qualities that obviously don't take women too far in a moslem world.

I recall listening to her sister in law on NPR a few months or so ago and I think they said she is also running for some position in government once/ if the elections come around. The reporter asked her if she was scared and her response was something in the lines of..."i am not controversial, so i have nothing to fear of the Islamist millitants." From her tone, I got a feeling of foreboding with regards to Bhutto. Like it was only a matter of time.

I would not be surprised if Musharaff declares that elections will be postponed indefinitely because of this. You know....for the safety of the others...(snort)

Any way... there's a saying in Africa 'when the lion drinks, the gazelle must go thirsty.' It fits perfectly in this instance.

MHSRIP...and may another sister pick her baton up. Watch them declare a jihad on me for that last little!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's beginning to look like xmas...

I have so many plans at the moment, my brain is bursting! I am trying to logistically plan the weekend and the following it's kinda hectic.

You know what's funny? I think I have lived in America too long because the other day the guy from upstairs came over and as he was leaving, I was like "if I don't see you before christmas...have a happy christmas", and as i'm about to turn around I realised what I had done...coz that was sooo not politically correct since I had no clue whether he was a christian or not... so then I'm like, "oh I'm sorry, are you christian?" lucky for me he was! But you know in zed we just go around saying merry christmas to everyone and it's not a big deal.
It's such a big deal here because my hospital (which is a catholic institution by the way) had minora's (sp), and other things around the hospital...and I was like what the heck? If you're christian just post your aint gotta fit in dude!

I am also not done with shopping... I know, I am sooo bad. Well really I work better under stress than when I'm relaxed. My thinking skills are very hightened when I am stressed out. Also I am a huge procrastinator when I have the best way to make me decide is to take away all my options!

In any case, my baby brother is here and we have been summoned to Bethesda for a few days... nothing better than socializing with family. Initially I was gonna take the whole gang out and pay for drinks... but maaaannnn majority of these kids are Zambian and the other one is british.... they will "drink me broke". It's like 7 of us all together and they probably drink like i have to give them a 5 drink maximum per person and that should suffice as their xmas prezzy! lol.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Hope is for suckers!

So I decided that hope is for suckers...and faith is more so. See the thing is, I had all this hope and faith in something and it didn't happen! I prayed over it several years ago. Okay scratch that. I knew i was making a mistake... but I prayed about it and did it any way in the hope that the result wouldn't be what i predicted it to be and that heaven would protect me from the consequences of my action...but dude...I found out the hard way that it don't work like dat boo boo! Okay so I'll give heaven credit...the results could have been waaayyy worse.

The only thing is, what is life without faith and hope? I am still mad at heaven though.
And for the weekend, I'm thinking sonoma in D.C first, then twins jazz (i love the set up there...not necessarily the food, but more the music- grassroots performaces), or maybe...dancing at an African club...hmmm...we'll see. I will come up with more ideas by the end of the week:-)

Religion and elections

The New york times has an interesting piece today about the rise of Mike Huckabee and how the christian rights groups. It reminded me of something I heard last week on NPR about how important religion is to elections. I think a lot of people underestimate how much clout the christian rights groups have in American elections. I remember my cousin telling me during the last presidential election that her church and the surrounding christan churches kept prompting/ promoting that president Bush should be re-elected d/t his being better morally prepared than his contender.

The one of guys on NPR having the discussion was Jacques Berlinablau and he was discussing his book 'Thumpin it'
and what I think he was trying to say is that it's not possible to leave out religion in politics.

The funny thing is, quite a few caller stated that they believe in separation of church and state, and feel that religion shouldn't play a part in politics and morals should be the deciding factor. The thing is.... where do people get their morals from? They learn them at home and from the communities that they live in. Now supposing their family is religious and instills religious based morals in their children. Cann't we then suppose that religion will make it into the government any way?

Ofcourse the politians aren't sitting there saying the are making decisions based on their religious convictions... but at the same time if you think about it...they sort of are. I guess the bets thing about separation of state and shurch is that nobody in governement can sit and push their religion on you...which wouldn't matter to me if they did because I am comfortable in my religion anyway and wouldn't be mad if they wanted to sit their and talk about theirs.

Well that's my take on things.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The African Jigsaw

Woman. Woooman
Unhappy woman
Yours the pain
yours the burden
where now the beauty
where now the truth
where now the eyes
that were your pride?
A heavy heart
an empty bowl
a suckling babe
defeat your pride.
(Written by Peter Rose and Anne Conlon for African Jigsaw)

Someone found something I had written 7 years ago about the 'African Jigsaw' musical and emailed me which was a surprise! I sang in the production many years ago and that was one of my favorite memories from childhood. So after the little reminder, I purchased the music yesterday. I can only buy the song sheet and not the tape/ CD because that's all there is but that really made me happy and I will write a few of the song words here when I get my book! I wish you could hear me sing! The songs are all beautiful and thought provoking. The two writters have done other work and I also perfomed in their other one 'Yanomamo'.

I guess I really wouldn't be opposed to helping direct 'African Jigsaw' one day, and in fact it's one of my dreams to help participate in one of those shows one day. When The book gets here I might just sing something and post it here:-)

The power of one

Okay so I got to bethesda and my aunts place had no parking. So I parked where I wasn't supposed to and stood by the car for a while since I was chatting on the phone. Well this Volkswagon passed me 3 times and slowed down each time when it got to me. Ofcourse because I am so damned attractive, I didn't pay him any mind. Finally I look up as he's walking towards me, and I start walking as well singing in my head "i'm too sexy for my dress...too sexy for my self, too sexy for sure" and doing my model on the cat walk stroll. Then he pauses to speak to me and i'm like "thank you Jesus!" because he is soooo flippin HOT! Then he goes "excuse me but you're parked in my spot."....tee hee hee! Here I was thinking he was circling me coz I'm irresitable! aaahhhh the mind of a conceited hussy!
So yesterday, I got my behind to DC on time and we ended up not going to Adams morgan because by the time I got there, the two love birds had decided they were having a romantic evening alone...and i really didn't feel like going out with only half the group, so I cooked dinner for the house hold and went to meet my friends.

Today I watched the power of one for the hundreth time. I was in my 'lest i forget my history' mode. (seriously if you understand what that need HELP!). Any way, if you ahven't seen it before you have got to watch it. I can not say enough nice things about it. It's a story of a young English boy groin up in South Africa during the apartheid error. It was also the same period that the Boers had taken over...and they couldn't stand the English either. The guy foes through a lot and makes friends with the Africans...and the story gets more interesting when he falls in love with a boer! It's not something that blockbuster would necessarily carry...well maybe. I got my copy off Amazon. Love it, love it love it!

I was out for the evening and just got back. They said the weather would be bad today, but I don't see any snow coming down yet. So I am happy:-) I all of a sudden have the urge to sing, but I would hate to wake the nieghbours up:-) waahhh!

Friday, December 14, 2007


Dance like no one is watching....

Hey you know what? God is good! and the judges in London are just! So the story goes...My one friend was trying to renew her student visa in Engy right, so her application for renewal was denied because she was working 2 hours over the allowed 20 per week! So granted she did break the law. She went to court to appeal and the Judge told her "yes, you have broken the law, but based on your being an orphan and proving that you have been working hard at school and attending class, it would be unjust for me to send you back in your last year of school." Oh my!!! I will pray for that judge...he is soooo good!

any way...

So...ummm what have I been up to. Okay for one thing, my intuition was right about that one thing that I thought. The only thing is, I want it in writting. See the thing about me is that I'm very slow to anger and the reason is that once the line is's CROSSED!

I was treated to lunch today...wouldn't really call it a date. But i had fun, then tonight I have to go out to Adams Morgan or something like that. I'll play it by ear. I have a few cousins visiting from various countries at the moment, so it should be a fun few weeks. My brother's due in next week too, so it will feel like I'm back in Zambia...a little bit.

My popularity has been soaring this week... I can not imagine what's up! I think someone let loose that I'm bored and lonely or something coz shamwari my phone has been ringing off the hook...and my date card has been busier than usual! It's just random people...I even heard from 2 people that I haven't spoken to in over a year. Well they called and showed up out the blue...and so the story begins :-)

I had a mini party over the weekend as well. Lord knows what we were celebrating coz it sure as hell wasn;t anyones's b/day. Oh and those heiffer's signed me up for a belly dancing class...should be interesting... I will be unrestricted and uninhibited. Shazaam!
Shoot! I think secret santa has a crush on me! I have been getting a present each week since after thanksgiving and all it says is "from secret santa", I have surely enjoyed them all! I am not saying santa should necessarily stop sending me stuff... I jess wanna know who it is!

Oh and I have stuff to say about the Tampax/ always pads advert. Will do that tomorrow, coz i'm gonna be running on African time tonight if I sit here typing.

Also I think I got taller...don't laugh!!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

I could have danced all night...

I had a lovely weekend as usual... I had cause to celebrate on friday and so i did. Went with the girls for sushi, and had a really nice time. I have been threatening them for a while that I'm going to find new friends coz they rarely like to do anything but wine related activities! They suggested a hike near harpers ferry for saturday, but friday was sooooo flipping cold, I vetoed that idea quick, fast and on the double! Then I woke up saturday morning only to find that it was a really nice warm day:-) oppsy!

Any way, I took advantage of the weather and went to my aunts, then we drove to Leesburg Virginia for some shopping. I guess we got carried away with the sales coz we were very late getting to the airport to pick my other aunt up who flew in from Holland. She promised us a lecture for being tardy, but after a glass of wine and dinner... the party was on! I danced like it was 1999 and my legs ache today:-)

My work mates also had a party saturday, and i feel bad that i didn;t go, but really I have a policy "never drink with the people you work with", you know separation of work and play... tha-sort-o'fing... They are a great bunch... but I am just borderline anti social! Okay so i wouldn't really say antisocial, I guess i was just spoilt by the large number of cousins available to hang out with me when i was younger that i didn't develop the skills to make new friends. My cousins were in my classes at school, and at home, so what more did I need?. Yep. That's it. Lets blame this on my family:-) At the time time, I have known 2 of my closest friends since...forever! Those ho's know a lot of my secrets. I'll have to put them in a box and mail them to Uzbekistan when I run for president:-)

Talking about presidents. Don't you think Gordon Brown's boycotting of the Afro-E.U lets-pretend-we're-working talks was rather silly? For one thing, I think he's making Mugabe think he's more powerful than he really is, and 2. boycotting the talks does nothing for the Zimbabwean people and 3. the talks were about more than just a crazy power hungry old man and his country. I mean if you don't want to listen just tune the dude out! It's easy.

I wouldn't las a day in my job if i didn't have extra thick skin and the ability to tune people out when they are spewing too much verbal diarrhea.

Oh and another loser picks up a gun and shoots people in the mall to be famous!!! Famous? in another 2 years or even months, the only people that will remember his crazy ass will be the families of the people he killed! what is the dar gon world coming to?
Oh wow! Look what I just popped out of the oven? I haven't made lasagna in a while so i am verry impressed at this:-)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Nigerians and juju

So I am having a tiff with this one babi pancake from nijah okay. So here I was ranting and raving to my buddy C-$, about stuff. I understand that my mouth will be my down fall! I think i abuse my right to express myself at times. Oh and I found a pidgin dictionary online.. so i'm going to abuse it na wah!

so any way...between the chick and I, watta pass gari. So as it stands, after watching a plethora of Nigerian movies, I cracked a joke that maybe that's why things go wrong for me...she might have put a curse on me se bi? C-$ decides to go a step further than me and declares 'my sistah O, she go send a pigeon or turtle with a message for you!" I cracked up at that and she's like "seriously, I have been around enuff Nigerians to tell you that a lot of voodoo/ juju/ hoodoo, goes on around them. This reminded me of what my other friend Rita had said. She insisted that she doesn't eat food cooked by Nigerians other than those in her immediate family..."you never know who has bad intentions for you"

Any way I don't want wahala, so here I was looking for incense and holy water in the house and making sure my cross above the bed is intact!
joke na joke! If i find her levitating in my room she go see fire O! Bicos why? my God is bigger than her god! walahi!


I almost forgot that this is my little Condo and I's first anniversary!!! I am so proud of myself:-)
Let me break into song for a minute:- 'they said...i bet...they'll never make it, but just look at us going on...we're still together, still ging strong! lalalala you're still the one i run to....' okay let me stop:-)

When I first went house hunting, I decided against buying single family homes and stuff that would involve me mowing the lawn or something! I settled for a condo coz it's nice, neat and cute...u know, kinda I was working full time and in school full time when I was trying to see about getting a mortgage. I figured I wouldn't qualify for some reason...well maybe because I hadn't checked my credit score in 2 years, so I didn't know what to expect. Then I got the shocker news! Fannie mae and Bank of America thought I was worthy of a 6.5% fixed interest rate for 30 years mortgage! I couldn't contain myself! I bought my condo at $30 000 below it's value and the realtor I met that lives in the area assured me not to worry coz we have one of the best schools in Maryland right here. So I guess by 2009 the crazy house prices will go up again... maybe.
I was so busy at the time I made my purchase, yet I made sure that sucker said FIXED interest. I took a 2 minute crash course on mortgage rates on the fannie mae website, and voila! That's why I don't get it when people sit and moan about variable interests and how the loans officers didn't "explain" it right. C'mmon! who the heck thinks the loan officers give a damn whether you drown in payments? You need to look out for youself and investigate stuff! The loan officer is paid to sell the loan to you...comprende?

Any who... i have been contemplating refinancing my mortgage to try and lower my interest rate...coz a sista needs some extra cash and out of the mail box came this letter from Sentrust Mortgage LLC. They are based in the DC/MD/VA region and apparently offer something called the 'community Reinvestment Act' passed by congress to do...blah blah blah... all I remember from the mail is that they offer a discounted program for mortgages and offer great debt consolidation from what i see here. The catch is you have to make under $60 000 a year... with all the cancellations i have had at work, I might just be under that goal, or be right at the mark. Which ever way, i will wait till the feds cut more rates next The recession might work to my advantage:-)

I am blessed with a job that doesn't lay off... so I am not worried about things going down hill. I remember the last recession in 2001, and my friend was laid off. I was a manager at some cafe and I had people with mba's coming in looking for a job... i was like...OMG!

Not everything is positive though coz my damned condo fees went up:(

And the Idiot of the year award goes to...

....drum roll please! param parampamp pamp! Miss MANENA !!!! balloons, applause, flickering lights!
(Back ground music- no other than the beatles- blackbird)

Manena's speech: OMG! I can't believe I won! I have never won anything in my life *sob*... I would like to thank God, the academy, my family and you my dear fans without whom none of this would be possible! Looking back, I really can't believe how much of an idiot I was...i mean there were rumours, but nothing really concrete, and now to be standing here being acknowledged for this great feat... i mean I am in awe!

Dude... I am not sure what's happening to me, but i can't sleep. Okay so i was pms'ing and quite irate. I ate a whole box of lindtz. Nice. I have to work this morning and it's 2 a.m and her royal highness is not asleep. Now I am mad that I can't sleep... wha a gwan!

I had this experiment thing going... and the results were just as expected. Wait a minute... I might be sleep writting:) Let me call Zambia instead... someone should be awake now:)
Agony is: this right here...sigh...

Monday, December 03, 2007

Curiosity killed the cat

They say curiosity killed the cat and expect you to leave certain stones unturned, but my personal experiences say other wise.

Trust me. Always ask questions when you have them.

Although sometimes ignorance is bliss.
Will expand on this later..

any way how about those sudanese and the Teacher? The kids named the teddy bear muhammed... not the teacher. Their parents should be the ones punished for not teaching their muslim children that 'muhammed' is a name reserved only for people! Talk about intolerance!

Also on thanksgiving day, some dumbass in Maryland went out and shot his ex wife and all three kids.

In addition...I had no clue queen latifah was a lesbian!!! imagine my shock when i found out she proposed to her girlfriend???? I must have very poor gay-dar!

I had a nice weekend and hope you all did.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

World AIDS day & Circumcision

I would like to start by asking you all to pause for a minute in memory of all the victims of AIDS that are deceased.

Next I would like to applaud all families taking care of the 'orphans of AIDS' and to those taking care of patients with AIDS/HIV related complications. You guys are magnificent people!

It's amazing that years after the discovery of this 'new disease', things seem to have worsened and not improved. Just the other day, news reports said that estimates of AIDS cases have risen in America. In years past, the misconception was that Africans we're too stupid to understand the cause and effect of unprotected sex and that was why the cases were increasing there. I can attest to the fact that this was not so.

By the time I was in high school in Zambia (mid-late '90's), we had representatives from various NGO's that would come in and talk to us about HIV and show pictures of sickly men, women and children. We saw pictures of penises oozing with puss and vaginas with various stages of decubitus wounds. We saw sketetons or children- reminiscent of the Ethiopian children in the 'we are the world' videos. There were countless numbers of billboards screaming out 'prevention is the cure' or something in those lines.
The message was loud and clear: Abstinence or Condoms was the key to a life free of HIV/ AIDS.

A few months ago, I found out that my cousin is HIV positive. My cousin is TWO DAYS older than I am. We saw the same billboards and heard the same messages. We knew almost the same people, including those that had AIDS.

Yesterday, news stations were abuzz with the story of the Zambian reporter Kenneth Gondwe that was recently circumcised. While I commend him for bringing this story to light. I fear that we will go back to the days when circumcisions were perfomed enmass and the same tool was used to cut the foreskin of the men in attendance. Most of the people in rural areas can not afford the $50 needed for the circumcision. In addition, if the message isn't sent out right, there will be a growing number of people that will assume that because they are circumcised, they will not get HIV when they fornicate sans condoms. Also, i can imagine a growing number of penile infections due to people performing their own circumcisions in the privacy of their own homes for lack of finances.

So any way, that's my little sermon for today.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lowest life expectancy

The U.N. report came out with the best and worst places to live in the world. Iceland is the best lets see if we can get those boats from Africa to iceland! (okay that was like a stupid joke), but seriously with that new report out, they are fueling the misconception that 'all countries north of Africa are the best' and that if you want to be happy and healthy you need to get on that little boat and become an illegal immigrant. I wouldn't be suprised if more boats are intercepted by Spain...etc. if it was news, it turns out Zambia has the lowest life expectancy! taa daa! (I thought we've known that for the past few years). Japan on the other hand has the highest life expectancy. So I was thinking, and this is just you know... throwing it out there....why don't all Zambians Marry the Japanese and balance things out:-)

I also found a fun story about the "gulabi gang" a.k.a the pink gang, because they wear pink and are led by a woman- Sampat Pal Devi. It was only a matter of time before this could happen:)

Did you guys see the story about the two year old found in a plastic container in Texas? Who the hell knocks around a two year old? If the mother was tired of her, she could have just given her up for adoption...the cute little thing was blonde and blue know they're first to be adopted!

The other disturbing story about mothers that i heard was 2 weeks. This little 13 year old (A) had a fight with a friend (B) of her's. So friend B's mum sets up a fake boy on myspace and fake boy pretends to be in love with friend A. Then after a little while he slanders her name and dumps her. So friend A kills herself!!! WTF? A suicidal 13 year old? Over a boy??? I'm sorry, I guess I was a late bloomer, but I certainly didn't feel that strongly about boys then...and I still don't now! I haven't met a guy I consider worthy of my life.
But that's beside the point. What was a mother getting that involved in her 13 years old's life for? How could a mother sit there and help her create a fake guy to tease her friend with? They knew they girl already had low self esteem and hit her where it hurts! How totally cruel!!!

Any way I haven't been to work in a week, so i suppose I should prepare for tomorrow.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Na leloline ali tutemwa!

Gosh! I ate myself silly on thanksgiving much that I Manena- requested a walk after dinner because my belly felt too full. I am thankful for being fortunate enough to afford to have food in my belly every day. Really!

Christmas started last week as evidenced by the christmas carols on the radio! I don't mind the carols, but to listen to the same ones till christmas seems like torture!

Oh and I got a better explantion about the 'trucking biz' in Zambia. So as it turns out, we think the government mandates that the mining companies create jobs in the areas for the locals. So then the mining companies ask that locals provide trucks and then in turn pay $20+/- per ton carried, so yes in a day you could easily make $5000 per day if your truck driver is very proactive and the distance the load is carried is short. So it makes more sense to me now.

Peace talks will be held this week in Annapolis well mostly for the Isrealis and Palestinians because they don't know how to act, so Condoleeza's going to teach them how:) Well basically that's what it is in short right?

Oh I went off to talk on the phone and lost my train of thought...oppsy! well enjoy the music video... I really like it:-) and if you don't...well you're a doomass!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ni Putes, Ni Soumises

My aunt Helen just won the commonwealth book writting competion and as you can tell I am proudy- woudy! This is the second big competition she has won... see the story here:

The ifc has two job openings for Zambia if anyone is interested

Good lord! Iam Smith just died! I thought he was long gone by now!

Oh and hate crimes are up about 7%, with Jews, Gays and blacks and hispanics being number one on the list:-) although in a few more years, I can see Moslems and Hispanics toping the list- Immigration issues and the war will see to that!

I also think I have semi-road rage. Okay so i'm not about to hit anyone or run anyone over...but i seem to swear a lot when i drive! I get soooo irritated with a lot of drivers, especially when it rains. Why do people do crazy things when it rains a little bit?

I should also learn to lighten up on Sarkozy because has he appointed 3 women of African origin to very Condoleeza like positions in the French governmnent. You might argue that it was only affirmative action, but which other non african country would have done that?

I am clueless at to what I'll be doing for thanks giving, I know I aint cooking, well I hope I wont be cooking anything. My plan is to eat. Then maybe I'll do some Christmass shopping in black friday (why is it black friday any way?), well the sales are great on that day, so might as well take advantage of them.

and remember ladies - we are "Ni Putes, Ni Soumises" oh wait..I think that is only for me to remember...lolololololol!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Namaste my friends!

amazing race: So I accidentally ended up on the CBS tonight and they were showing this 'amazing race' show. The contestants had to go to Ouagadougou and I haven never heard that much ignorance in my life! They have these 2 racist sounding blondies that on day one declare that the cab driver will rob them, then one asks her friend where they are going...and she responds "oh we're probably goigng to be sold into slavery!" then when they're on the train, they start laughing at people coming on and saying they smell... they are like "what perfume is she wearing?" and the friend goes "perfume d'afrique!" I was like what the hell????

Oh and like we don't have enuff bad news, China announced last week that it was reducing it's holdings in US assets! I just want this whole economy thing to fix itself and be done with! I guess I should cut down on reading the economist!

Any way on more positive news... I did a whole stack of laundry today, read several books this weekend, spoke on the phone for hours, finally saw shrek 3 and ratatouille ( i know right? I am so far behind in movies!) and I ate ifisashi and ichifu...and should be feeling very fat right now:-)

While we're at it, the popular mine "trucking" business in Zambia doesn't make sence to me. So supposedly, you buy a truck at $20 000 +/-, then you lease it to the mines and make any where between $11 000- $60 000 per truck per month according to sources that are currently doing the business. To me it just isn't economically sound for the company to do it that way. It seems to me they can buy a truck a month and trash it if they have that kind of disposable income!

So any way... why is it that when some zed girls date muzungu's they tend to act all stereotypical? Well I have heard it called "booggah life"! I have seen people make major transformations speaking in strange accents, dressing in strange attires, doing strange zungu like weaves (blue, purple, gold..hey!) and basically just doing stuff that's waaaayyyy out there!
I know this real life "pretty woman", and just like in the movie, she was taken from a hooker like setting in zed by this zungu diplomat-ish guy...and she pretty much gets to see these amazing places and meet these celebrity type people...but my thing is, you've been together for so many years, and what if one day he says it's over and sends you packing...what do you do then? you have no college degree, no work experience per se, most of your friends probably have moved in the last few years--I mean I feel sorry for her...

Oh and like when Hillary wins... it will make things easier to remember the American predidents, coz you can go, bush, clinton, bush, clinton, bush?'s like a conspiracy btwn the two families! different parties my ass!

Any way, its late... I am going to admire myself in the mirror while pondering the meaning of life:-)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Excitey whitey!!!

I had a really really really great weekend! It was so great that most of my favorite people in the world called me...and they are neatly lined up in my 'received calls' tab on my cell phone... how cute is that?

So any way, we were supposed to go to Georgetown friday night, but the weather wasn't to my liking, so we ended up at Jaleo's in Bethesda. We took a cab so nobody could go home sobber :), the cab guy pissed me off honking like he owns the building and lucky for him...he was an older African guy playing classical music in his cab... so I spared him the lecture!

Any way I love Tapas...they remind me of the Zambian concept of 'ozamwina', you know like when you drink they bring out all the little rosted bits and pieces such as chicken, t-bone, michopo's (come on! don't front like you haven't tasted them before!)... the only difference is that the spanish have more variety I guess n the fancy things you can choose from while you drown in a bottle of something delightful:-)
After dinner we tried to locate the other African Club in Bethesda and were lead instead to Bambule (a spanish club) by the some dumbass at one of the bars we inadvertently stopped at. The patrons were too hillarous for us to stay, so we went looking for live music in the rain...while cab hoping. That's what you call 'really looking for a party'.

Saturday, we went lookig for chocolate cake from Balducci because I had a major craving... unfortunately they didn't have any of the kind i like damned them! so i settled for my other craving- scrabbled eggs and bacon! Balducci also had a 20% off all cases of wines sale...who i'm I to pass up this offer??? you better believe i took advantage of it!
Then we went spent most of the afternoon and evening at Neiman Marcus and Saks fith avenue...lord have mercy! you all know I wasn't buying anyting there, I was just an escort. The day I shop there will be the day you all either know I robbed someone or finally landed that sugar daddy I have been scanning the market for... aka Bill gates! lol! but seriously...why should a plain cotton dress cost $1000? que? The store had kids with their parents actually purchasing this stuff. I for one believe that kids shouldn't have a dress costing more than $200 if they have no do they learn the value of hard work? lol... I'm probably only writting this way coz i'm poor. If i were ricj i would probably do the same thing for my kids.

Saturday night we parted ways... one going this way and the other that way. We met up again Sunday for lunch and to talk.

Then i finally got my inheritance that I really wanted from my grandmother after many negotiations, sanctions, vindications and summons! It's a hymn book (united church of Zambia U.C.Z) of the songs that my grandma used to teach me. I was soooo happy! I also found a few more CD's with songs I like that I haven't heard in a while. I also got the new Oliver Mtukudzi album...

As predicted the girls weren't too thrilled with me ditching them on friday, so they stalked me saturday and sunday, and they finally got me this afternoon to go to lunch with them at Panera. I will not be going back to panera- I found bug in my soup!!! how disgusting!

Any way I had a greeeeeeeeaaaattttt weekend:-) hope y'all did as well.

By the way ticket prices to Zambia are so disgusting! we'll soon have to start walking there!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Romance novels

So i've been quiet for a while... pretending to be busy so you guys could think i have alife or something:-)
No seriously though, I have been caught up in my novels and had a lot of contemplating to do.

If you have never had the opportunity to pick up a romance novel I would like to suggest that you pick up one that's circa 1800's... They are just fabulous! I don't read the modern day romance novels because they do nothing for me. The men are only half as gallant, they don't take as many risks for their women and really it's too much like real life... that I know it's fiction.

The 'historical' novels though have so much passion! The are no emails to send, no telephone to call, and when she's missing, there's no google, or 'people finder' to help locate her! There's always a lot of drama.... you know like she walks into a room and people stare at her coldly because she's so hot. The way the men express themselves word evades me! Instead of just the plain old 'will you marry me' or 'I love you'... they come up with descriptions of how her eyes did something to him, or how her laughter just leaves him weak. The drama of thieves, trollops, conniving wenches and the deceptive people of the ton just puts you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out how far they will go.

When Sir whats-his-name or the duke of Nenaland beholds her bossom....ummm the room just gets too hot you have no choice but to take a cold shower!

So needless to say, since i was cancelled from work today... i picked upi a copy of a Cheryl Holt novel and I am now blissfully happy in my make belive world!

as for the real world... Musharaf thinks he's so slick huh? We've seen those little "state of emergency" stints in Africa... he can't fool me!
- Darryl Perry's story is another reason why you shouldn't be too hasty to pull the plug when someone is declared clinically dead in the hospital. The story is so heart warming.
- The USA just purchased a new hand bag...aka newly separated Sarkozy!
-The mafia commandments have been found-- I am intrigued enough to want to know what they contain:-)
- We have approximately a $6 trillion deficit in the USA. Wow! All i need is a fraction of that amount... if i should be so lucky!
-One of the doctors at work thought I hated him because I hardly ever said a word to him... so yesterday I had to explaijn myself to was very funny. later in the day, he told a co-worker that I'm awesome...and i was like- so what else is new?
- Tonight is sushi night, but I am on my way to Georgetown...and i haven't told the girls I wont be meeting them... so i gather i will be holding my own funeral tomorrow when they kill me:-)
-Oh my... winter is here... why couldn't it just not come this year?
- The picture is really of my cousin bungee jumping in Zambia... she's got more guts than me man!

Thursday, November 01, 2007


I am sooo excited that tomorrow is Friday.... I am sure you're tired of hearing it... but gotta love fridays! I will be off saturday, sunday and monday! excitemundo!

Hey does anyone know a good business lawyer? I have a question but I'm cheap and I need a free lawyer:-)

Also why do people like to ruin it for others? wha a gwan with the aid workers in Chad taking all those kids? I betchu the families were partially involved! Also I don't buy the "we were just trying to help" defence... coz nah wow! how many people in the world adopt black children-- other than Madonna and Angelina? what were they going to do with that many kids once they got there?

In addition, doesn't the Menezes story kinda remind you of Amadou Diallo? except the other dude is hispanic and in England.

The Hollywood writters are threatening a strike teeheeheehee! WTF? It really doesn't concern me, but I have no pity for their plight. Do you know that a new writter in hollywood makes approximately $7500 per episode? So imagine something that comes on weekly like 'sex in the city' that pretty much lasted years... how disgusting is their salary at that point??? C'mmon now! I clean poop and only make a fraction of that amount! Talk about the wrong profession

Winter is going to be bitter this year!!! I can feel it! I wish I could work from home and just never leave till spring!

I am so grown up! I wrote to my congress people or what ever they're called to let them know not to raise taxes when O'malley puts his proposal in. I have been assured that my representatives are all Republicans, so I can rest easy coz they wont let that happen:-)
any way Shalom... I should be in bed:-)... oh it's the last season of scrubs... kind of a sob sob moment:-)

All Souls Day...

So in preparation for all souls day, I have a list of people I would like remembered. P/S if you're not catholic, don't worry about it:-) and if I forgot someone it really wasn't deliberate:-)

Granny Kili Granpa Alick Granny Damaris
Grandpa Lefted
Uncle Douglas
Uncle Owen
Uncle Wisdom Uncle Salvatore
Aunty Lenny Aunty Susan Aunty Lengwe Aunty Hilda
Uncle Patrick Uncle Hewit Uncle Sam Uncle Bootsie
Uncle George Uncle Henry Uncle Mwenya Uncle Bukali
Stella Kondwani Chabala Ba Topani
Wezi Euwell Aunty Florence Chipasha
Baby Michael Aunt Barbara Bana Nthanizi Uncle John
Chansa sisi Mary Ba Jennifer Ba Eunice
Uncle Mike Uncle Michael Bana Steve Banakulu Kondwa
Mutinta Chidongo St Louis Nick Tutu
Grandpa E.S Grandpa Blackie Granny Anne
Uncle Churchill

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I just came back from buying candy for the trick or treaters... I don't think we have a lot of kids in the area, but oh well- my work mates will eat the rest of the candy.
My niece is sooo funny she kills me! She called to sing a song for me, and there i was thinking it's some Yoruba song that her mother taught her or something, then i found out it was actually that rhianna song 'umbrella'! I had a great laugh! And she calls breasts 'bonita's' after the pasteurized milk boxes sold in Zambia!!! she cracks me up!
So little Martin O'malley- the Governor of Maryland wants to work at increasing taxes in Maryland and "decreasing" property taxes...which is a farce coz it wont come into effect till 2010 or so...and his dumb ass will probably no longer be Governor at the time. I am not happy with all these increases when my pay check stays the same!
Oh well gotta run... haven't had dinner yet:-)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Random ramblings of a knackered chick

I have had a great weekend!!! and I also had a great work week.... I really have little to complain about and the one thing that I can complain about really isn't worth the mention:-)

I went to the wine market for dinner and had the most delectable duck! Then we got to buy wine at the end of the night for 15% off! So that was great:-) I wont dare say how many bottles came home with me lest I have a wine guard out there:-)

Hey, how come I don't have a private jet? one of my clients flew in on one last week, and I couldn't help but feel envious!

Today I laughed more than I've laughed all week... I met Tisi at Dulles International Airport and we spent the afternoon laughing our brains out! We had one too many margarita's and when the muchies caught on- we ate huge burgers and fries:-) and as if I didn't have enuff my aunt made me a feast for dinner... so I am well fed and happy and still wondering why I am not THE Mrs Bill Gates!
We spoke nyanja all afternoon and it felt like home... like kaponyas and stuff:)

************************RADOM RAMBLINGS OF A KNACKERED CHICK*********************
Why is it that when you're too nice to people they start to take advantage of you? why can't we just take kindness for what it is and reciprocate in a polite way? I guess that only exists in my utopia...:)

and also ladies.... if your husband out of no where starts working out, loses a few pounds, buys a new wardrobe and shows up with a mercedes that you didn't plan on buying, and "works" late several fridays in a row... you don't gots to be sherlock! get your sh*t together lady! It aint rocket science!

and if you're gonna 'play' 5 guys at once... make sure you have a very high I.Q, chances that they will ever meet are slim to none and that if they do meet you can think very fast on your feet!

and if he's married and giving you money... honey he's a sugar daddy!...hmmmmmm interesting concept! maybe I should find myself one:-) lolololol... I kill me sometimes! :-)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happy Independence

To all my Zambian "comrades".... may you all have a swell day:-)

and if i get that 'standa singo zambia' forward again... I'm going to choke someone!

Stay blessed:-)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Africans are genetically dummies!

I love fridays! So yesterday I was BBC browsing and discovered that a nobel prize winning DNA pioneer James Watson had declared that Africans are less intelligent than Europeans!

That's like totally awesome news for me!!! I mean dude...I have been waiting for a non serious disabillity to claim...and now I have the perfect alibi! Now I can go on disability and not have to go to work coz i'm not INTELLIGENT enough to understand what's going on! I am overwhelmed by excitement!!!

I also now have the perfect reason to be and to act IGNORANT! *happy dance* chikokoshi! They don't even have to do a damned IQ test...just based on my continent of birth...I am a dumb ass!!! woo hooo!!!

All Jokes aside though...I REFUSE to be classified as less Intelligent than the Billy bobs of the world! I don't CARE how many genetic tests are done to prove that I am. Period.

Oh some bastards killed Lucky Dube...what the hell???

There was an African Catholic Association day of prayer in Rockville today... and i was too lazy to go:-)

Oh and I forgot to say MAJOR Kodo's to our very own Caleb Fundanga the governor of Bank of Zambia.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Woe is me...

Today I was having a not so good day, I got some disheartening news and well I just felt fatigued and let down. Sucks to be me right? I unfortunately can't afford to just lock my doors and stay in forever, though I felt like it, but my duty to myself prevents me from doing that:-) I actually thought that I would have felt so much better had I cried, but my emotional responses are sometimes inept:-) But alas! The show must go on:-)

So there I was wallowing in my misery and my little buddy calls me up at the end of the day...and she was going through something similar. It feels like you're in a room with no doors or windows...okay...I think i just spilt too much for the psychologists out there...but hey, it sure makes me feel better to discuss it!

Any way, I put on my favourite music, then I watched pride and prejudice, then i made myself a really SWEET cup of tea and indulged in some swiss chocolates (my other down fall), I feel much recovered now:-)

You know the great thing about me is that my memory is quite short, so I don't get mad for long which really sucks, coz sometimes I want to be mad for a while because some people need to be frowned at longer than others:-) lol!

Oh I can not wait for friday!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Breast Cancer march

I arose early at 6am to get ready for the breast cancer march which I was coerced into doing by the gang! I wasn't really decided about going until like this morning and I took a shower cussing under my breath the whole time and was dressed like a professional runner in a few minutes!

At first I was cranky because traffic was bad... (thank God I wasn't driving), there were 30 000 participants, and majority of them had pictures of their dead relatives on their shirt and the reality of cancer had me a little agitated.

Once we got running (haha! fooled you! I walked! everyone knows I DO NOT RUN), I got a little more relaxed... and though I didn't make the 3.5 miles (5 kilometers), I made 2 miles and was diverted into panera:-) I must say though that I haven't walked that far in a while...but i hadn't broken out in a sweat, and my legs didn't feel tired. So I am highly impressed with my level of health. I thought I was worse than that!
I also got face paintings ( old I'm I again?), and many freebies!
I ran into this one lady miss Sharon Davis who entered my life at the moment that I needed her! She was like a guardian angel to me and I was really happy when i saw her today. She really has not real clue what a God send she was because I haven't told her that much, but i promised to be in touch with her, and i'll spill my guts as usual one of these fine days.

Any way, back to today. I am amazed by how big of a turn out they had for the breast cancer march. To be honest, I was doing it because a friend of a friend had cancer, and it's been in remission for a year (she is an awesome lady!).

I on the other hand have only known one person die of breast cancer...while I know many who have died from HIV/ AIDS which normally doesn't have such a great turn out at marches here in Baltimore. To me i feel AIDS awareness is more important than cancer(although its also important), because HIV can be spread to many in a short period time whereas cancer is more 'each man for his own' unless ofcourse you are genetically predisposed.

Baltimore was ranked 3 in the country per JOhns Hopkins( ) in 2003 and could very well be higherr at the moment yet It's not treated the same way it is in Zambia. Every third billboard is of a sexy lady here as opposed to Zambia where it's all awareness and warnings that we probably never heed. It's amazing how many people think AIDS is just an African problem... Baltimore could probably be on par with Zambia if ARV's weren't readily available.

Any way, that's my opinion. Oh and I had a marvelous time at the walk and was invited to a breast cancer survivors house for lunch. She has such pleasant children and the conversation and food was great!

Friday, October 12, 2007


Today was my last celebration for my birthday...sob...sigh:(
went out for sushi...and had a great time. The wine at sushi hanna kinda sucks, so I had half a glass and felt eeeiiilll! Then we listened to some jazz in the street and now I'm back home...bored. Maybe I'll call my brother:-)
I made sure I have clean sheets and a nice clean night dress, and I am sure I'll have happy dreams tonight:-)

side bar:- I'm having a difficult time figuring out if someone is just that obtuse or deliberately insulting... it's amazing!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's not all black and white!

So today I received this article:-

and all I can say is that I am tired of strained race relations!!! I know that i have written ad nauseum about race and so has the media: Jena-6, black stripper, development burnt down coz blackies were moving in, cars spray painted with the word 'nigger', nooses in trees, black chick kidnapped and assaulted by white boyfriend and his hill billy family, vick and his dogs... I am exhausted!!!

Now with that article from D.C saying black leaders have lost influence...well duh??? If black leaders keep standing up for every little story involving black people before the investigation of the alleged crime is even complete... then ofcourse that will help dwindle their image! Especially if later the findings indicate that the black person was in fact guilty... or lying!
It doesn't matter what country you're from or what colour you are. You always loose credibility when you keep taking on crappy fights!

The United States of America. Why can't the people unite? why isn't there just plain outrage that something bad has happened to someone? why must we always 'colour
co-ordinate' things?

Not everything is black and white, but i'm sure there are instances where because of ignorance on both sides of the fence, race determines the outcome of something.

I do not agree that many black people don't get hired because of their skin colour. I personally haven't had that happen (I'm one of the lucky few who have never been turned down for a job), and I do not know anyone that has. (Now granted all my black friends are African or caribean so that could be a reason.) But if I were the hiring manager at a fascility and you showed up looking for a job with sagging pants, a mini skirt, unkempt hair, funny looking dread locks, not articulate, dirty background check, visible tattoos, haven't kept a job more than a few months...I don't care what colour you are, I'm not hiring you unless i'm desparate.

In response to Mwabi's post ,I too do not agree with black history month or that it's okay to have BET or Latino television because I wouldn't be tolerant of 'white entertainment television' (although it probably exists with annother name like CBS, or or groups for the advancement of white people. American history should just be that. American history. Labelling things black or white to me just increases the chasm that exists between the two groups.

Lets also not forget that black Americans and Africans also have strained relations at times.

I hate that Ben Carson is celebrated because he's a black man, or that Condee Rice is a black woman with clout. To me that implies that you thought black people were too stupid to achieve all that.

I think that if the NAACP, black panther...etcetera are short on things to do, they can concentrate on encouraging young black people on achieving more than just in sports and music and help fight ignorance.

Recognize ignorance for what it is. lets not give it a skin color. I too have beena victim of ignorance many times: I have had a patient refuse to get treatment from me because I am a "nigger", or monsignor Tinder calling africans dumb, or someone being disowned by his grand mother because he's white and he dated me, or the countless number of black Americans using degrading tones to my African buddies and I in class just coz we didnt understand or speak ebonics!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Balantangilila ba yaweh!

I am here but for the grace of God and I mean that literally and figuratively:-) Jesus certainly has the wheel in this joint coz eeeiiish man!!! My life is a saga and then some! So friday, we ended up not doing sushi due to some scheduling conflicts, but half the gang and I went out for dinner, and partly through someone else called to say we needed to go out for a needless to say we whined a little about it at first, then we got used to the idea and finally after ice-cream we went out to a bar in the area.... i know where it is, but i have no clue what it's called... but I have certainly found the spot where people my age go in the area! Oh and talking of ages... I feel great being older...I just feel so mature, it's awesome! FYI- I am still 21 and will be that age till my first child turns 21...:-) But I digress... too many lights in the room and I can't concentrate:-) So any way, we had a fun night, I danced till my muscles hurt and for the first time in my life... i think i got into bed and was knocked out! Okay i remember getting into my home ALONE and checking my email at 3am (who the hell does that?) then something pissed me off online, then I went to pee... then i have no idea what happened. All I know is that the alarm woke me up at 5 am, coz i forgot to turn it off, and i was under the covers in my birthday suit with the lap top open on the bed...and i'm thinking dear God I hope I didn't respond to any emails...and dear God I thank you for putting me to bed....and dear God I thank you that I am alone!!! Needless to say I was feeling quite "ill" all day saturday, and I didn't leave the house at all. Not even when I had a craving for eggs. I simply settled and ate half a pack of bacon! hey... I'm older now, so i CAN do what I want! Oh and i have some new strange mens numbers in my phone which i need to erase. I rarely call people I meet in bars, but I take their numbers any way especially if they're buying us drinks! lol- sounds skanky, but it's the way of life:-) I do NOT want to be Sixty thinking "WHAT IF?", I am doing my best to make sure that before I meet my maker I can say "I had fun and atleast I tried my best." Today I spent all day in George Town... it was quite enjoyable actually. The weather was awesome-- tell you what, if winter never comes, it really wont bother me one bit! I hate winter!!! Which is a wonder why I didn't move south to say... texas or Florida...ummm. Any way we had lunch at a place I can't pronounce at the water front and dinner at papa razzi...and I had the most glorious mangoe margarita:-) Then we got home and my aunt had 2 cakes from whole foods and some protocolo wine. So my birthday celebs officially end next friday not by my choice ofcourse;) I thank you all my wonderful friends and family for the BEST birthday ever...I think. Though I'm not sure because 1995 might have been better...but who asked me right? lol!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Girls wanna have fun!

I am sooo tired of eating!!! I have been to dinners and lunches every day this week and i feel bloated!!! Yesterday I met up with my vixter!!!! we were sooo excited to see each other we were jumping on the pavement and hugging each other and screaming like we hadn't seen each other in a few months!

We spent time eating and catching up on life issues like and stuff, she was the highlight of my birthday and i am sooo happy she's moved back

Do you ever get days when you walk out the house and people of the opposite sex are starring at you? I get those days when i get so self conscience because too many men are looking at me and i know i'm conceited, but even I know that kind of attention isn't normal... so then i check myself to make sure i'm dressed coz i feel naked! Today was one of those days and what's funny is that I didn't even heave the twins hanging out today, they were well covered with my fancy work shirt!!

Friday is sushi night for my birthday so it's free for me:-) I have many plans for what i'll eat!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Universal Holiday!!!

yes indeedy it's that time of the year that we celebrate the marvelous day I was born!!! bring out the fireworks, the cavier, finest wines and champagne!!! do cartwheels and celebrate that you know me coz that's like special in itself:-)

lol! I absolutely need to get over the fact that I was born, but it's proving difficult! So far my mummy remembered my birthday-- she's such a good girl! My brother also sung me a bday ballad and I have opened the many presents that I received yesterday...(okay so i'm not patient and I opened them yesterday itself)

I feel so's like the one major day of the year that you actually matter to some people! So my actual celebrations started last month:-) but don't worry they will be over by Sunday (that's when they have a "surprise" in D.C for me) So I promise you wont here squat about my birthday after Monday:-)

Any way Sunday was nice and quiet, then monday I was sent home from work and quite bored, then my friends kidnapped me for pizza night since i wasn't working tuesday, then I went out to meet my birthday mate R for the evening, then i came home and now I'm on the computer, then i'll go to sleep again, then I'll meet Vixter for lunch and i'll come back an talk about it, then i'll go to sleep and then, i may go to work later in the day tomorrow. I was asked to come in coz i guess they'll have cake:-) I absolutely REFUSE to work on my birthday... another reason I love my job coz i can do that!

So again thank you various provices of Zambia, south africa, holland, china, Luton (i'm still waiting), Kimmy and Mike- tsk squared!!! Tisi- and C-- I still cried...sorry:) The rest of you are tardy... her royal highness is not amused!