Sunday, May 10, 2009

RIP Windows XP

So I made my exciting come back....then something awful happened-- My computer died! It didn't work for like 2 weeks and kept freezing on windows xp. I have been patient and trying to fix it, though it hasn't been a priority because I had my work lap top, but I didn't think it was appropriate to use it for my personal entertainment:-) Yeah...sometimes I have morals!

I am currently using the computer in "safe mode"... hopefully it will fix itself. Or maybe my boyfriend Bill Gates/ Warren Buffet might buy me a new computer. Dunno.

Dude, I am trying to get into grad school ASAP, but can not think what to do! They all don't seem to pay more than I make now which disturbs me. I am also not getting very good reviews on the Nurse Practitioner track-- they are over used and abused...and make the same amount of money that I do. Then I thought I could go back to my international studies that I was previously doing... They don't get paid nuttin.I love that line of work though-- global studies, international relations, international health...etc. So I might just end up doing Public health or a freaking MBA. HELP!!! I can't think for real! I just can't justify the amount paid for school if I wont be paid enough when I graduate. I could probably get a scholarship though... my GPA is great. I just hate writing about myself in letters of interest.

OMG...what is with all the bloody re-runs??? TV has bored the hell out of me today! Serves me right for being anti social and staying home on mother's day. I made a special meal-- got major heart burn and played on the computer.

Oh and as if I didn't have enough to worry about, my car AC stopped working too. So I am looking to buy a new- used car soon too. I absolutely think it's a waste of money to buy new cars because they cost too much for nothing. I just want a car that gets me from point A to B safely and comfortably because my job depends on me driving around town.

Oh don't forget this coming weekend is wine in the woods in Columbia, MD. It's usually lots if music, lots of food, lots of Maryland wineries. I would definitely recommend it.

Hopefully my computer keeps working till I'm rich enough to replace it. I feel bad coz I am going to lose so many pictures and music and documents.

any who...Happy mama's day to all you lovely mama's out there. Also to the person asking if Castro was my boyfriend...umm honey not even if his penis was made of white chocolate raspberry cheese cake and protocolo wine!!! Never!