Monday, March 31, 2008


I am awake...finally! I have some "home work" for my job that I need to get done and I have touched nothing yet! It's a huge pile of papers and ...woe is me....I am really intimidated just looking at the content!

So Zim gets to vote.... who wants to bet Mugabe wins??? LOL...I would like to hope there will be no rigging...but what the heck...that would be useless.

Also in the news-- Dith Prahn died. You know him... that journalist from Cambodia that survived the Khmer rouge era and was the center of the 'killing fields' film? If you haven't seen the film I would highly recommend it. It's thought provoking and just shows what happens when people think they are in charge of the world and all who live in it.

If anyone out there is still doubting the recession, I have news for you. They just laid off 50 people where I work, and they have another 50 people to go or something like that. Also 3 people that I know have been laid off. One is lucky enough that they will pay her for another 4 months while she looks for another job which was awfully kind of them I think. Gosh! I really miss the days gas was a dollar!

Ummm...yeah it looks like it's April already...and nope...still haven't done my taxes! Who is surprised by the that? Procrastinator queen has done it again!

Oh and another thing before I forget! Why are a lot of Zambian "elite" so damned proud of the fact that they can not write or read their language? or even speak it for that matter? I find that so retarded!!! They use it like a badge of honor "Oh I can not read in that language" yet you read plenty 'well' in Ebonics and have the accent down packed! Somebody was trying to write something in Bemba today...and my goodness I was distraught when I saw the spellings! I am not the worlds best bemba speller...and for that reason I have a Bemba dictionary so I can either look up word use or spellings. Okay, so my thing is...and this goes for everyone in the world... if you're not proud of your culture who will be??? Same as if you're not proud of yourself...who will be???

Lol...look at this conversation between my friend and her 5 year old. My friend had just finished chastising her 5 year old and the child starts crying:-
Mother:- why are you crying?
5 year old :- because I want daddy
Mother:- daddy is at work, what do you want him?
5 year old:- Because I'm having A BAD DAY! (drama!)
LOL....I laughed so hard...a 5 year old having bad day?????

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Part deux

All I have done this week is eat, eat and eat!!! Monday, I went out with friends for dinner, then wednesday we had a farewell dinner for a co-worker--and as usual I had people shocked with the size of my cleavage:-) Women all react the same when they see it and men aren't brave enough to comment.

I even ate breakfast twice in one day because I had people buying me breakfast and lunches...:-) dude!! The food this week was better than last week, which is awesome! The best thing that I ate this week would have to be the huge chocolate chocolate chip and fudge cookie:-) ummmm!!

Then Friday I went out for Peggy's B'day dinner at the new Sushi Hana location on falls road. Quite frankly I liked it better than the other location: it's classier, and has more free parking....The food is the same which is a plus, but my favorite waitress is at the other location--which is of course a minus:-)

I spent most of my weekend in D.C. (are you really surprised?) Saturday, we went shopping to leesburg pike, and then we went out to Juste Lounge again--this time to experience the saturday night mingle/ international night thing. I quite liked it. I danced none stop...then when I was doing the dutty wine--my hair piece fell of!!! That was a major Kodak moment:-)lololol!!!! I sinply picked it up and re-adjusted my look!!! Dust yourself off andf try again;-) My leg muscles really hurt, and I think I drank too much...okay I know I drank too much! The last few weeks though I haven't had any wine!!! Can you believe that??? It's been hard liquor on the weekends only and no wine...such a sad day in nenaland. This one dude bought us drinks and then breakfast, then he drove us home...he's in the navy--maybe that's why he has manners, I don't know:-)

We got home at almost 5am, and little miss sunshine (that's me!), was awake by 8am and ready to get going for a fun day in D.C. Now those two little french chicks are too dar gon slow!!! I woke them up early, but they weren't ready till like 2pm or so:-) Then the walking began.....oooohhh Lawwwd! I think we did 5 K with hang overs and just plain tiredness.

We went for the cherry blossom festival and and just had a fun time listening to music, walking around and striking poses...:-)
The day came to an end when we found out that apple in montgomery mall is out of iPhones and so is AT&T!!!!! How gay is that???? The frenchies are trying to buy two to take home with them and the store has no idea when they will restock.

Lawd have mercy...I am so tired! I need to get my behind in bed and will continue this session tomorrow. Ahhh...the life of a social butterfly never seems to have a dull moment:-)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy easter:-)

Oh wow! Can I just say I am exhausted?????? I haven't had this much mental stimulation in a long time...and I shan't be doing it for a while I don't think!!!!

So Friday...I ran some errands, wasted a bit of time doing nothing in particular....then after making myself tired walking around, I finally rolled into Bethesda, then we immediately went to dinner at some funny Thai restaurant across from the Borders books off Woodmont ave. All I can say is....if you look into a restaurant and you're not sure about it--go to the next place!!! The problem was I have eaten at everything in that street but that one Thai i insisted that we go in. Well lo and behold--the place sucked!!! First of all...they didn't have half the stuff on the 'specials menu'...and to my dismay they had no FISH???? on good friday???? talk about being anti Semitic!!!! like OMG!!!! Then because I couldn't be bothered to read the rest of the menu, I settled for their pineapple shrimp fried rice....another error in judgement. It had 4 shrimp at the top and the pineapple tasted a little off (how do you go wrong with pineapple?). The waiter was totally useless...and were it up to me, he would have never seen a tip.

After our little dinning episode, we went out to 'Juste Lounge' for their sex in the city Fridays (pictures will also be available at at some point in the week)...aaaahhhh the life of a celebrity! *hair toss*. We had a great time! There weren't too many people because I suspect most people go to juste lounge on Saturday's for their International night. I plan on doing one of those at some point and will let you know the verdict. I was impressed with the group of people there any way because although there weren't a lot of us, it was quite lively and everyone got up and danced...and best of all several men bought our drinks! Those are the signs of an excellent bar/ club in my opinion. It wasn't sweaty and full of kids... it wasn't rowdy either, Just a bunch of people looking to unwind and have a few laughs with friends. Yeah European Kids though drink as much as they smoke I think... coz those little un's I went with weren't shy to lift a glass. We went from Vodka and redbull to margarita's to Tequila... we were just randomly naming drinks when someone asked if they could refill our glasses:-)

We got home at 4am... then we were all supposed to get up at 6:30 to head to New York City...what a laugh!!! I woke up at 06:30 as agreed, so I got two hours of sleep. Drove to Baltimore in my pajama's, took a shower at home and made a few phone calls, called those girls and they were still sleeping at 9am! So we didn't leave till like 11...and got to NYC late afternoon and had a splendid time. NYC is over stimulating to me and I really think I should only make one trip every...i don't know...5 years??? There is just too much chaos. I wouldn't be complaining of semi-road rage if I lived there because trust me, it would be FULL blown!!! The best part is I ran into my little jay bird:-) She wont let me put a picture up because she is so paranoid about how she looks in pictures:-)

I did not have a very good dinning experience this weekend I might add. It probably has something to do with the fact that nothing was home cooked. We tried to get into one of the good restaurants in NYC and we couldn't. So we settled on a chain--Applebees. I can not stand chain food, but I was starving, so we went it and wow...! They sat us in between 2 very loud birthday celebrations--not their fault of course. Then we got the menu, and I didn't see any main course worthy of being $20 or more--yet they were and people were lined up by the dozens waiting for tables. The best think I would say off their menu would have to be the Oreo cookie milk shake. I enjoyed drinking it and think it hit the spot. As for their trio blah blah thing--hmmm, it ain't for me!

They had a Macy's flower show which was really cool this weekend end. It was also fun to watch real shoppers shop till they drop:-) Oh and we took a picture with spider man, and went into the barbie house:-) too cool man! too cool.
I was supposed to be co-driving home---wait a minute! how come gas heading towards new york city was only $3.07????? And we're like 10 cents over and more?? who does Sunoco know to get great low rates in those cities??? Shouldn't they cost more? Any way, I was supposed to be co-driving, but lack of sleep was causing me to hallucinate...we left NYC at almost mid-night and I was half asleep and seeing buses and people where they weren't I knew not to touch that wheel:-) I kept sort of awake by talking the whole way because everyone in the back was asleep and I didn't want our kind chauffeur to fall asleep too:-) I slept till something like 9am because my mummy called me then. I tried to sleep later...but oh well. Hunger called and I responded:-) Then here I am....
Happy Easter...and I hope you had a great weekend--lotsa

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I memory

Mama Christine Kapiya... (March 9th 1927-March 22nd 2006). I miss you and can't believe how I took our time together for granted thinking you would be here forever. I remember how you said you could still hear your gtrandmother's voice when you were older and I believe I will still hear you singing when I am a grandmother too:-)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

hi there!

I know I have been a slacker, but really there has been too much going on in my vida that I hardly have time to write:-)

The joys of working for a catholic institution is that you get Good Friday off... so I am a happy camper:-) I am home all hear me? All day (color purple).

I had a very disturbing conversation with someone on the Dixie chicks documentary 'shut up and sing' their basic conclusion was that if you don't like the USA then get out. I do not understand that way of thinking because I am under the impression that one of the founding principles of this country is freedom of speech and I know that ones freedom must not suppress another's freedom. The little dixie didn't say she was ashamed of America. She said she was ashamed that dabya was from Texas...which is were the chicks are from! But oh no!!! Billy bob and his crew were quick to shout "crucify them!!!". Yet people with the Billy bob mentality were in agreement that the people of I-raq and Afghanistan needed to be liberated so they too could be free to speak their minds!

Well hell! how can you liberate another if you yourself are not liberated and can not French fries unless their name be changed to freedom fries???? To be a good leader, one must lead by setting a good example of what the general masses must do.

Forgive me. I am off my soap box now:-) I just have a hard time understanding certain views you know? They just baffle the heck out of me!

Oh and you know how I thought the hospice patients would weigh me down??? on the contrary no! They are just the jolliest people I have ever met. Some you can hardly tell have only 6 months or less to live. They are bright as day light! I also met a REAL gentleman in the "Ghetto" the other day, and he insisted on walking me to my car and making sure I was safely on my way! That was very refreshing! It was not because he was trying to hit on me either (you know...coz I'm so hot and stuff) it was just because he has great MANNERS!!! It took me a few minutes to regroup after that. I was too chuffed:-).

So for the weekend.... I am off to the DC area... I know right? why don't I just move there:-) any way, I have plans to see my Little cousins (one from England, the other from Belgium) and one of their friends from Morocco. I may take them to either Adams Morgan or Cafe Peju (Juste Lounge) in Bethesda... today or tomorrow... depends on where the wind blows:-) Then I have plans with my friends, which will be awesome!

I know you're thinking Good Friday is a day to reflect and she really shouldn't be a party bunny and all... but the thing is... I am spending all day reflecting and it gets kinda old at some point. Besides, my grandpa's one song says (and so does the Bemba culture) "Ubu lofwa bwali bipa, bulaleta imilandu" which loosely translates as 'an idle mind, is an evil mind' which is true. The more you sit doing nothing, the more time you have to plan crap! Also I think good friday should be celebrated-- I celebrate the fact that someone LOVED me enough to DIE for me. That's quite .... umm.... okay lost my eloquence... but y'all know what I mean!

I may post several times today... idle mind! LOL! Do I hear you complaining? but I'm I bovered though? I'm I bovered???

Oh wait one more though... if I end up giving up my wine habit and having to live at the YWCA because of the recession...I will sue Greenspan... coz his job was to see this coming and take preventative measures to ensure that Manena doesn't end up eating green eggs and ham all day!!! So this good friday, he better be praying that aint so...coz i will take him down and marry Warren Buffet in the process. Oh did I tell you guys that I divorced Bill Gates??? yeah it's over between Bill and I. Forbes listed him as Number 3 or something....and that just wont do!!! I only entertain people that are number me:-) ( you should have seen that one coming!)
I am also eagerly awaiting the supreme court decision on the gun issue in D.C... you know i'll have something to say about that:-)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy birthday Brother dearest!

Oh if you run into my baby brother make sure to wish him a happy birthday today:-)
I am soooo jealous that my brother was born on St. Patricks day...and I was born on a non drinking holiday... but that's cool though coz i forgive him:-)

So guess what? The world is getting really small for me! As it turns out... the first African Playmate (Playboy: March 2008) happens to be the sister of a family friend!!! Okay so some of you out there might view it as degrading and all... but it's an achivement for her nontheless. She worked hard getting her boob job and all...and deserves all the credit that comes with totally! I only feel sorry for her poor father because he has a prominent Unesco/ UN job and she mentions him in her bio...which is really messed up! and now Tanzania is in an uproar about it...and so is her family. So any way, if you want to see more google her-- Ida Ljungqvist. She is very pretty...okay so not more than me coz I'm a natural beauty...but she aiiight!

Next, in funny news... Mubarak has ordered the army to bake more bread because the country is short of it:-)....that was hillarious! The army???? are you kidding me????
And in not so funny new....Bear Stearn!!!! While management was out playing dodge ball or whatever game he plays in the summer.... the company was in a major crisis! This is what people do with our money when we tell them to invest it. So someone gave me a lecture about my investments and said I need to be more aggressive because I am young and can afford the losses... I was like WHAT??? in my best indian accent I stated "I am to be telling you, that I am to be in-westing half my money conserwatively and the other half I am to be letting some nikonpoop inwest!"
Which reminds me... if you haven't seen this story in the economist... you need to hussle! Go on now! I found it troubling.

Kudo's to David Paterson! Black and Blind...that's awesome dude!!!

Gosh! I can not believe March is almost over! Time is really flying...and it's going faster than I can move! It's like I plan to do something this week, then this week is gone before I can even blink!
As for Serbia and Kosovo...what in the world are they fighting for still???? They erased the name Yugoslavia... (which is a funny story because C$ was born in Yugoslavia...and now the country doesn't exist!!! more on this next time!)

Ooopsy! It looks like it's bed time.... I need to go now...taa!
Oh and happy St Patricks day.... my friends though it was a cool picture of me to looking like I am a Guiness advert...who knows-- they might just pay me for it! Cheers!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Dear Mr Spitzer,
I am not going to get on you for ethics and blah blah because we've got the ever-so-moral- never-get-laid republicans (yeah right!) to do all that.
All I wanna know is....dude...why didn't you call me?????? You were right around the corner spending $80 000... you shoulda let a sista know!!! For my half price 'she don't have to know special'... nobody would have found out about us!!! I don't keep lists and I am not in the habit of lewinsky-ing my dresses. I would have been totally discreet for the price!

Double damn! You shoulda called a sista dude! I coulda used that money!!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008


If you ever learn anything from me, let it be this: Sin's catch up with you. This invariably holds true.

See, I remember 9th grade we had a prefect called Ursula Thompson. I wouldn't say I was a fan of hers, but till my grave, I will recall what she said in our class one day before she graduated: "Life is a circle and what you do here," she illustrated on the board "will find you here again."

Many years later, I have found this to be true. Times aplenty we are under the misconception that we got away with things and then we turn around and the baggage is right behind us! It sucks especially when you know you're sorry for what you did, but sorry doesn't change history. If you're lucky, it lessens the punishment so as it doesn't fit the crime.

I am watching "a mistake" unfold...and it ain't pretty! Somebody did wrong...and their cards are unfolding...and all I can say is bring me the pop-corn because it's about to get down! I mean I know it's wrong to rejoice in someone else's misery...but lawd forgive me!

I really shouldn't be laughing because I think I am paying back for something: not sure what-- or maybe I am in denial of the charges! Okay I think I am know what I am paying for at the moment-- I just don't think it was this serious. Although...only God knows. So I should probably be concentrating on doing penance for that and not laughing at's STILL funny!!!

I am such a goon! Okay, my issue (among many) with God is that...why doesn't he/she send a memo outlining all the wrong things I do? that we we can quickly resolve things! I mean if it says something like

"Dearest love of my life Manena,

I am of the opinion that you messed up when,
  • You made fun of that person at work

  • You didn't help that beggar on the street

  • You were too damned lazy today man!

  • That thing that you did--ummm honey chile that weren't too cool aiight?

Then I would write back and say:

"My dearest God, I am sorry for mistakes I made and this is how I will rectify my error in judgement

  1. I will try to understand the person at work a little better and help them change a little so I am not tempted to laugh at them. They may mock me and smack me for what I will say, and I am prepared to bare that cross.

  2. I will go back to that street corner and look for that beggar... chances are he's still waiting on me to come back.

  3. I will spend all day cleaning the house tomorrow and do most of the laundry tonight

  4. I know it weren't cool. I take full responsibility for my action and will await your letter of punishment suggestions.
See that way, no one is shocked and disappointed by things you know? I would be ready for punishment and I would know how long it will last and then I would know what never to risk doing again! Sounds like a plan!

Any way tomorrow, I am doing work for my other agency. I will be working with hospice clients so I might be sounding very bitter over the next few weeks only because they are all in the process of dying. I am excited to be working with Hannah again though! The agency calls us the "Banana" team... Manena Banana and Hannah Banana... a.k.a the 'A' team...because we ALWAYS deliver! So watch this space for more impressive things that I can do:-) Gosh I love all things me so much!!! lol!

Oh and pray for me because a) my body is falling apart! seriously I have no idea wha a gwan! and b) I am embarking on a new path-- I am not sure if God chose it, or I chose it. Which reminds me... I need to do something important!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

International Women's Day

Today is International women's day:-)

So if you haven't celebrated the woman in you yet...I suggest you stop what you're doing and just celebrate!!!!

Check out to read the history of this day.

I thank all the great women in my life starting with my mother...without her strength and perseverance (interpret as: bossy) I wouldn't be most of the woman I am today!

I thank those that have worked hard to ensure women have a fair standing in society, those that protect women from physical and emotional abuse, those that recognize that the differences between a man and a woman are physical and not intellectual (well...that's debatable...I still think women are smarter!)

I thank Margaret Thatcher and Indira Ghandi for showing me in my childhood that women can be heads of countries and do darn good jobs! They gave me the audacity to hope:-) When I'm growed up, I want to be jess like them...okay not really because I want Ban Ki Moon's job because I think it's better than being just a president:-)

I applaud the creator of the are totally awesome! I didn't realize that till today!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Kite Runner

If you haven't been stressed enough to pick up a copy of the book I suggest you do. Like I said, I opted out of the movie because I really didn't feel like upsetting myself...and trust me, there is one very disturbing part in the book that I don't think one would want to see on screen! That part sets the story in motion, so it's quite important and couldn't be left out.

I think the book is better enjoyed if you can relate to the parts in the beginning. I, as most Zambians would, found that there were several similarities between what the children did during their play time, how their parties were celebrated and understood the juxtapositioned relationship between the master and servant....ect

I loved 'baba' too in the beginning because he was a strong man who seemed morally sane, hard working, ready to do anything for his son...then just like most men, he disappointed me by showing his true colors! How could he not say that Hassan was his son? How could he shamelessly steal his servants wife (the poor man was a sterile cripple with not too much going for him)? Well I guess baba atones for his sins by watching his son grow but not being able to treat him as a son but as a servant and also not knowing where he is and what has become of him for many years. To die and not know here your child is should be a very difficult thing! Oh...yeah did I just ruin the book for you? yeah...baba dies...sorry:-)

Then Hassan...his loyalty. Wow! I like the part where Hassan is described as 'people who mean what they say' and that is so true about me as well for the most part! People like me tend to think other people mean what they say...and it could be described as gullible, which really isn't exactly true. There are just times I think to myself..'why would so and so lie about that when they have no reason to' then i end up believing what they tell me. I personally don't lie unless I have very good cause to, and even then, I lie by omission. So ask me the right questions and you'll get the right answer, or even a partial answer. In general though, I have very poor control of my facial expressions, so really if you want a true response, you had better be looking at my face :-) In any case, if I have something to say to someone it comes out sooner of later... I don't like the stress of unsaid things. I hear you can get cancer from it :-) oh wait! this isn't about me is it???

If you didn't guess that Assef would somehow be with the Taliban or some nasty group like that, then you need to be more observant! I actually thought he would start his own pro- Adolf Hitler group or something...but the Taliban was a fitting group for him!

As for Amir... I was waiting on the drama of finding out Rahim Khan was actually his real father! now that would have made for a dramatic twist!!! I felt sorry for the boy having such a strong father figure because I feel it was somewhat emasculating for Amir!

Any way, If you haven't read the book yet, I hope I enticed you enough to take a peek. I wasn't too excited with the was anti-climactic... that's just my opinion.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


I am supposed to be lounging indoors today, but not sure how long my joy will last because I can see my little buddies showing up to get me out of the house...:-) really all I want to do is eat... like really eat and watch 'pride and prejudice'....or maybe my other fun dvd's. Then maybe I can listen to music and dance.

I am making Nena's not-so-famous ribs today, so I am really looking forward to lunch oh and I have cheesecake too that I need to take care of:-) I am pretending to celebrate cousin M's birthday which was yesterday *happy birthday mama!*... So really in general, I have been celebrating since

Yesterday was Gabriella's birthday celebration as don't ask me how I got caught up in cooking a HUGE pot of Nshima for the party... and now i feel like I have semi carpal tunnel... dude, I never cook that much nshima! There was so much food though...big sashilad vegetables and another pot of what looked like Katapa...(I should be more observant), then there was fresh tilapia, chicken, sausages, fried know how we roll zed style:-)

After the pwando...(which I didn't intend to stay there that long for but had to wait for Vicky--who is perpetually late!), I went to Dinner with friends, then we went to coldstone creamery for ice-cream...which I don't understand because we were drinking wine:-), then I went dancing and woke up with serious munchies!!!

Yesterday was also Johnny and Vicky's congrats to you guys....:-) Mwabombeni!!!!

Oh and highlight of the week:- The Joint Commission on accreditation of health care were visiting our hospital this past week and anyone who knows the importance of this visit knows it was no fun tip-toeing about the building and hoping not to run into any of the evaluators!!! We were on extra good behaviour and it was well worth it because guess what??? They found ZERO issues with my hospital...and only 3% of hospital's in the United States of America ever get zero dings!!! So that is quite an accomplishment for the facility and I am proud to be working there! The evaluators where especially impressed with my department... so double joy on my part:-)

Then Thursday night...I suddenly got the urge to write at 11pm...of all the things in the world!!! I had been listening to my baby daddy #5 John Legend...and he inspired me! Can I just tell you that I'm like totally in love with John Legend???? He used to be baby daddy number 6, but he's been promoted... so the list now reads:
  1. My real Mr Darcy:-)
  2. Mr. After 5...!!! one day i'll get over!!
  3. Mwenge:-) a.k.a bashi Junior!!!
  4. tie between Denzel Washington and George Clooney
  5. John Legend.... (she don't have to know!)
  6. L.L cool J
  7. Ne-yo (my sexy love!)
  8. Collin firth
  9. Salman Khan
  10. Bandddddeeeeraaasss!

I was thinking that if one were to write a book about me, it would be entitled 'She danced unshackled'. It just seems fitting:-)...

any way it's chow time!!!