Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Holidays!!

I am preparing for my trip to England...seems the weather might put a damper on my travel plans, but fingers crossed I will be in London for Christmas! Shopping has been interesting especially since I can not stand crowded places for long periods of time... but tis the season and I can only live with it,

I got a special call from my aunt who lives in the Netherlands and is a Jehova's witness...i think it was a reminder not to call her on xmas day...but never the less I enjoyed reminescing with her. She told me a story of how my paternal grand-mother had been so excited when I was born, and my maternal grand-mothers siter Anne had been amused by it. I don't know, for some reason I thought being a second child... no one was that excited and my parents were probably alone at the hospital, but as it turns out, it was a full house! You know even though you know you're special in the eyes of your family and friends, its always great to hear validation... the occassional "we are so proud of you!", "great job!", "we miss you" and the ever precious words..."we love you!"
My friends and I are going out tonight for more friend time, it's more sushi and wine...and its my moods a bit dark...can't wait to see my buddy's so I can have a laugh.
Oh and I HATE how the tax man takes a day and a half's worth of my pay check! I could have used that money for extra entertainment on New Years day!
So with that you all! It's been a great year, and it's been great knowing you all.
and if you love someone, let them know...Muah!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Woman/ Black president

I can not believe the good old U.S of A is till having a dumb ass discussion about having a female president! I can understand the apprehension about having a black president because segregation is still fresh in their history. But to doubt a woman being able to run the country? that's just absurd!!!
How many women does it take in America to prove that they can do the job? Why do the religious stuffy-wuffy's think women don't look "presidential"? what kind of crap is that? if women were dum-di-dum-dum's, how did they manage to give birth, breast feed, clean snot off your noses and clean your doodies? OMG where's daddy? he's running for president!

Countries that have been led by women include but are not limited to: Germany, Indonesia, Chile, United Kingdom, Liberia, Phillipines, Finland, Panama, Ireland, Latvia, Sri Lanka, Burundi, China, New Zealand...and OMG! The Governor General of Canada is BLACK and FEMALE! So why is it so hard for Americans to accept that women can lead?
Margaret Thatcher was probably a man in a womans body...and up tp now, I still admire that woman!

Friday, December 15, 2006

It's over!!!

I took my final exams today and I am sooooooo happy school is finally over!! well for a while...but its over, i don't have to do any more papers and stuff...its awesome!

Yesterday I was waiting for a friend to fly in from indianna...and her flight was stuck in cleveland because there was heavy fog at BWI! quite sucky if you ask me!

Oh and I HATE the British consulate in Canada with a passion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Picture this, my friend Talula(not real name) applied for a visa to go to England. She is a permanent resident in Canada, owns a home, has tenants in that house, has a good job and has great credit. How about they told her she couldn't get a visa because they had no proof that she would be able to sustain herself without asking for public assistance, and that there was no proof that she would return to Canada. Now my question is...WHAT DUMMY LEAVES ONE DEVELOPED NATION THAT THEY ARE ESTABLISHED IN TO LIVE IN ANOTHER DEVELOPED NATION UNDOCUMENTED AND MAKING LESS MONEY????????? Quite frankly it seemed more like racial profiling offense, but i'm sure my nijjah brodahs must have tried this before:) but whatever...they sure messed up my reunion! Besides, in two years she'll be a citizen and wont need a if she really wants to mess up her life and live underground in England they wont be able to stop her innit???

Also, I think my dream job has changed! I would like to be the president of you know Mr Kibaki gets paid over $20 000 per MONTH and that he just turned down a $40 000 raise? OMG!!! well I guess it's logical because he's a president... but mmmaaaannn, I want that salary!

I am going to try and get my friend from the airport today again...hopefully all goes well! Oh and I have to go to a cookie swap tomorrow... yeah, yeah... I know! WTF is a cookie swap?, those chicks I hang out with are turning me sooo white its scary! I had to let them know we have to do more "black" activities!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More Penis news

You know how I lve to dicuss penises and i couldn't resist a story on the BBC about condoms being too large for most Indian males! Ok so I knew that Asians in General have "petite" penises, but I was thinking its more like chinese, japanese...etc type men. I just thought Indians we're packing a little bit! Shows how much I know about men!

More Penis news: Circumcision as it turns out helps decrease chances of aquiring HIV according to studies... Thank God I'm not a man! Guys good luck getting your ding-dongs cut! snippity-snip!

Nuremberg for Africa!

There has been much ado about the holocaust deniers meeting in Iran these past few weeks. As a people we are soooo stuck to history...but typically only if it concerns white or white-ish looking people.

Where is Nuremberg for Africans? exactly who is on trial for all the killings done to Africans during colonization? how many mass graves are yet to be or will never be discovered? most of those punks that lived and abused Africans are still alive and kicking. What a happy life when you're not held accountable for your crimes!

No one wants to discuss this, and nothing was resolved at the meeting in South Africa to discuss such topics. And yet, there is no doubt that colonization "happened", no one can sit around and deny that it ever happend!

The past is the past. Let bygones be bygones.... lets all move on and stop feeling sorry for ourselves. We can not change that colonization or the holocaust ever happened. Yet with all the money going into Iraq, we could have cleaned up New Orleans by now, or we could have stopped the genocide in Sudan! Places with "actual" problems and not "potential" problems!!!
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Monday, December 11, 2006

Civil Rights Vs Homosexuality I know i've been bad...forgive me, its almost the end of the semester, and i had some papers due and some other stuff to do to ensure that I wont have to go to my campus after this we're right on track and Friday should be my last day of school and I'll be better at writting...whew!

The Civil Rights state that all men are equal...I don't see anything about men sleeping together in that statement...and truthfuly, I don't see anything about women sleeping with men either. So I don't see how this can be used to fight for the rights of gay people.

With that said, I would like to discuss Civil rights Vs Homosexuality because I'm tired of the gay community stating that they are denied their civil rights because they can't get married!!

Civil rights to me, apply to things that one can not change. I can not change my skin color(bleaching doesn't count! and anyone can see that Michael Jackson is still black!), and I can not change my sex. Gay people however, can be gay today and straight tomorrow! I have seen some people do that. It's only a sexual preference-- a life style.

Allowing/ protecting same sex marriage because its "genetic" will also be leading to a leeway for polygamy, pedophilia, same sex marriage and serial killer...for they too claim their condition is "genetic" and shouldn't their civil rights be protected too?

If a mans sexual preference is for really young girls... i'm talking 14-ish, should he be allowed to marry a 14 year old because its his "civil right"? isn't homosexuallity a sexual preference? Some men have a sexual preference for more than one women at a time... should they too be allowed to marry more than one wife?

Side Bar


OMG I just found a site for pro- polygamy...


So if Gay people want to get married, could they kindly find another argument? They can not compare their plight to that of slaves or segregated people... it just isn't right!

Monday, December 04, 2006

During the silence during my silence a few things happened. I saw the movie Borat, and i can tell you its stupid...but i can also tell you that I laughed so hard at one scene, that my abs were hurting the next day! I seriously felt like i had a major abdominal work was great to realize I can exercise without really exercising...nice!!!

If you're planning on seeing the movie or have already seen it...the part that I liked was the "jewish scene"...when the Jews give them a bed for the night...! The other parts were a little penises and nude fat men fighting??...tacky!

Also I will be flying to England for christmas and new year, and would like to urge all of you planning any funny stuff like smuggling explosives on the flight to please not do that when I travel!!! I have enough bills to return to than have to pay extra for cancelled flights, extra hotel rooms...and all that please watch yourselves during the festive it for me, and you'll go to heaven...or where ever you want to go in the after life!

I know there was some news that I wanted to talk about, but can't remember for the life of me...! so i'll skip to today in the news:

Koffi Annan is in trouble with the I-raqi's for saying they were better off under Saddams rule. I am not sure why that shocks the security advisor of Iraq Mr Al-rubaie!!! ofcourse lief is better for him now, he's getting paid i'm sure more money than he made during Saddams rule! so ofcourse things are better for him now! I have heard it said by others that life was better under Saddams rule... because it was a little safer than it is right now....So I agree with Annan on this one! and think Rubaie is acting like a retard.

Also the L.A archdiocese is paying out millions of dollars for sexual abuse scandals. Money that could have been used for the poor as it was intended...I am disturbed by this...and came up with a brilliant plan...CASTRATE ALL CLERGY MEN!!!! there I said it!
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Friday, December 01, 2006

World AIDS Day i've been quiet for a while... I know! I have so much to say and soooo little time to say it in... but i'll try to cath up today or this weekend:)

So today is world AIDS day. Are you doing enough to protect others and stay protected? have you been tested? has your partner? do you speak to your children about about it? to your friends and lovers? is the word still taboo in your house hold? does it give you a bad feeling to hear the word? has it affected your family? are you scared?

The challenge is WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MAKE SURE MILLIONS MORE DON'T DIE FROM THIS? Kofi Annans world AIDS day message is for everyone to be held responsible to help curb this pandemic. To read more, go to the UNAIDS website.

something that I didn't know is that several major companies such as American Express, Emporio Armani, motorola, Gap...etc are doing things to raise awareness with their red collections of items...thats like awesome! I know they're capitalizing on the matter, and i'm not quite sure how much money they will donate to the cause, but this message was attched to google under their ad's...also to purchase these products go to and no ...I am not getting paid to do this... i just think its cool!

MEASU(RED) RESULTSThank you for purchasing (PRODUCT) RED items. (RED) sales in the US in the first six weeks since launch have raised enough money to:• Provide more than 40,000 men or women with ARV treatment for a year (Note: These treatments are only a small portion of a person’s overall treatment and represent just one year of lifelong treatment.)* Or• Provide more than 2 million peer educators with HIV training* Or• Provide a year’s worth of school materials and daily hot meals for more than 86,000 children orphaned by AIDS* Or• Provide more than 1 million Rapid Tests which detect HIV and deliver instant test results.**Note: These are estimates based on preliminary tracking. Actual contributions are calculated and managed on a quarterly basis