Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What if?

How many "what if?" questions are normal per day? Hmmm...just wondering.

So I had a fabulous weekend...till I decided to paint. Now take note I haven't held a paint brush in a very long time...so this was something very challenging. Don't panick.... I only painted my bathroom...and yes it lookd quite pathetic...but that's the beauty of owning stuff. You can make it suck as much as you want!!!! Right now...my bathroom totally sucks! I can not even show pictures. It was a great work out I must admit.
The good news though is that I redesigned my french doors in the living room...and I think I totally rock in that department! I gat skillz!

Oh I went to my concerts this weekend...and it was a blast! No pics at the moment (too lazy to upload), Fridays's concert strated very late...damned African time! I also got to hear someone called Loide-- her father is from Guinea Bissau mother from Mozambique...she was born in France and raised here...ahhh the sweet life of an African! She sho can saaaannng!!! They sort of boed her only because we were tired of waiting for Oliver Mtukudzi to come on. I loved the version of Lucky Dube's 'daddy remember me' that she did... but since it was an African show, I would have rather she sang in an African language than english. I think she would sound amazing if she did something like 'Malaika'.

You know my reggae brothers never fail to entertain! Oh and guess what? I just heard a new reggae song entitled "Barak Obama"...LOL... I was sooo tickled!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ayaan Hirsi Ali (Magan)

So I finally finished reading 'Infidel', it was quite an interesting read. Her childhood is not unique to many Africans by any account...but what she has made of her life is extraordinary! Oh and she's soooo pretty!

I see where she's coming from with her story, but I am having trouble placing her in the 'mother Theresa' category or 'the opportunist' one. If you look at the expose video of her 'real' life, you get some shadows of doubt, but then again, that was the intention of the writer of that documentary. Her brother is a dumb ass though--he clearly states that he was warned that the documentary might hurt his sister, but he's like 'but it's okay because you assured us that it wont hurt her'...as if he knows the guys are trust worthy. Any way, you can buy people to say what you want in any part of the world!

The thing I don't agree with her on though is that the fact that Islam is all evil. I feel like the Qu'ran is like the Bible, and everyone interprets it as they chose. The bible before Jesus is quite disturbing...and I probably would have been an atheist had that been my only option!

What I agree with is that--Islam has more radicals for Allah, than does Christianity. For that purpose, we 'infidels' should be scared.

The other big controversy is that she lied on her application for asylum in Holland-- she admitted it herself. Many people lie when applying for citizenship in other countries, or even for visa's. The officials in these positions want to hear certain key phrases in order to give you what you want. There is nothing unique there either.

Her father shamelessly stopped talking to her because of Islam...how can he throw stones when he had abandoned her family and the other wives he had married? How can you claim to be holier than thou when other people had raised your children while you were alive?

Her mother sounds like she was just plain crazy-- or heart broken. Nuh...CRAZY!

Can I get a witness!

God has been really tolerant of me this week...I have bitterly complained and he has answered me more than adequately and half the time...I have discovered that the problem was me. I have been making some errors... and it's quite funny after they resolve, but why the issue is going on, I curse the day I was born and all sorts of things:-)

So I got some GREAT news as you may have gathered from the above paragraph:-) in addition to that, I found out that my man Oliver will be in town, and I will go and listen to him Friday!!! Aren't you all excited??? It will be in DC, so I will have a lot to write this weekend!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I won!!!

I am not enjoying this heat... but I am certainly glad it's summer:-)
I joined a soccer supporting club this weekend, and I get a jersey, and I am quite happy with that!
It has been a full week, and I am supposed to be doing some work right now, but haven't the energy.
I went to Wolftrap in Virginia yesterday for Gladys Knights concert! Oh what fun! It was a short but delightful. She sang for approximately an hour and a half, and most were not her songs, she did some Lona Horn, Ella Fitzgerald, boys to men, Luther V, Teddy Pendegrass...etc, and like 4 of her own songs or so. Her brother came out and he was sooo entertaining. As soon as I get my videos uploaded, I will share them with you. Gladys can move though! She was awesome to watch. The only things I hated about the evening were the heat...and the bloody almost $10 burger!! Like really, all it had was regular beef patties, a slice of American cheese, and a regular bun! same as bloody McDonald's dollar meal...and boy did I hate the traffic getting in and out of the joint!!!!
I have been invited to go back for roots, rock, reggae (with the Marley brothers), and I think I will have to use public transportation for that!

I am very exhausted because I haven't had much sleep the past few days...
Early this morning, we were in Federal Hill for brunch( http://www.regisamericanbistro.com/brunch.htm : check out the brunch menu! I had the salmon Benedict...all I can say is oooohhh baby!) and shopping, I got some really pretty jewelery.
After that, I went to a 'Tastefully simple' ( http://www.tastefullysimple.com/Cultures/en-US/ ) party. I had never been to one, but was glad my first one went great! I ate and drank so much I am bloated at the moment! Then, I WON THEIR GIFT BASKET!!! I haven't won anything in a long time, so I was quite happy, I didn't even know what was in the basket till later, so it was a nice surprise:-)
I have to try to walk off dinner before I puke in my sleep or something:-)

Oh wait! The west has now "discovered" Mahuyu!!! Also I had no clue it had more vitamin C than oranges! That's really cool! I remember buying them from vendors in the neighborhood, cracking those babies open and enjoying the powdery freshness of the fruit. Ahhh, such fond memories. Sometimes I crave them, but what can I do? They are not here and will probably be a stupid amount here anyway.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Watchusay jonk?

Libya!...that's where Qaddafi stays!...etc (I am singing my Sarafina songs!)

So this week Jessie Helms was buried. I do not like to speak ill of the dead, but I shall say this: I do not think flags should have flown at half mast in North Carolina no matter how many times he was elected because of the tactics he used. The end.

Okay let me just say one thing here: Mugabe is an arse! Did you see what was written in the weekly Observer (Kampala) last week? He said he wants to learn from Mwanawasa how to defy death!!! He said he was impressed that Mwanawasa didn't die....I mean what an asinine comment to make at such a time! He said that's the only thing he can learn from an African country!
I do not understand why the people of Zimbabwe juts wont have a coup. They fought bravely for independence from the colonial master, so why wont they fight this dumb ass? If they are willing to be killed by xenophobic South Africans when they illegally cross the border, then surely... they can die for their country no?
So I s'ppose with comments like that I am now persona non grata in Zim:-)
Also, this week China and Russia rejected a UN security council resolution to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe. Quite frankly, I commend them for this. If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I am a firm believer that sanctions do more damage than good for the local people. If you impose sanctions on Zim, Mugabe probably has Swiss accounts and will get his money and still be living large. The local people do no have that option. They already have food shortages and other economic issues.
Any way... that's how I feel about the issue.
Talking about arses (don't worry it's not a story of my poop!), Omar al-Bashir's ass is about to be taken down!!! The International Criminal Court (ICC), is preparing to lay down the charges. If you haven't seen the documentary 'Dafur Now: Six Stories. One Hope', see www.enoughproject.org or maybe www.savedarfur.org it might give you a better understanding on the ICC investigations and that sort of thing.
Alternatively, if you know me, you're welcome to stop by my house (with proper notification of course) and can watch the many Sudanese documentaries I have. I'm I obsessed? may be a little:-)
One of the sections of my christian life that I will not let falter is my belief in social justice. I may lack spirituality sometimes, I may gossip, occasionally doubt the existence of God, act a fool, but I will do my best for social justice, even if it's just writing one or two lines on my blog with the hope that I may help others through knowledge:-)
I believe in the sovereignty of countries, but there is a point when the rest of the world has to say enough is enough...and with Sudan I think that time is now. His fellow country men are protesting this impending indictment any way... but look at the color of the skin of the protesters. Duh...! Of course they do not believe this is going on!
I am not done reading Infidel yet, but it's very enlightening. I am learning how clans work in Northern Africa, and how the lighter skinned Somali's think they are more noble than darker skinned "slaves".
Moving forward... today is treat Manena Sunday, so I am feeding Manena, and I will take her to the movies:-) I want to see either War inc., or The children of Huang Shi... I am not sure if I want to laugh or cry yet... so I'll decide later. Probably once I get to the theater. Then after that, a nice long bath, wine, candles, a nice supper...some Nora Jones, and then lights out:-) ahhh, the little pleasures in life!
Because everyone complains when I watch Pride and Prejudice... I suppose I will stray and watch Emma or Persuations, or Sense and sensibility now.... y'all are just haters!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Vice presidents

For McCain: the nominees are Tim Pawlenty, Colin Powell, Mitt Romney and Bobby Jindal (how about my gurl Condee?).
So I think He needs to pick Colin Powell or Bobby Jindal.
Colin Powell counteracts the Obama effect. Also a lot of service men might find McCain more palatable with Powell by his side. There is much ado about Powell being a C student...but what the heck...so was McCain..and so are a lot of other folks out there!
Bobby Jindal would also somewhat counteract the Obama effect. I just think he has a brilliant history, seems like a well rounded lad, and his age will benefit McCain and make him look not so old. He will probably appeal to a lot of immigrants-- you know the whole 'American dream' thing.
Why not Tim Pawlenty?-- say what now? Tim who????
Why not Mitt Romney?-- might as well use Newt Gingrich! or better yet, Ann Coulter's crazy ass! The guy just kinda creeps me out! Okay, so maybe he would be as silent as Dick C., except when he shoots people with pellets... or something:-) Which is highly doubtable coz the guy seems like he likes his own voice plenty!

Obama has Hillary Clinton, Kathleen Sebelius, John Edwards, Joe Biden.
I pick Hillary and Joe
Hillary Clinton:- Well since she only lost by a few points, and has proven to be a tough candidate, and she knows people and can get blue collar people...etc, I think she would be helpful to Obama. The problem with her is that he ran against her and things got a little ugly...so if I were him, it would be a tad hard to trust her. Though maybe she would work hard to leave a legacy as vice president! Who knows.
Joe Biden: Well...4 words. Foreign relations committee chairman. His son is also attorney general of Delaware, and is with the national guards and may be deployed to Iraq soon. So there you have it.
Why not Sebelius: Don't get me wrong, I have a soft spot for her since that one priest refused to give her communion...etc. State of the union speech was comme ci comme ca. The problem is, she is as unknown as Obama... Okay she is motherly looking enough that she would appeal to women voters...a lot more than Hell-ary, so if a woman is really needed this election...sure he could use her.
Edwards: I am not being a hater... y'all know I just think this man should stay home and help care for his dying wife instead of stressing over elections and such. He would be okay, but he obviously hasn't been strong enough in two campaigns. I am sure you will say, well neither has McCain and look where he is now, or that Biden had been unsuccessful twice... but still. Edwards can do other work... secretary of state? or whatever.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Nothing even matters:-)

Happy belated independence:-)!!!
I hope your weekend was as swell as mine:-)

Okay, so talk about being a free loader! I haven't had to make a meal all weekend, coz I ate at other people's homes:-)

The party on the roof by the harbour was awesome! We had a splendid view of the fireworks, and they played several drinking games that I am unfamiliar with--and would probably suck at if I played:-)

The party on Saturday was just as great-- then I jinxed the pickles...spilt the juice on the carpet...and thereafter, everyone did something similar with the pickles! Lucky they were changing over to hardwood floors the next day, coz i figure they would have black listed me from their parties:-)

Today, my mission as a free loader continued...tomorrow, I will resume cooking, and acting grown up:-)

Venus v. Serena....like wow! My Williams sister will always be Venus. We shared a special moment when she won her first Wimbledon... and I will forever be loyal to her. It's just amazing to have two people from the same family just that good! I wonder how much money they took home from this game....I am up for adoption Williams family!-- I could be Manena Williams... the super bad tennis player!
Then Federer lost today...bummer! I was hoping he would win.
Ghana has imposed steep prices on nurses trained in the country that want to leave and work abroad to help curb the 'brain drain'... nice planning.
It makes sense if you have trained the nurses and doctors, and they deserve repayment if they choose to abscond! Though, if they paid for the tuition themselves, then I do not believe that the government should impose travel fees on them when they try to leave just because they were trained in the country.
The G8 summit started... hmmmm wonder what will change post the meeting...

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Mwanawasa is Alive

Okay I am getting tired of this post. Bloomberg.com says he is alive

and that no one called zaza works at the high commision in south africa.... if he did, i would have suggested he gets fired!

So el presidente is alive...pray for his family and Zambia.
Viva Zambia

President Mwanawasa is dead?

According to Reuters and the Sydney morning herald the President of the Republic of Zambia is officially dead. Zambia denies those claims... so not sure....
Okay, I am shaken and I actually did cry a little which is weird....okay I put myself on national mourning even though it has not been confirmed yet...I told my job I aint going in!

Do you realise we have never had a president die-- not even an ex president!!!


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Pantu Mu Konkluda!

Zambians and rumours! So apparently hotlanta Zambians have a thing going around about H.E. Levy Mwanawasa being dead...well according to inside sources, I would like to dispel those rumours. He is in fact alive as I write this. Please send some positive vibes to his family for his health and all. You all know I am not his greatest fan, but he is still the president of my country, and for that purpose, I respect him and wish him well.
He is also one of the biggest voices in the southern African region saying Mugabe must go. So actually the Zimbabweans must help us pray for our leaders health!

Can y'all believe I worked for 24 MINUTES on Tuesday? I can not! They are encouraging my lazy tendencies and really... that's not christian!
Okay the last few nights I have been having some really weird dreams... how about on Monday, I dreamt that I was with Gwen Eiffel and another politician that I didn't recognize, and we were chilling out, and talking politics right?

Then last night, I dreamt that I was hanging with Michelle and Barak Obama, and that at one point, Barak comes back in a wheel chair...and then he starts learning to walk!
Dude...I am thinking I am one step closer to be the U.N Secretary General or something!

Hold up....where have I been like really??? It seems they have decided that HIV actually originated from Africa because it resembles the SIV virus in some species of monkeys??? Okay, the implication here is that the Africans were either eating the monkeys or fornicating with them, caught some stuff...got on a boat and delivered the disease to the rest of the world. That doesn't explain the death of the American teen in 1969, nor that of the Norwegian sailor in 1976, because the catastrophe started in the 1980's in Africa?...they counteract that claim with the claim that the earliest case was that of a Congolese man in 1959!

Okay I know I am a scientist...but B. flippin S.!!! Y'all aint pinning this on Africa like y'all have so many other things okay?

Coz even if it was from there...why were the many first cases mostly in homosexuals??? so like are you saying Africa had like a gazzilion U.C.B's (under cover brotha's) that like got on boats and came to chaya ya kumbuyo??? na wah oh!!!
I rebuke this research in the name of my ancestors!!! Tell me another story! They claimed a similar story about the Haitians...and the poor Haitians suffered in the USA...but tell you what? we aint going down like that! Give me the money for research and I'll prove you all wrong!
Oh and the forbes list of eligible royalty:- first of all, there is no way Prince William is hotter than prince Andrea Casiraghi or even prince Carl Phillip!, also Hell no is Princess Beatrice hotter than Princess Charlotte Casiraghi, princess Madeline or even Princess Sikhanyiso!!!

Okay Canada is also saying The president is dead... I am tired. Let me know in the morning so I can call out from work and mourn at home!

Okay, I pray he is still alive coz I am scared of what will happen at home if he is not... Also I guess it will mean Mugabe has some really strong Juju! The kind you get in Malawi!