Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Delay of ARV's in Africa

Someone in my class doing a presentation on Thabo Mbeki assumed the reason that a lot of South African's (or Africans in the southern part of Africa--Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique...etc) had AIDS because Mbeki refused to introduce ARV's in the country. Now I am not sure where the dude got his info from, but I had to correct him, because I remembered that in the 90's drug companies and researchers were not keen on giving poor people ARV's because there was no guarantee that they would take the medication as ordered, or that they would be able to afford the medication regularly. This was important because they were afraid that a drug resistant form of HIV/AIDS would be released into society.

Truthfully, this was understandable though a tad wicked. The rich live, while the poor die! We all know how we used to share medication in Africa. Someone would be like "oh i have a fever!" and someone else would be like "oh i had the same fever last week, take some of this medication i have left from what i took." And they would gladly hand over their left over antiobiotics--which should never have been left over if they were taken the right way!


Monday, November 20, 2006

Talking about Calif. court says bloggers can't be sued - Tech News & Reviews -

interesting news!!!.... so now I can say whatever the hell I want to...not that I was censored before, but now I have the green light from the California courts! niiiiiccceee!
Calif. court says bloggers can't be sued - Tech News & Reviews -

When I met HIV/AIDS

Picture Zambia 1980's. Hushed voices of our parents floated about with word of a "new disease" a.k.a "ubulwele bwishile" (direct translation: the disease that has just arrived). That is how they described what aunt Mwansa* had. I remember being cautioned not to touch her, nor to share any of her utensils. She had her own cup, own cutlery, own plate and unlike the rest of us, her own room. Her ematiated body floated around the room, starring lifelessly at the rest of us. No one explained what the "new disease" was or how one got it. All I knew is, I didn't want to get it!

A couple of years later. She died. She looked like a ten year old in her coffin and nothing like the thirty something year old that she was. Little did i know there were many that would follow suit. Little did I know the damage it would do to a whole nation, a whole continent and the whole world!

My class mates mother around the same time had the disease. I knew because she looked like a ten year old too, and wore dark glasses and a head scarf to hide the effects of the disease. I was afraid to sit near her son thinking he had it too. Finally, one of my peers found out about the disease from someone, and told us one got it through sex. No wonder our parents couldn't talk about it with us! Sex was taboo!!

Five years later, I was in high school and more people were dropping like flies hit by insecticide. The school teachers, local bakers, friends parents, uncles, aunts, neighbors. We had a funeral to attend every week. We were so dissensitized by the symbolizm and sacredness of funerals...we we're too tired and worn out to cry any more. To ease the pain and fear of being the next victims--we laughed. I know so many HIV/AIDS jokes....which are funny in their own warped way.

We were so good at knowing who "looked like" they had AIDS just by looking at the texture of their hair--like a perm gone wrong, or from their skin hanging off their bodies, or from the healing scars of a bout of herpe zoster, or from the wounds that didn't heal. Paranoia was afloat. who slept with so and so before they died? did you see the sores on mary's hands? what about johns lips turning all pink? bashi Nkole's skin is becoming darker...the color of AIDS!

Several years later, I am in the health care field in a developed nation and even here, the devastation of the disease are clear. The only difference is, many of the patients here have more resources and medication available to them. They are not just sent home to die without medication and they are diagnosed appropriately.

There are many people close to my heart that I wish had the opportunity to take ARV's so they could live a little longer.... If wishes were horses!

We are getting closer to international AIDS day, december 1st...and we really need to talk about the disease! I was prompted to this when I realized many people don't know a lot about the devastation of AIDS. My class mates had some really strange questions and misconceptions in one of my classes today...I just feel I will address them in my next few posts.

(*not real name).

(picture taken from a German Ad that says sex can make you lose your head)

Friday, November 17, 2006


My baby brother is a musician and is graduating from law school in July...right after his 21st birthday. I am sooo excitey-whitey! I can see the dollar signs all lining up in my eyes! for the young must take care of the old. Besides I used to clean his poop and carry him on my he has a debt to pay technically, right?
listen to his music on myspace:

Free ad's!

These are a few things I meant to advertise a few weeks ago and forgot...
  1. My cousin Kondwani's kitchen party was held on the 11th of November... some of the pictures are available at
  2. My cousin Musunga's wife started a travel agency... they do local and international travel in the US:
  3. Finally, My friend Mwai sent me a link to a magazine that will be targeting African women in America...they would like as many of us to subscribe for free so they can get a feel for how many people will want to read the magazine when its ready: or

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Yes Men

I watched the funniest thing today called "the yes men" also

They show how seriously the rest of the world believes anything that comes out of the mouths of the IMF/ World Bank/ American big business partners/ WTO...etc

These guys pretend to be WTO officials, because their website looks like the WTO website, and people write to them to invite them to officiate at certain meetings because they think they are speaking to the WTO.

The guys then do stupid exaggerated skits to see if the people know they are talking to fakes...and the people at the meeting don't notice that the guys are talking s*it its hillarious! tears were pouring down my face as they stood at one of the meetings in i guess norway or something...(I forgot which country) and they told the crowd it was nice and cheap to get a slave in Africa to improve business and textile...and then they blow up a long penis attached to the speakers "super hero" suit and the crowd cheers! they still don't catch on that they're being teased!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Golden Scissors Award


also... I'm not sure about Patty Labelle's show--livin it up with Patty Labelle... I just think she's more of an Icon than the show... I think she's above the you feel me peeps?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rumsfeld Down...

I am watching prez bush announce that Rumsfeld has "resigned" from his post!!!
I would sooo like to meet G. Dabya because he really amuses me...! he was like "I thought we would do well last night...shows what I know!" LOLOLOL ... then he was like "I said rumsfeld and the vice prez will stay on before the elections because i didn't want Iraq to overshadow the elections and now I accept his resignation" then he says again that he said rumsfeld will stay on because--"we didn't have a replacement yet"... ??????????? excuse me?????

This is not what i was expecting to talk about today...but i turned the t.v on...and there he was... like a figure from mad TV or the cartoon network...he brings me so much joy and entertainment I can not get enuff of his expressions!!!

let me finnish listening to him...You can be my "papa sucre" any time dabya:) :) :)
and Oh gosh Harold lost!!!...........

Monday, November 06, 2006

Test of Womanhood

So today seems like a day to test my capabilities as a woman.... Its been really rough, and i have neither cussed nor taken my earrings off to smack someone!

I have had a variety of issues ranging from finding an "untruth" on my credit report to the bank losing money which i was transferring to someone.

I discovered all these mistakes last night and could feel my blood pressure rising and all the messed up words I know coming to the surface... I vowed to stay calm and not be all Ghetto and


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saddam Hussein-- GUILTY!

I'm sure Saddam's guity verdict comes as no surprise to the rest of the world--himself included! I am not for the death penalty...never have been, never will be! It also coincidentaly comes right before the!

If its that important to the world that he be hanged...when are we hanging the people responsible for colonization, slavery, Lumumba's death, AIDS...etc?

Also, how long has this country been asking for the removal of Rumsfeld and what good di it do the last time they asked for his removal? so exactly why are they bothering to ask for his removal again??????

You know I always have questions!

who else thinks Harold Ford has quiet sexiness??? or I'm I just attracted to intelligence?:) Call me Harold (said in my steamiest voice...)

(photo's courtesy of :,, and wikipedia)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Zambian Politics

My eyes were teary while my mouth laughed in amusement as I was getting off the phone with Steven. He had just been informing me rather humourously that Vera Chiluba- our country's ex-presidents's ex-wife (bear with me...its not that complicated in a country with a VERY high divorce rate) had just been appointed to deputy minister of environment! I assumed he was just saying it to make me laugh...I mean come on...everybody knows she's bordering on illiterate...nobody could get away with appointing her to such an important position! well you know what they say about assumptions--they surely make an ass out of you!

It was confirmed for me by the BBC and other media -- this is sad and funny!

How in the world!!! and the passive Zambians-- how long shall they kill our profits, while we stand aside and look????

On a nice note about capitalism... there was a story in the news yesterday about a guy who discovered some letter written by many distressed people and posted to a pastor who had since gone on to be with the lord. The letters are about anything and everything from wanting to win the lottery to feeling sorry about an abortion. Well dude that found the letters is putting them on auction in ebay to make some money! So if you know you wrote to a pastor about a certain delicate situation...i would keep my eye on ebay!

Election '06

lol...I find it sooo funny that my yahoo account has me pegged for a republican and that I get soo much mail from them...then my hotmail account assumes I'm a democrat...and i receive a lot of mail from them too...
sad thing is...................................I have no priviledges to vote in this country and would be of no help to either party...I wonder if I should let them know...hhhmmm...but they are my only friends that write to me mail boxes might be empty if i tell them!!!
I just got mail from , , - I am finally friends with Laura and newt gingrich! I wonder if he knows I'm black...hhhmmmm! I have heard the guy speak...pretty scary stuff! If he ever becomes president--God forbid it! I will bleach my skin, buy a blonde wig and baby blue contact lenses!

and from hotmail I got mail from my buddy Barrack Obama--(who should hold off on running for president--unless he wants to waste money--which is a shame for an African to do!), Hillary, just to name a few. So you see, I have friends in high places!

My popularity is soaring this year...if i can say so myself! I need to go freshen up and wait for the next email:)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

P.W Botha

Botha died yesterday...

crazy people always seem to live forever... i guess he needed time to repent or something!
How do you mourn for someone like that? read some of the comments in the link below

and how about those French bastards where involved in the Rwanda massacre? as if they hadn't done enough damage by creating fertile ground for the genocide!!

photo courtesy of the BBC

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ngosa Brother's I know I've slacked off this week...but for good reason!
last friday I went to what I could describe as the best "Zambian singer" concert I have ever been to. It was held at the IMF offices in downtown DC. Ofcourse it wouldn't have been perfectly Zambian if they we're running on time...but 2 hours behind time was pushing it!!!

There was soooo much food we could have fed all of east Africa and then some! It was more professionaly put than most African concerts I have attended...! It was tad more on the religious side, but i went there more for the music than to pray really and trully...but also because I kind of think one of the singers was made for me....aaaaahhhh(sigh) Maaaattthhheeeww!!! He's got the whittest teeth ever...and boy can he whine that waist!

I screamed so much and laughed so hard...the oldest brother in the crew is a hoot! I hope you'll be able to view the video I uploaded.

Then I came home Saturday to write about Governor Ehrlich and his buddy Martin O'Malley for my political sociology boring!