Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Dear Daddy...
I can not believe it's been 10 years already!
They tell you tears dry, and you get over it... yet every year feels like the first year.
They tell you you will forget the pain yet every year it feels like a scab pulled off a wound.
May you be waiting for me at heavens door when I get there.

My love is eternal....

Monday, August 25, 2008

DNC opening

Okay my hormones must be all out of whack!!! I watched the whole opening and I cried several times...OMG!

Things of note:- The dems can sure throw a party!
Edward Kennedy: This is a die hard Democrat and I cried when I saw how much public service he has done. The health care professional in me though was cringing every time he shook hands with people because of his weakened immunity at present.

Jim Leach:- This is a die hard Republican and he is passionate about his country. I enjoyed the brief history lesson. I loved that he said "country comes before party." He has issues with his party at the moment, but knows it's about the progress of the country and not the little issues they may have in his party. Impressive.

Michelle Obama:- I cried several times. She has really become a butterfly. She was controlled, calm, collected and didn't sound as 'black panther-ish' as before. She definitely has a coach and the coach is doing a good job! The only issue I had with her is that as first lady, you must know how to pronounce things and the word IRAQ is pronounced eerak and not I- raq. She really did try to fix her husbands faux pas about the blue collar workers. The babies are just devine:-) The little one is a smarty pants-- so cute!

I can not wait for the rest.... 88th anniversary of women being able to vote-- excellent. All in all the speakers inspired me to feel like I can do more. One day at a time:-)

Dem convention and other news

Anyshway-- The dem convention started off with a bang...Billary spoke--and I got nauseated just listening. I swear I used to like the Clintons...but I am now questioning myself about that. I suppose it's the way her supporters are acting and the things I have heard said. Can you believe that there are people that will not vote for Obama because he short listed Hillary then didn't nominate her for VP??? what kind of doodoo is that? It's either you belong to the party and believe in it's values or you belong to the party because you love Hillary in which case you are not a true democrat if you can easily change your skin because the leader is not the one you chose. Total bullshit! If I were a party leader I wouldn't want wishy-washy supporters like that any way because they do not believe in their party.

This is what I admire most about the republican party-- They can be mad as hell that the wrong dude won, but they will stick it out and pretend they sort of love the guy because he is one of them. Dubya is a great example. You all know billy bob would have prefered someone more Republican than dubya...but they still voted for him when it was time. They didn't all of a sudden become democrats!

'A true member sticks by his party so long as the core values of the party and the personal beliefs of the man have not been changed.' (Sensei Manena- 2008)

I was just listening to some pro-life chick at the convention and she too has just made me nauseous. LOL... can someone sensible take the stage please????

Frankly like I said before, Biden is a good pick for Obama-- he could have done better, but this will be okay. HIs choices weren't that good any way! It was like dumb or dumber? McCain has better choices, so I hope he doesn't mess up!

Oh and I always knew Edwards was a slime ball!!! What the hell was that???? While your wife lay dying you were out making mr happy very Happy??? I seriously don't understand how men have been in control of the world this long! (oh that still doesn't mean I like Hillary!)

Any way, at this point (and things could change), I believe McCain has the presidency in his hands. He will only lose if he messes up pretty badly-- in which case this better be the last time he stands!
For one thing, people are tired of hearing about Obama: negative or positive. For another, Obama's party has MAJOR unity issues and they will be his downfall.

Okay I am off to watch the "real" convention it's 9pm:-)

Tantra and such

It has been so busy lately I run out of time to do stuff... I have promised myself to slow down once winter pops back around... so I hope I can hold steady until then!

Well, friday I went to the Maryland state fair and ate myself silly... and this was my first time at the state fair... so I was walking around like a country bumpkin observing all the lights and stuff.

Saturday was my buddy Heather's bachelorette and we went to her friends house for pre-party appetizers and martini's, then we picked up the guys-- then it was ON and poppin in D.C! We went to Indebleu/ Tantra lounge and just had a blast! We had a VIP table and danced all night. We didn't get home till 6am-- then the men decided they would make us breakfast...and the one girl started throwing up...and I was like OMG...I am going home! Okay I was a party pooper and went home instead of staying the night as planned:-) The high light of the noght is that our bill came to $1500...and the "big baller" in the group said "I gat this!" I was in awe. The guy didn't even bat an eye when he paid. It was like superman in the flesh!

Sunday I ate everything I could get my hands on, and went to Annapolis for the afternoon. I was soooo tired I slept by 8pm and didn't wake up till my alarm went off... and surprise surprise-- guess who worked on a monday? YES! ME!!! It was rather strange because I haven't worked on a monday in a long time... but i planned it that way because Tuesday is the 26th of August and that's one of the days I never work per year.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

R.I.P. President Mwanawasa

Yes...this time it is true that President Levy Mwanawasa is in fact dead. You could tell this morning the international media was tentatively announcing the news seeing as last time R. Banda went off on them when they made an error! Funny though, I don't feel as emotional as I did last time, I guess because now the news isn't news any more. Dunno...

My condolences to the Mwanawasa family and to the citizens of Zambia. May we transition smoothly into whatever party takes over.

I will definately have a drink for him...and will pour some outside for our ancestors! hhhhhmmm come to think of it I think Zambia breweries will make some major money this week as will Duncan Gilbey and Matheson!

C$ and I were lamenting over Mwanawasa and were talking about how in our life times we have seen many things already... first prez of Zambia to die (and to die in office), first lady to get that far in American politics, first negro to get this far in American politics, Venus & Serena, pope dying, saddam, nine eleven, Zimbabwe's downfall, the rise of South Africa... the list goes on.

So any way...we have 7 days of national mourning.
P/s: I am generally not a fan of fox news...but I was very impressed with the coverage of the Mwanawasa story as opposed to the few lines on BBC and CNN. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,406042,00.html

Monday, August 18, 2008

Amor Fati

I watched 'Tropic thunder' this weekend because it had good reviews. Well it was funny, but not that good. I should have seen 'Step brothers' instead. I think. Well... I went to redbox to make up for my loss, and then watched some comedy thing hosted my Cedric the entertainer and We are/ were Marshalls'... hmmm. Then I went to a festival.

Oh and Baltimore's own Michael Phelps did it!!! 8 gold medals!!!

OMG!!! we also finally got news on the president of the republic of Zambia! The BBC reports his condition is "worse" but that surgery was "successful". How many weeks has it been since the last news? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/7569193.stm
Talking about Zambia-- I sent in applications to renew my passport yesterday. I will be amused and keep you all updated on how long the procedure takes...and whether or not they lose the application or something. I will be impressed if the process is short and uncomplicated.

Also Musharraf finally stepped down...yippee! *short applause*
and those evil son's of ho's that killed the newly weds on their honeymoon in Antigua have been arrested.

....a show off couple in Egypt had sextuplets!!! Who can ever doubt their fertility again?

Then according to the news today Greenspan is to blame for the bad economy...wow Einstein for real??? http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/Investing/ContrarianChronicles/NowGreenspanDoesntLikeBailouts.aspx

Oh I'm zoning out-- that 70's show is on telly and I can't concentrate:-)
Oh I also need to show you a clip of Howard dean erroneously calling the Republican party the "white party'...funny stuff...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Happy happy joy joy!!!!
Guess what happened today? I found a long lost cousin! This child is the daughter of my father's brother (MHSRIP) and I have not seen her since her father's funeral approx 18 years ago! Both her parents and her brother dies within a short period of time, and she went off to live with an aunt and that's the last I saw or heard of her. Well lo and behold... she invited my sister as a friend on face book... and this is my sister:
Sis: well I added her coz we had the same last name, but I wasn't sure who she was.
me: but her name is the same as grandma's and it's not a common name
sis: well, cousin dude said that's not grandma's name
me: please don't tell me you thought her name was mbuya (tumbuka for grandma)!
Sis: No. Besides I was worried dad might have had another child and this was her... I didn't want a new sister!
LOLOLOL....my sister needs major HELP
I loved hanging out at my uncle's house when I was younger...mostly because they were a fun easy going couple, and coz it was near my school. It sucks that they died.
Any way, I am going to have fun bonding with my cousin, we have many years to catch up on! She's in Canada...which works out okay, coz it's more feasible that Indonesia or something:-)

Also-- God needs to cut me some slack...for real! He knows what I'm talking about. Can I get a witness???

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Thanks to you know who for you know what:-) Next time I want the VIP seats though dawg! LOL
I had a fantabulous weekend!

Virgin Music festival was totally awesome...they had Kanye West, Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry, Foo fighters, She and him, Lil Wayne, Nine inch nails, Jack Johnson, Duffy, Stone Temple pilots, KT Tunstall.... the list goes on and on!

Kanye closed off the show...he was not late...and claimed he's never late, but dude had a whole preaching ceremony about how he hates the media (lights flashing!), and how great it is that the middle man is no longer getting rich off talented musicians because of technological advances...blah blah blah! Just shut up and sing like you were paid to goshdagit!

I think I am the only one in the world that understands the meaning of the word fatigue right now!

Also there were massive amounts of weed going around....and I was right in the middle and inadvertently inhaled the surrounding fumes. So then all of a sudden I was starving and couldn't figure out why because I had just eaten two hours before that.... then it hit me! I'm so fly no lie and you know this....!!!

I also drank a lot of strawberry margaritas even though a month ago I had vowed not to touch those suckers for a while....it was hot and that was the only frozen drink they were offering...so I took it:-) and enjoyed the hell out of it!

Ifwe tuli maluba...

Death has a way of showing us how fragile and short lived life is...especially when it's that of a "young" person... May Bernie Mac rest in peace. Here is a clip of my fav Mac 'Milk and cookies'

Olympics started...and our very own Baltimore grown Micheal Phelps won gold...no surprise there! That dude is a dolphin! People that have met him in the area say he's really nice too.
The opening of the Olympics was spectacular!

You know what's weird? when Morgan Freeman had his accident I had just come from watching the bucket list...so I cried! damned hormones!

Georgia...wow. Somethings are not logical to me. Ossetia is like...just a piece of land. Georgia only just recovered in the last few years, I can not believe they even had the resources to fight! Quite impressive really...even though they play very dirty..."cease fire!"...."oh wait! did we just throw a bomb??!!"

The International conference on AIDS just ended... I have no comment to make on that other than that the fight still goes on.

Oh my house painting went fabulous! I love my new color! I HATED every minute of painting and taking down that ridiculous window treatment...but I am soooo happy with the results and have my wonderful friends to thank for that!
We looked so tired at the party that night...we were all just deflated!

dang! It looks like rain...and I am supposed to spend all afternoon outside!

A very happy birthday to my cousin Kimmy!!!! Happy hundredth birthday luv! I love you and your new dentures:-) LOL...and If I don't call you at 3pm today..remember it's about how I feel about you on the inside, not what I physically do okay?

Also...C$...you are INSANE!

Sunday, August 03, 2008


Oliver Mtukudzi

Nana Frimpong....


Friday, August 01, 2008

China Visa issues

The news has been inundated with stories of how hard it is to get a visa to go to China and how the tourism industry in China is suffering. Americans not used to having to fill out tedious paperwork for visas are besides themselves!

This is my take:- 1. Okay so maybe Hu Jintao and his buddies are trying to keep out activists under the guise that they are tightening security, but look on the bright side...if there was to be a terrorist attack during the Olympics, at least the rest of the world wont criticize them for not tightening security innit?
2. Next:- Those of us used to applying and lining up for visas from "western/ developed/ what ever they are called these days!" countries are used to pretty much 'undressing' for immigration officials. They want to see your bank statements showing ridiculous amounts of money that majority of their own citizens rarely have, the bank statements of the person inviting you or acting as your sponsor, they want letters of invitation, proof that your family is still in your home country, letter from your job saying you can have it back when you return, proof that you have a car or a house, you have to be the right age for school...etc. Then at the end of the day, they reserve the right to deny you entry without a reason even if you have provided all necessary information!
So way to go China!!! Let the whiny babies in the west feel how we feel when we apply for visas, or when we get them denied for dumb reasons or no reason at all!
3. They say the rules are not all written down...duh! The USCIS (usa boma for those not familiar) has a few listed requirements but they are not extensive/ exclusive. For example, it wont tell you anywhere that they will require your bank statements or W-2 or whatever, but they do.
Schengen and Benelux are just as crazy! The British and Canadians seem to make the rules up as they go at times. So yeah...getting a visa depends on the mood of the immigration officer,your luck that day and how well you can tell a white lie:-)

NPR had the story a day ago...and I emailed them my comments on the issue:-) Y'all know when I'm moved by a story I attack it passionately:-)

Next on the agenda.....
The anthrax suspect dude Bruce Ivins commit ed suicide because the FBI was hot on his trail! See you've gotta love Maryland on the Baltimore side! Everyone says how boring it is and all sorts of things! All this drama fo yo mama was in frederick...very near by! So then one of the first suspects of the anthrax scare (after jihadists of course) was Steven Hatfill...(and Mr Hatfill sir if you're listening...I'm up for adoption) the dude was awarded $5.8 million to settle his suit!!! Dang!!!

Tonight I am headed to a bar to unwind:-) looking forward to it. Probably dinner in Annapolis too...by the water. It looks like rain though...so that's sucky!
On closer observation... my bathroom doesn't look as sucky as I thougt...or maybe the people that have seen it are just plain nice and don't wanna hurt my feelings:-)

I promise to have the videos of everything from previous weekends posted this weekend...:-)

Man oh man do I have a craving for wings! That damned C$ had wings for lunch and told me about them...spicy honey bar-b-q and now I want them! How many more hours is it to dinner again????

Oh and where is the president of Zambia now???? I like how lax the country is. Now I know everyone thinks it's none of our business where our fearless leader is... but the day he chose to become our leader he lost his right to total privacy and as a nation I think we should be cordially kept abreast of how he is doing. I mean even Fidel Castro (a major dictator) came out and showed the world that he was okay. It's like knowing one of your parents is sick in another country, and no one ever calls to tell you anything about their welfare. It's totally absurd!
Any way...the people of Zambia are more worried about where their next meal will come from and not what's going on in the presidents life I suppose.