Tuesday, May 30, 2006


must see this documentary: sisters in law: http://www.wmm.com/sistersinlaw/ It looks like I'll enjoy it, but I'm not sure when it will show near here...

also i retract that statement about white people not helping u off everet... there's a new story that has a white person helping a stranger off everet...http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/5019288.stm , then there was a story that i read in the news today about a dummy throwing a baby in the clothes dryer because she was a little wet! how dumb can u b to throw a living being into a dryer????

Also it was quite sad about the africans found dead in a boat in Barbados hey? I mean the one guy actually wrote a letter to his family and left them money in his bleak moments. I wonder what happened to the rest of the crew if they are saying there were about 50 people initially. Also why didn't the dying guy say what happened? hhmmm

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Mother nature

so mother nature struck again in Asia huh? Phil and I were talking and we kinda decided, mother nature is just trying to clean out Asia a lil'bit, what with the tsunami, earthquake...etc. She's just trying to balance out the place and create some space.

In Africa she chose Famine, war, earthquakes, disease...etc.

In the America's she chose Illegal immigration...that way, Mexico balances out:)...

in Iraq..well, I wont touch that one! the dudes there are too radical man!... they shot the tennis players for wearing shorts... so ama pretend I don't know how natures taking care of that part of the world!

Oh and never go to mount Everest with white people coz they'll leave you to die... read http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/5016536.stm (i stress white people, coz i don't know of any black man that has climbed everest...i could google it, but I'm not in the mood!)

I'll end today with some powerful words from the Australian Aboriginals:
If you have come to help me, you're wasting your time.
But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine then let us work together.

ofcourse you have to be as smart as I am to get that... so for the slow minded, read that twice and see how it affects you!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Anderson Mazoka

so Andy Mazoka died today.... what a great loss for Zambia!


sad situation... who the heck will be left in Zambia with all this dying and migration going on?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Men and lies!

My internet is still down, apparently when the power went off thursday, it killed my dsl modem...so waaahhh! I have to wait 3 days for a new box to be sent to my house...and Verizon just couldn't send it over night becoz they didn't have that capacity yesterday...??? whatever!

any way...why are men such terrible liars???? example is congress man jefferson... so your dumb ass gets caught by the F.B.I with evidence in your freezer (lots of money wrapped in foil and placed in the freezer...I am not sure how the FBI knew to look in his freezer...that was rather smart!) then he also had stuff on paper where he was asking people to bribe him...! dumb or dumber??? When you're a politician u have to abide by the first rule of law...do not commit anything you can't defend on paper...duh! Didn't he and the enron guys learn anything from Martha Stewart? she's a free bird now...!

Men, from time immemorial have never known how to lie... they get caught with lipstick on their shirts and some other dumb stuff...women on the other hand are too smart and sneaky for their own damned good!... I'll leave that one alone, lest I reveal some secrets of the female world...i.e my world!

But men need to know that a woman always knows what's up...we may pretend to be blind...but we are certainly not stupid...be warned!

Saturday, May 20, 2006


so i guess i've been quiet...welll my stupid DSL is down...not sure why. I am getting it fixed on monday... i am lonely without my internet:).

So anyway I heard an Elvis Presley song today and it made me miss the 4 developmentally disabled ladies that I used to live with every weekend during my 2nd year of College. Ofcourse for patient privacy I am not using their real names.

I had Ruth- the cerebral palsy lady...who only said "moo" and "shut up"... she was quite a trickster and made me believe she was having a seizure one day, when in reality she had never been seizure prone!

Then there was Lucy, who often had seizures, refused to leave the house and listen to the same Elvis Presley CD all day loooooong that I finally learnt the words to the songs and would sing along with her on my good days.

Mandy was just crazy as hell! She used to believe God used to tell her stuff...and due to her being Schizophrenic...she would come out screaming "God told me to take these knives!"...so needless to say when i worked, i hid all the knives in the house!

Sally was another character...when i first started working there, she would smear her poop all over the house to get my attention...and I would be sooo angry! Then one day when she was sicked i stayed with her and helped her a lot, that she decided she was my friend and gave up the silly poop-on-the-wall game!

I had some really fund weekends taking care of those chicks! we watched TV sang songs and ate all day, so it really wasn't a real job...but it was a job! I felt like mummy and they would ask me before doing anything at all...its a shame i quit!... hey I was offered a new job paying $200 a week to do nothing at all. I chose when to show up and what to do. Mostly i did my home work and stayed on the phone. I went once a week -if they were lucky! Gosh where did that job go?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

mother's day

happy mothers day to all deserving mothers... you all know who you are! especially those of you that have made it through the first year with your babies...Lovely work!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


o.k, so I would like to suggest that wine and massages be tax deductible for the working class! I am soooo serious! I get so stressed out sometimes i can feel my muscles tighten...and y'all know that's dangerous especially since a sista doesn't exercise...so why do my muscles gotta be tight? massages are roughly $100 for half an hour or something like that if its professional, and i think i deserve atleast one per week!!! rest assured, as soon as my pickets are ready...i.e when i learn to draw...i am taking this to capital hill! Otherwise, my retirement plan...if i don't marry rich, will be to be the greeter at Walmart! boy how I'll love that job!...how do you do?...thanx for coming to walmart...have a nice day:)

Also, can the media shut up already about the daa-gon war! war as defined so graciously by encarta is :
noun (plural wars)

1. armed fighting between groups: a period of hostile relations between countries, states, or factions that leads to fighting between armed forces, especially in land, air, or sea battles

so why is it a big f@$king deal that 20 more people just died??? isn't that what happens in "hostile relations"? I am sooo tired of the reports every day. Don't get me wrong, I am not heartless and I do have a cousin in the war...wazzzuppp Bwalya! (0r whatever name he goes by these days!), but its really ridiculous that they act like those young men and women didn't realize that they were going to die/ be maimed if they went to war. Well hell...if they didn't realize that...should they really be out there "protecting" our freedom?

OMG! I had already concluded that American Idols was rigged...I mean come on! Kelly dumb-blonde leaving after fatso-Mandisa whould tell you something! Unless America has a hearing problem, i really don't think Paris should have left when she did either. Now to annoy me...rocker boy has just been sent home?...nuh baby...I don't think they are counting the votes right and just like Florida--we need a re-count. I really have no love for Catherine's voice...but she's cute...but her ass needs to go home! infact, why don't we just let deaf-and-diabetic-yamin win? afterall he does sound great...and if he won some money he could get his teeth fixed! (and i'm only saying that coz the dentist said my teeth are perfect!- colgate smile! so i can hate on his teeth)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

David blaine



I am not PMSing, but for some reason every show i have tried to watch today has been irritating! I also tried to watch Sex and the city which I have never been into to begin with, but was really trying to like so i can have something to do... that was a bad idea! I'll tell u something though... they have some hot guys on the show...but its soooo not for me!

Thank God law and order started! aaahhhhhh--the beauty of re-runs!

Monday, May 08, 2006

big love

I was watching big love which is a series on HBO about a polygamous marriage. They make it seem so easy to be married to a man with 2 other wives! I am too greedy for such an arrangement. In the episode I was watching, the man has developed a major crush on wife number one...such that he no longer needs his viagra any more.

I also watched 2 movie at the African festival at Johns Hopkins one time which showed 2 different polygamous marriages. The first one was of older couples and women got along perfectly. They loved each other and helped each other when the husband needed servicing. The second couple was younger and the first wife was not happy at all that the husband had decided on getting a second wife. The second wife was really excited to be getting married to this man with his snotty kids and snooty wife!

I really doubt I am capable of sharing a man. Infact I hardly ever like a man to discuss his past girlfriends! Talk about never having a menage-a-toi right:)???

Friday, May 05, 2006

more thoughts...

I would like to propose that public restrooms should be separated i.e men, women, gay men with lesbians or separate...whatever is comfortable or politically correct. If women can share loo's with lesbians, why don't we just go ahead and share loo's with men!

Also, why do lesbians need need to have strap-ons? doesn't that defeat the purpose of duh...being a lesbian? and why do some gay men only define themselves as tops? doesn't that defeat the purpose of being gay too?

Ok, i'm off to make plans for cinco de mayo(another good reason to drink!)... I can't believe most of the mexican places i was planning to go to today are booked! I guess i might have to make my own burrito's...ha fat chance!

Oh and I might be thinking about becoming a stripper... i am sooo done with jobs that involve thinking! If not that, then Anna Nicole and I need to have a woman to woman, so she can tell me how she got her 90ish man to marry her and most importantly to die within the year- and leave her billions of dollars!!!!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Confusing Iraq war.

Okay. So when did the war change from finding weapons of mass destruction, to "helping Iraqi's gain freedom" and "securing American freedom". I seem to have lost a whole chunk of the period when the change was decided! Also why is it important for America to help Iraq gain freedom from Hussein? will America do the same for Cuba, Iran...etc? when? I am trying to understand the theory.

Also if America is already running on deficit for the Iraqi war... just how much money and army power is left for the protection of the country were it to be attacked today?

food for thought.

Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day

wow! it's incredible how many people went out to march for citizenship! I myself as usual sat on my ass all day and watched T.V. I enjoyed seeing the immigrants chant "today we march, tomorrow we vote" great confidence right there!!!

My thing is though... if they give citizenship to these 11 million, they will no longer only want to work in the fields, and cleaning the streets and houses. I am sure they have other dreams and aspirations! then you will get another 11 million illegal immigrants coming in to desire the same treatment as the last group... then the USA will be forced to buy Mexico because no one will be left in Mexico...:) Also if i was illegal, I sure as hell wouldn't alert my employer to that by going marching! though i know there is no way the government can deport all the people that went marching, so it's no big deal.

Also I think this march was a bad idea because then you get Billy-Bob (representing all dummies that believe whitey is being errased in America) going out and buying guns to kill all people that he thinks are foreign. Billy-Bob is definately offended by the large numbers he saw today and i can foresee an act of retaliation.

Also this march should be called a "hispanic-march-with-a-few-odd people" because this march mostly assists hispanics and not other people. If you think about it, not too many people from other countries can come in as easily and stay for like 10 years!

On a lighter note, Barak Obama was at the darfur rally and at the immigration march kick off... I think he's hot! smart and good-looking too...woah!

Black panther

The new Black Panther.... I am doing my best not to laugh www.newblackpanther.com well I heard about them on the news today because they were out supporting stripper girl...

Are they really necessary in this day and age? if their existence is justified, then we we moan and groan about KKK and skin heads...etc being on the street?

food for thought innit? we'll be discussing the immigration march later today...