Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Where have all the real men gone?

"Where have all the real men gone? long time passing. Where have all the real men gone? Long time ago..." (use the Peter, Paul & Mary tune) lets get those guitars and tambourines out... put some flowers in your hair and sing along honey....

Yeah yeah yeah...another rant and rave...!!!

Okay, I am not intending on becoming a professional man basher or anything, but some things gats to be said y'all!!!

I am going to blame women collectively for this big catastrophe! I think we've done it and we have to somehow fix it....if it's even fixable at this time.

There too many men getting in touch with their feelings...and it's just not normal! They sit around and talk about how.."oh my daddy left when I was 8, so it traumatized me and that's why I'm not good with relationships!"....Brotha please!!! You are a grown man now...GET OVER IT!!!

Or my favorite!-- "my father died when I was a teen, so I have attachment issues".... umm did my dad, but I attach just fine! Besides, should the world stand still ten years later for that reason? GET OVER IT!!!

The thing with "modern man" is that you have to sit there and pamper him all damned day! It's like he expects to be breast fed, and have his diaper changed. He has forgotten his role as the provider and prefers to be the provided for. It's like you always have to be like "nyonka daddy...nyo nyo...daddy.." all day long!

I think I will blame those brassiere waving women's rights activists because while they were establishing their place in history... they killed "real man" and manufactured "modern man". Mister --"my mother never used to hug us, so i have intimacy issues"...sugar bunz...ahh, if you can say what your problem're on the right path to healing and should have found the solution by now...okay? GET OVER IT!!!! If you can't then go gay or something dude coz I am tired of your whining...and I can't wipe your snot any more!

If all you depend on is 'modern man's' pay check...y'all will be living on the street, because he rarely has the money for a Manager of domestic affairs (a.k.a house wife). Also, they seem to regress even further once you have children in the house!!!

Also what's with all those tears??? I think I saw my father cry twice in my life time (though he pretended to wash his face!) and both times it was for a good cause-- someone had died. But modern man? he cries for anything!!! I mean I'm not saying don't be emotional, but if you cry at the movies daawgg...then Houston....WE'VE GOT A PROBLEM!!!

This is my petition for the return of real man! The man who knows how to take charge...the hard worker with ambition that doesn't need constant pats on the back to know that he's done well. The provider, the protector, the rescuer (lets have a harp and violin playing in the back ground!)...the suave gentleman who brings FLOWERS to a date, cooks meals occasionally, the romantic fella, mister fix it, the man who understands that breast feeding ends at age One...for most people and earlier for others!

Let all the women with sons correct this's not genetic yet I think. They will blame it on genes in a few more years, but lets try to correct this!

If you have a 'real man'...lady-- kneel and kiss his feet tonight, because that man has earned it! If his mother is still in out midst... please buy her something special for bringing him up in the proper way and making your life easy girl! While we're at it, kiss her feet too...

Oh wait!!!! I just had a BRILLIANT idea! we need to petition government to open 'Council for the Preservation of Real Men' (Ceeprem) (damn I'm good!!!) I could be the president and C.E.O of the company...and I could become the law of what's manly and what's just plain wimpy!!! I could hire Margaret Thatcher to whip 'em into shape!!!


This is in no way, shape or form a reflection of men that i have dated, I'm dating or will date in the future (except for that one loser!). So homie don't call me and start asking if I was talking about you! Coz I'll cuss you out!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So when Obama picked up speed some childish MoFo leaked a picture of him in traditional Somali garb hoping to incite the usual 'oh my God he's an A-rab!' response. I am ashamed of whoever did it! They should be moved to Iran and dealt with there!!!
If you're gonna hate the man, hate him for REAL reasons. Not stupid fairy tales! I have personally stated why I wouldn't say he was the best candidate for me and I attacked his thoughts on an issue of IMPORTANCE to me. It has nothing to do with experience or lack there of, his religion- or lack there of, his race- or lack there, or his gender...ain't nothing lacking there coz the dude is rather sexy! Okay, so I have a major weakness for broody intelligent men with undertones of arrogance:-) *purr* and he seems to possess those qualities:-)

Then in more sad news.... who in the world has the gall to say Hanif Adams is not Zambian??? The man has worked in the world of soccer for as long as I can remember...and if I'm not mistaken he supported the women's soccer team I was on! Who owned the team by the way?, we were so drunk half the time when we played and practiced that it never crossed my mind to find out who owned the team:-) well our coach was a bouncer at Hanif's clubs...which brings me to my other point-- Hanif has been in Zambia for as long as I can remember. His son was in my cousins classes in primary school ( I only remember coz he had a crush on her for the longest was cute, and so was he-- but I digress as usual).

I also had my first experience of a night club in his club on great east road in Lusaka! Man what a night!!! I was thirteen (not that the bouncers cared!) my orange jeans shorts, doing my patra moves on the dance floor...I can still see it now! How the smoke and the lights in the room had me soooooo charged up...I felt like I was Patra herself!!! Queen of the dance hall:-) I did the butterfly and shook my bottie like my life depended on it! Ahhh...such happy memories...*sigh* I can remember how totally cool I was when I went to school to tell my classmates where I had gone that Saturday... I made it seem like I had done this several times of course...and was like 'you mean you haven't gone clubbing yet?'"It cut exay!"

Any main point is (after all the extra info there!), that man is as Zambian as Kaunda! Making ignorant comments about his race is just un-Zambian...and those perpetrators should also be sent to Iran and be dealt with there!!! My Zambia is a colorful nation where we are accepting of everyone. I have many Zambians of Indian origin in England and in the USA who identify as Zambian and speak a local language. Once a Chipatan always a Chipatan...GOOOOOOO eastern power!!! Let's leave the ignorance in the ablution areas please! Our country's slogan--emblazoned on our passports reads: One Zambia...One Nation. Plain and simple, it doesn't differentiate.

I hope it wasn't a bemba that passed that comment. I will be greatly disappointed because it will mean s/he doesn't know his/her history! Mwitu sebanya bane!

Hotmail is down today!

So it really sucks that hotmail is down today and it's my day to work from home! I am sooooo not happy because most of what i need to do is in my hotmail account! How in the world did i become so dependant on the Internet???? Wait...can I sue the creators of Internet for my addiction? lol... but seriously, this is not fun for me:-)

I should probably do all my serious mailing with another email provider... but I really like my hotmail addy :-) it's like my trademark... The problems with hotmail are just getting ridiculous and worse since they created the "new" look. Microsoft needs to get it together I think!

Also you would think it would give you a "we're working on a problem" error...but no, it just says "can not connect at the moment"...well duh! But why can't we connect?

Sunday, February 24, 2008


May I be a beautiful butterfly when I grow up:-)

Yesterday was soooooo cold! If summer came tomorrow I wouldn't be the one to complain;)

If you haven't been to Fogo de Chão (fo-go dèe shoun), ...stop depriving yourself and head out to experience the tasty-ness that is fogo! All I can say is yummy!

I FINALLY went to Bodyworlds... I thought it was okay...nothing new to you if you've had Anatomy and Physiology courses. I mean I think I was expecting the displays to look more real, but they looked too plastic for me. I know they are real bodies...but they still had a major plastic look to them. The worst moment for me was seeing the pregnant woman cut open with the baby visible from her stomach. I think that's what gave the exhibit a 'human' feel. I also wasn't too keen on seeing the week old fetuses with bursting amniotic sacs....

I also made a stop over to the cheesecake factory for my favorite white chocolate raspberry truffle... it is AMAZING! I promise you that!!! I am such a glutton at times and yesterday was no exception:-) The tea there sucks like the food on their menu... so I avoid it at all costs. Actually I hate food from 'chain' restaurants usually, but as I needed to thaw my poor body... I drank the lousy tea:-)

My cousin was sooo excited last night because she had seen the Barak Obama rally in Ohio. She came home screaming 'yes we can'... I also got to see the will-i-am song for Barak on my baby daddy number 10 --John Legend...OMG! He is so delicious looking! He wouldn't even have to speak to me, he could just communicate in song....or just by pointing for what he wants done!!! could I forget this funny story!

Agony is:- getting a new job and being informed that they will have lay offs in a few ...:-)

That was really amusing!... So my supervisor was like it's nothing to worry about... lol!!!

Any way the phone has started again...gotta go....

Thursday, February 21, 2008

je suis fatigue!

Can I just tell you all how tired I am? worst of all i get a little cranky when I get tired....and it has been quite tedious at work too!!!
I had a hard time falling asleep last night...and it may have something to do with the full moon (no, i did not see the eclipse...i had better things to do like stare at my face in the mirror...we'll get back to this point!) any way...I believe it has something to do with the full moon that I couldn't sleep. I was really tired, but i just couldn't fall asleep! I did my usual, long bath and hot chocolate...or hot zigolo (hot water and sugar-- for the zambiology challenged among you). I am looking forward to better luck tonight!

Any way...I am consoled that it will be Friday tomorrow...:-)

I was meaning to write more.... but i have received several phone calls during this post and have to abandon my thoughts here.... I was trying to multi task:-)

Oh I have plans to attend a belly dancing competition this weekend...if the weather is right because it is too damned cold... I can not wait for summer!
okay will write more tomorrow:-)

Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm a hustler baybee!

I had the awesomenest weekend ever!!! I know I probably say that all the time...but this time it really was!!! I have been eating free food from Friday to Monday...what's there to complain about???
I went and saw Caramel also known as Sukkar banat (Lebanese), and was as good as I had anticipated. It is a movie directed by Nadine Labaki centered on the day to day lives of some women in Beirut. The director is also the protagonist in the movie-- which probably made her job easier:-). it's about a beautiful sisterhood of women with problems. The main character Layale, is dating a married man who wont leave his wife and takes her through the ringer. Her co-worker and close friend Nisrine is about to get married and her man thinks she's a virgin, when really she's not:-), the other co-worker/ friend Rima is a lesbian-- but i'm not sure if her friends know, though it seemed implied in one of the parts. Jamale an older customer and friend is an ex-actor trying to stay young whose husband has left her for a younger woman. Aunt Rose is the tailor next door who takes care of her older sister Lilly....who is crazzzzzzyyyyyy!!! The woman is like totally demented and sooo funny!!!

Any way, I thought it was a cute story and can not really say more without ruining the good parts for those that want to see it. What was also interesting was the every day lebanese language. It reminds me of how we speak in Zambia using English and any local language just by simple switching in no particular order. It was neat.

Then I was treated to dinner at a Jamaican restaurant on Charles street. The food isn't the best Jamaican I have ever tasted, and there weren't that many people there, so it makes me wonder how they have stayed in business this long. Especially since the state of the toilet was appaling!!! They had tissues stuck in the two available toilets in the ladies room. I was so pressed and disgusted I went into the mens room (no...I am not ashamed!), that was not that much cleaner and had no running water... how disgusting is that???? lucky I had already eaten before making these discoveries! I also indulged in some wine because it was Friday...:-)

Saturday found me in a totally lazy mood. I spent half the day on the phone laughing and acting a fool...okay and partially doing the laundry...and listening to music...and I was already 2 glasses into my wine by the time I arrived at my "date"fashionably late as usual though it was only 5 minutes from my house! I am pathetic sometimes! lol. I had a GREAT evening, (don't worry he's not reading this), but I thought he was super cool. Keep your eyes peeled for more information :-) We spent about 6 hours or so together...which is a record for me, coz that's a long time to be with a non close buddy!

Sunday, I was a big baby and went to my aunts to eat...yes, yes...I know I eat a lot. I am a very healthy looking girl :-). I ate till I almost popped then she made some cocktails and my day was complete:-)

Monday: Ryan got me dinner... the end...lolololol

Tomorrow will be my first day of work since my large pay cut, so I will be quite sour every time I think about it, but there is no room for regret in my life. Totally feeling Nietzche's one quote: 'Amor fati', accept your fate and move on...aka...'get over it!'

I have also come to learn and embrace what biggie meant 'I'm not only the client, I'm the playa president!' more give me one more chance....wooo hooo! Life is totally fabulous!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This is...for the lover in you

Happy Valentines day to those of you that have met or are aquainted with my buddy L.O.V.E

I hope you get and give lots of loving (not in that way you dirty bat! you know who you are!)

This is what I think of Valentines day for the rest of us that aren't gonna be in warm corners with that special someone, or probably wont have money to buy that secret love a gift...

Kill the little bugger for not getting the job done right!!!

Oh and remember the FBI warning for us not to open e-cards from strangers coz they might be viruses.... don't go getting all excited that someone finally remembered your lonely behind, or that you have a secret crush...coz it aint gonna happen!

My only consolation is that I have a date on Friday and a date on Saturday... now if they come empty handed... me's never going to see them again. Not that I'm a gold digger or anything (who I'm I kidding?), but it's just datettiquette to bring something with you when you call on a lady (me especially!).
Live and love... and listen to all the love songs in your album because t'is the day for that kind of thing.... and if you just broke up with someone booboo, don't be sad... it will just crapitulate the whole day...:-)

It's an Obamanation

Okay a few interesting facts, that one of you out there might be interested in and probably don't know:

Aside from the fact that this guy has proved me wrong...which is very rare because guys never prove me wrong:-) lol... I am sorry that I had written his political obituary even before he had started looking for votes. Actually even Hillary for that matter has proven my theory slightly wrong. So kudo's to the both of them.

The thing I wanted to say today though is that I found out Mccain's top aide Mark McKinnon (are they both Irish? lol) said that if Obama wins the nomination, he will step down as Mccain's aide!!!! Those are some very strong sentiments right there!

Granted (if I'm not mistaken) Mckinnon was a democrat before he went republican and then he was one of the power tools in getting Bush in the white house.

So I think like I said, when it comes down to the wire... if it's Mccain vs. Obama...dude might have a chance. For that matter if it's Huckabee vs Obama, he would still have a chance!

I still insist that if Hillary is nominated, the dems can forget it and drink guiness or something, coz they aint gonna win:-)

Another bit of info...president G.dabya (after stressing that he wouldn't endorse anyone BTW) sort of endorsed Mccain over the weekend... well I think that's a little like political crucification for Mccain or maybe it will help him. Who knows?

so that's it for now....:-)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

(Insert catchy heading here)

Oh I am soooooooo good!!!! I had predicted Ghana v. Cote d'ivoire and that Ghana would win, and then I predicted Egypt would win overall... ask my friend that I bet with:-) I should have added more money to the challenge....nah wah!

It's been an interesting few days...I think I'm either catching a cold or maybe the alkee I over indulged in is catching up, or maybe it's the distressing thing that happened to me regarding facebook:-) and that's all I will say on this matter....Ladies and Gentlemen....The mighty have fallen! Ndiiituuu!

I over booked myself as far as activities are concerned and I am feeling it all catch up. Friday I spent most of the day out..doing stuff. Then Saturday I was out with friends for the usual get together. We did Sushi first, then we went to The Vin restaurant for dessert and of course wine :-) Now I found it rather upsetting that they didn't have my favorite wine on the list any more. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that it is called 'negro/ negra' something, so possibly someone was offended and had it removed which is just pathetic really because they should have consulted me first! That wine was the bomb man!

Dinner was great...and you know you need to cut down on going places when the waitress in a busy restaurant turns and says "nice to see you as usual" The newbies at the table turned to me and asked exactly how often I go there...I responded with a smile because I was too embarrased to say how 'often' I go there. They were like, 'why don't you ask for the usual', i was thinking to myself...'i bet i could', but I didn't test the waitresses knowledge of my likes and dislikes:-) she was too sweet.

I enjoyed the camaraderie and the cosmopolitans and the cute little desserts we ate. I like the fact that the Vin actually serves bite sized desserts, so that way you can eat several different kinds. They make apple crumble and ice-cream in a cappuccino sized cup, and all sorts of other know creme brulee, souffles...etcetera. The mangoe and rasberry martinis that they make there are to die for!!! I can still taste them as I sit here typing...ummmm:-) Little miss Asia and I were the two minorities at the table, and we sat at direct angles so we could balance the table

I also wanted to go out to see I didn't have the resolve to do so, so i stayed home instead catering to my other addiction- reading. I am almost done with my book and I will discuss it when I complete it. It seems I was the last to read it because everyone I speak to about it has read it already and wants to start telling me the story....I am like....NNNOOOOO!!!

Oh and you can forget about me giving up cussing, coz that didn't last long! I forgot about my slight tendancies to semi-road rage, so I sinned on day 2. So needless to say, I gave that up and I am now trying to follow the new carbon fast craze...hmmm we'll see how long that lasts:-)

See the issue I have with restraint is that everytime someone tells me I can not do something...I keep hearing that I can in my head and, the more I try to control myself...the harder it gets to abstain from something... mon dieu c'est difficile!!!

Obama is in town tomorrow, so if the weather is condusive and the flesh is willing, then I will go and listen to him speak. I'm sure I will quite enjoy it.

I would also like to see 'Caramel' a movie set in Beirut. I have two escorts to the movie, but can not decide which one to take:-) This is what happens when you're too popular...*hair toss and loud sigh*

woe is meeeeee....I feel sooo under the weather at the moment.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dust in the wind

all we are is dust in the wind....
Today was ash wednesday...and I have given up using swear words for the duration of lent, and I have also added a new prayer a day:-) aren't I so holy???

So the election looks pretty tight...

Well okay, McCain is a definite and well...hillz and bama are still tugging at the prize. In all, I hope Obama beats Hillz. Not because I like him, but because I don't want her to win that's all:-) I just find her too hollywoody... a real piece-a-work!!

I don't know man...none of the main candidates buzz my biscuits! They just don't give me warm fuzzy's. okay...

McCain:- For one thing...he's like old. Not that I am anti old people or anything...but dude's a walking aneurysm! He's also quite millitary in his demeanor which is a good thing I suppose as he will be running a country:-) I also liked his immigration stance, and a few other things I read about him online (sanctions on apartheid south africa...etc). I do not like his stance on guns, nor that he doesn't support a minimum wage increase. Does he not know the price of gas and that maryland taxes have gone up? shoot!!!
To be fair, I think he is very vested in this country being that he is from a family of navy men and that he fought in Vietnam and was a P.O.W. He has a long enough resume that he should be considered for the job due to all his experience.

Hillary aka Hellary:- I just feel something wrong there. She's also pro-choice and pro- death penalty which doesn't sit well in my tummy. She has an impressive albeit wishy-washy history what with the whitewater scandal, lewinsky, her old ties to the republican party, Iraq...need I say more? But she has come a long way in the scramble for president and I am sure she's a splendid lawyer. She just isn't for me.

Obama:- well being 'the new kid on the block' could work in his favor I think. The decisions of the inexperienced sometimes supercede those of more seasoned people. He has also come a long way! I would say it's quite impressive that an unknown (in comparison to his contenders) guy could sweep through and make this kind of ripple! He is quite the inspirational/ motivational speaker and that's what I really like about him. As for what I don't like:- he supports partial birth abortions and the death penalty. I agree partially with his reasoning to allow women to make their own choice...but he messed up with the partial birth abortion bit.

My main issues that I do not compromise on are gun availability and abortion. I do not see how someone can be pro-life yet support the use of guns. Nor do I comprehend how a person can be pro abortion, yet support the banning of guns (okay I can...but you get the point I am making right?). The rest such as taxes? give to ceasar what belongs to ceasar. .. etcetera.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Pendant le weekend

I am sooo knackered right now, because I think I over did my activities for the weekend:-) and as always, this is not spell checked:-)

Friday, I didn't get to bed till late because I went out for the evening with a group of co-workers and we are planning a trip snow tubing and white water rafting when the weather permits for either activity. You know me! all they had to say was the word wine and I was agreeing to everything:-)
Saturday:- early to rise and off to meet Wagner, then we got to the Baltimore Museum of Arts (BMA), then of course trust my luck, the first movie 'Juju Factory' which I really wanted to see as I am familiar with The Matonge district of Belgium! Well something happened and the film failed. Then on top of all that the writer of the film Balufu Bakupa-Kanyinda was supposed to have come for the screening or the discussion, but he had visa issues and couldn't come! How sucky is that?

Then we saw 'Meokgo and the stick fighter' was too artistic for my tastes... I was not really feeling it. I mean it was sci-fi-ish, and I'm not too keen on science fiction, which is why I didn't stay for the last movie 'Les Saignantes' because that was a clearly marked sci-fi :-)

The one I mosted enjoyed would be the Nigerian film, 'Mama Put', it was both sad and hillarious. It's a story about a struggling widow with four kids who develops a strange relationship with some armed robbers. It's sort of like she was dependant on them and they were dependant on her food! It's not in any way shape or form like the Nollywood type movies. This was well written and directed by Seke Somolu and is only 30 minutes...and no you don't have to wait for a senseless sequel!!! It was a real crowd pleaser as evidenced by the loud applause:-)

We also got to see the Matisse exhibit free because of all the technical difficulties they were having. I am not a great fan of the Matisse sculptures, but I find his charcoal and the color paintings quite cool. I wondered into the BMA's little Collection of African artifacts...not really impressed. They had a neat chief Lewanika stool from 1800 Zambia, and that made my day and put a major smile on my face!

After the films, we went out to Donna's restaurant for dinner. First, they sat us in slanting chairs, then the tea was not hot enough and the dude didn't give me enough sugar. So already you can tell I didn't enjoy dinner:-), then the useless waiter gave me the wrong dinner and had the audacity to charge me double...:-) Oh and worst of all, I had to go in and get my own salt from another table???? Needless to say, his tip was $1 and that's only because I was feeling highly generous!

You know, I find tea very personal...I don't enjoy having other people make it for me unless they know me! I really love a great's just one of those simple pleasures I enjoy.

After this, we decided it was best to eat dessert elsewhere, and while we we're walking, I heard a great rendition of Stings 'Shape of my heart' coming out of we walked in and ordered a few warm gooey cookies and listened to Eva Cassidy.

On the way home, I bought 5 putumayo CD's on happy I'm I??? Over joyed! I also found the most perfect shirt at Cloud 9, in brown...but the bastido's only had huge sizes and even though I wanted to just 'buy it any way' I couldn't do it! The top was $90... It had to fit right for me to get it:-)

Spent the night drinking wine and dancing salsa and didn't get home till late!

Sunday: Went back to watch the rest of the films. First for today was a documentary 'A love during the War' by Osvalde Lewat-Hallade. It's about a couples unplanned separation during the Congolese war in the 1990's and what was going on in the country. It centers mostly on the consequences when rape is used as a weapon and just goes into detail about the astrocities taking place in the eastern part of Congo during this time period...and most likely going on now! They had several rape victims ages ranging from 2 years old to 80 years old. It was quite disturbing.. It allows you to take a short walk in the shoes of several women, one- a 15 year old girl, who is now the mother of a child whose father is unknown. She was taken from her grandmother at age 13 by the militia to "service" them in the forest for a long period of time. She talks matter of factly about the whole incident and sounds as if she feels lucky that she was selected to only sleep with the top 3 men, while her sister's (?) had to sleep with 20 men a piece!

I can not imagine my first sexual experience being rape....I had too many emotions going through me to name just one! So I wont say how I felt because I am not sure I know the right description.

The next film was a funny Ethiopian parable by Taye Workou 'Menged' which displayed what could happen if you take the advice of everyone you meet:-) quite funny actually. We needed it after that heart wretching documentary before.

'Growing stronger' directed by Tsitsi Dangarembga (author of Nervous Conditions). It's a documentary on people living poositively with HIV. It's about the Model Tendayi Westerhof who went public with her HIV positive status while on separation with her husband Clement Westerhof who was a soccer coach from Holland. I "met" Tendayi at a meet and greet of some kind after she went public. I am stunned that when I mention her name a lot of Africans from my region have no clue what I'm talking about! She was in every Southern African tabloid, how could you forget that beautiful face? I think she's really gorgeous! I wasn't that impressed with the documentary itself because I suppose I expected more...but I guess it would help someone live positively.

I was too tired and hungry to see 'Clouds over Conakry' by director Cheick F. Camara... so I left before that started and ended up at someones house for a tête-à-tête. I am home now, feeling really tired...I need to get my old bones to bed! Oh today is the super bowl...which as you can tell I am not watching. I have stakes in the game though. I put some money down on both, so i don't particularly care who wins because I will:-)

If nothing else, this weekend has greatly improved my french! Lack of use has reduced me to franglish or my favorite franja (french-nyanja) i.e je suis nkala dans le mupando! (classic!). Today though, I felt like there was a major improvement as I sat speaking to the man next to me...I was impressed!
I also heard some of the sexiest voices I will ever's is Roberto Poveda from Cuba and when I heard him croon Sueño Mama, it was over for me!!! The other would be Bebe (pronounced Beh bay), I think siempre me quedara is a really sexy song and goes well with her voice.

I'm sorry....I have just had a really nice weekend:-) I can't help going on and on!