Sunday, September 28, 2008


I am very excited to inform you that my birthday will be friday... woo hooo!!!!! I have a few things planned for that weekend... and I think I will be well fed and very happy.

So any way... anyone watch the debate? I watched the whole thing and found it entertaining. McCain was acting like a big baby..."I am more experienced!"...ummm dude like for real? You're like 110 years better be more experienced! I wasn't thrilled about Obama saying "JOhns right" every 5 minutes...

Any hoo... They are going on and on about the bail out. I am just mad that it took this long before they decided to fix things. This has been going on since the Clinton era and before... I guess it's no time for blame and we should be really looking at a solution before we're homeless.

On the one hand, It's going to be good if the bail out plan is successful. It will save a lot of jobs for many people and also keep the market somewhat stable. I know many people feel that the people that caused this should suffer the consequences... but the truth of the matter is that they wont. They are multi millionaires who wont be sleeping hungry either way. Their little employees will be out of a job , and people will lose their homes coz they have no money...etc

I am working tomorrow so I can get Friday off... I feel so tired because I was out in DC last night. Went to Penang for dinner-- The food was fabulous! Then went to the Improv to see some comedy... most of the comedians had been on last comic standing and were quite funny. We sat in the front...and two comedians said I'm sexy...LOL... oh and the gay waiter hit on me kinda sorta... that was hilarious! Afterwards mi pana and I went to Indebleu to dance. Didn't stay long coz I was tired. I was home by 2am...I know...i'm lame:-) I drank wine, beer and some questionable liquor... surprised I am still standing, but I did have a major headache this morning.

Okeedokee... I am off to bed now so I can be fresh for the morning.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Notes from my death bed

As I lay here dying today, I dozed off and was awoken by the sound of an African voice on telly...I thought I had either died or was in Africa somewhere. It turned out it was Thabo Mbeki's voice and he was resigning from his position as president! I am still slightly in shock because although I saw it coming, I somehow managed live in denial and think it wouldn't happen.
That is very disheartening news for the southern African region and Africa in general. This will definitely lead to a period of instability in South Africa during the election process. Any way, like I said, South Africa will eventually be Zimbabwe if they are not careful. The signs are there.

Then Ehud Olmert resigned--- wow. What is going on in the world?

So as you can tell, I am dying. I have a bad cold and I can not breath right. My voice was gone Wednesday and then it came back, then cold got worse. Instead of being a good doobie and staying home-- I went out to D.C to play and watched 'the women'. It was a highly enjoyable chick flick and I will update you when I have the strength:-)

aawww gaawwwd the economy is a mess...where will all the laid off people go? Okay I am going back to nursing myself... woe is me

Oh and I really suck at lying! I was telling a white lie to my manager about why I wasn't going to work on Tuesday... and I almost got away with it till she called back to ask a multitude of questions about other stuff... then she hit the nail on the head and instead of defending my "doctors appointment" I burst out laughing... so now it looks like I will be working on Tuesday:-) how sucky! lololol... i need to work on my lying skills...

Monday, September 15, 2008


Was in Bethesda friday:- Happy Birthday to my aunt Linda and Little Mikaela:-) We had soooo much to eat and drink and went to bed at almost 4am... then we were up by 8am or so because Mikaela wanted her daddy and wanted to go little girls and their daddies!

Then Saturday...we took la familia to the airport and I went on to meet friends in Baltimore. We had a nice early dinner at Don Pablo's... okay nice because of the conversation... the food was mediocre for Mexican. Then we went to Barnes and Noble for dessert... yum cheese cake.

Later that night mi pana and I went to meet friends in DC at Indebleu and Zaitinya. I had a great night, tried to keep mi pana company on the drive back... but I fell asleep. We didn't get home till like 4am or something like that. I was walking dead the next day. Lousy lunch at carmine's... sucky pasta!

So Zimbabwean's are about to power share...hmmm... it sounds like science fiction. Then the stock market went down...hmmm... and gas prices went hey...I feel beautiful:-)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah Palin pro's and con's

Yeah... I've been slacking..and I know you're all thinking why in the world did she only say one line on Palin? Well honestly... Gustav got in the way of the convention and I lost track and got bored with everyone "being so caring" please gag me!!!
Okay talking about hurricanes (ummm yummy drink!):- If you LIVE in a flood zone.... what will happen when there's heavy rain???? So if you knew that, why in the world are you expecting FEMA to pay for your mess using tax payers money?? I'm just saying. That's all. Enjoy the beautiful Florida keys!
but, I digress...
So back to Sarah my new friend... I do not believe that was McCain's best choice, but he did good in his selection and this will make for an interesting election. I know people say "we don't vote for vice presidents, we vote for presidents", but really, if McCain drops d.e.a.d by say... I don't know... next spring? Well that will make her the first female president. So yes, a V.P is very important! I believe after this choice, I can confidently say McCain will win. Not because he's a better candidate or whatever, but because a lot of people wont see the Palin move as calculated as it was. They needed a woman to get the 'sisters of the traveling pant suits' on board and they got her.

A gun totting runner up beauty pageant contestant from Alaska, who's husband is a blue collar worker, and who's teenage daughter didn't get the memo on abstinence. The real American dream team.

Pro's in my eyes
  • She is pro-life
  • She refused to abort her baby even when informed he would be born with downs syndrome even though 90% of women given this news chose to abort.
  • Her son will be in Iraq
  • She's a woman
  • The christians will eat her up like manna from heaven
  • She believes doctors should manage health care and not bureaucracies
  • Lowering taxes here and there


  • Guns. I hate guns.
  • She has nothing on immigration
  • She would sign the death penalty bill
  • She is not a friend of the environmentalists
  • Has nothing at all on foreign policy

Now for the evaluation. I think the 'deep down yonder' republicans needed a reason-- any reason to stand by McCain and this was it. It's not so much that they think Palin is the worlds greatest, but, they needed a reason to vote for their candidate. To start with Palin smoked weed when it was legal in Alaska (might be a closet smoker now), her teenage daughter will have a baby daddy (totally a no no for holier than thou republicans because it kills their little abstinence is important thing), She has little experience to manage world issues and has only traveled outside the USA like maybe twice? If America is a super power shouldn't it's leaders have knowledge of the rest of the world to maintain that position?

I resent that they keep saying her lack of experience is like Obama's. That is total crap. Obama graduated magna cum laude from Harvard law school and was a senator. She graduated from colleges with no entry requirements with a degree in journalism and is a governor of Alaska. It doesn't take much skill to be elected in your home town for anything. Dude, this is the same trick that was being investigated for firing her ex brother in law for custody issues! Abuse of power?

I think the reason a lot of women are lapping her up is because there are a lot of bitter Hillary supporters...or rather feminist groups that are ready for change, but want a woman to make that change. To them it really doesn't matter who the woman is so long as she has a vagina.

As women we should be really upset that this is the choice. Of all the educated and savvy women in politics, this is really the best that McCain could do? Where is Condoleeza? Heck... they could have asked Hillary if it was like that!

It wont surprise me when the enquirer has breaking news about her secret life. Just like they took down Edwards! Okay I wrote too much and I'm too tired to read it... hope it sounds logical.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I am so fatigued:-) I just got back from an exciting trip to Texas it was awesome!!!

The city itself is great, lots of land, big beautiful houses, tall wonderful buildings with mirrors, steaks, steaks, beer, steaks... OMG

I also got to be a God-Mother... yeah you better respect me now. I am holy and sanctified. That's right...and it aint over yet. I will be a God-mother again at the end of the month in Iowa! Okay, so i've had a revelation and have to make better judgements in my life because these kids will be watching me and stuff... but you know what? At the moment they are too little to understand the situation... so I figure I have a few more years of 'stoopid' before I have to change my ways and act right:-)

I drank so much beer... I think I have a beer belly now... well it's growing:-)
My big disappointment was South forf ranch- a.k.a J.R Ewing's home from Dallas. OMG... it was sooooo small and not impressive at all. I was going to ask for my refund because I was not happy with it. They had to explain to us that TV adds ten pounds...and the swimming pool was made to look big by having everyone pretend to swim fast and stuff... I have lost my faith in TV. Not that I was ever a big fan of TV, but that was not cool man!

Monday night goes out to Yummy Gummy...:-)

I am sooo not looking forward to going to work tomorrow.

ok... the pics are not in order coz I am too lazy to put them in logical order, but enjoy them anyway:-)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

DC United 2- Charleston 1 lucky shot!

DC united missed a lot of good shots, Emilio wasn't playing, but that's no excuse. We won, but they really could have done better that what they did today. Great defense. Charleston is full of big babies... they fell and "couldn't" get up several times. I was like just suck it up and take it like a man you whiney punks!

Oh the game was soooooo cool!!! Seriously... We had extra great seats...well we stood for most of the game coz we had to sing the whole time. My voice is so hoarse...never sung that much in my life...ahhhh we sang stuff about being the greatest...shitting on charleston...and something about puta's and vamos esta noche... and now I smell like beer and bonfires! They lit smoke thingy's and they spilt beer on us when we scored and when people felt like it... my hair is a mess. I had fun. The beer was $7 for a cup of miller lite, and $4 for bottled water. If that's not highway robbery, I don't know what is!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Calling all soccer fans in the area!

Okay tomorrow is DC United's big game and if you live in the area it would be great if you could come out and cheer or do whatever you guys do at games:-)

I am a member of the tailgaters/cheerleaders/beerdrinkers of the football team, so it is my duty to invite you all to participate...and hope we win:-)
DC United is playing Charleston Battery (South Carolina).
Charleston has been pretty sucky the last few games so we might stand a chance! This is the Open Cup so it's a pretty serious game...I am giddy with excitement:-)

So any way, if anybody is free around 7:30pm....go to the game or send some positive vibes...

Monday, September 01, 2008

Exactry fye ifyo fine!

So McCain picked Palin...I think it's on and poppin now!

I had a great time this weekend! As usual.... friday I met up with the girls for sushi, shopping and drinks. This went on for the whole night. I didn't get into bed till midnight... then my mum called just then. Then I went to bed, and some idiot called me at 7am to play a song for me from their you don't understand....I have no clue who that guy was, but I picked the phone up twice and he was like hold on...and played some stoopid song. So the third time, I let it go to voice mail, then I guess he figured out he had the wrong number... then the calls stopped. I would have cussed him out if he called again and I was ready!.

Saturday morning, I was at the mall as soon as it opened to find a dress for my friend's wedding...I know, I'm a slacker... was born that way:-) Well I went to several stores starting with my fav cheap stores... because I'm cheap:-) I went to Filenes basement and Burlington. After I had no luck at those stores...I went just about everywhere else-- nordstoms, bebe, limited, express, some shady looking store-- Then finally, Eureka!!! White house black market. I found the perfect dress and the perfect accessories.
This is how perfect it was: when my "date" (lol) came he said "wow, you look amazing". Then the neighbour (the lady I got mad at coz she asked me to turn down my music) she said "you look gorgeous!", then I got to the wedding and a million people who I don't know said I looked fantastic. I was on cloud nine thinking I was about the combination of Naomi Campbell and Oluchi!

My elation continued when we went to 13th floor belvedere...and got almost the same reaction from strangers. Any way...enough about me. I iwll post pictures when they become available. I bought a small camera to fit in my small purse, but like they say-- you get what you pay for. It was cheap for a reason. I took one lousy photo after another. So I will wait till the other's post pictures and "borrow" from there.

BTW The view of the city from the Belvedere is breath taking! it's just so amazing-- not more than me of course, but a great beauty nonetheless:-) lol

Oh and to the Zambian's, I am sure you have all received the Cynthia Kanema email by now. All I can say is...WTF??? why do people feel the need to involve other's in their spats? so what if the Folotiya dude and other's are tapping her ass? I mean get over it! If she's a ho, so are the men!!! If the lady seriously thinks about it, she will see that her husband is probably bad mouthing cynthia coz he either couldn't get any or was turned down for round 2. As much as I find those emails entertaining... it's a bit much at times.

Any hoo, I have casualties of war aches and pains from Saturday. Serves me right though, and I aint complaining:-) I feel like I experienced Bosnia and Vietnam all at once. I have to go soak my body for a while and see what happens.

Oh and guess who isn't working tomorrow??? that's right!!! me:-) I am also planning to be in Texas this week, so I am hoping Gustav, Hanna and Ike don't get in my way! So keep me in your prayers. I really want to go. They say EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas and a sista's gotta check it out for a herself! I also want to see J.R's ranch and some other texan stuff:-) G.Dubya's there at the moment-- hey, maybe we'll link up:-) What happens in Texas gets deleted from all cameras:-)...just kidding. I will be a perfect role model.

I watched "there will be blood" today and I was not amused. What the hell was that? the movie is as bad as 'monsters ball'... I was really disappointed because of the great reviews it had. Sometimes I am not sure if I am seeing the same thing as other people.

BTW...I wonder when the elections are in Zambia...I just might stand for president:-) LOLOL. Start my own party and stuff...and you my loyal readers can be nominated as anything you want except president because I said it first.