Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A country belongs to its poor

that is Manena's theory on state and structure!

I believe that a country belongs to those that can not afford to leave it. The reason it can not belong to the rich is that, if things aren't going well, they have the opportunity to get out and live in another country!

Oh school and i are bonding today, and i no longer feel like a dummy... I think i'm getting there its pretty exciting. Being the adult student in the class seems managable...who knows?

I also want Koffi Annans job... so he better watch out!

any way I need to force myself to sleep as i have to go to work at 5a.m really sucky, but worth the sacrifice!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


okay, so i know its been a while since i last wrote, but you know what...a lot has been going on!

well last week i wrote a whole thing about teachers in baltimore city and the debate they had on NPR, but then it didn't save, and i was too lazy to write it over. The bottom line was, why are children not held responsible for their academic achievements????

Surviver's new episode has races against each other...interesting. I didn't believe their theory that in places people tend to stick together by race...but then i went to a training session last week, and lo and behold, the asians sat in the row in front of me, the white people sat in the row accross from me, and all the black people sat besides that was really funny!

Oh then i had 2 people i know threaten to commit suicide in the same week...drama for your mama.

Then school started, my stress level has increased by like 1000% i am quetsioning my self about choices i have made and all this other crazy stuff! well we'll see as time goes on. Many people feel i'm crazy for pursuing something that wont pay me as much as the job i do right now... but something tells me i'm on the right path...and even if i'm not... its okay right?

and 2 people i haven't heard from in like a looooooooooong time called me out of the blues! its really crazy!

Finally, 2 of my instructors have stressedthe importance of reading the news...:) i love life. it always amazes me!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

White supremists

These people never cease to amuse me!! So on a nice summer night, instead of swimming, or relaxing outside...these punks decide to go spraying racial slurs on cars????

Well to be honest, i would not move into that area with all those attacks going on. Just the other year, they burnt down some new homes being built in the area for fear of "minorities" moving in. Tough cookies!!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

JonBenet Ramsey

So finally there is justice for someone in the world.....and the sicko Karr declared that he loved her....what an ass hole! too bad her mother died before this psycho was caught!

I don't know what I would have done if someone had killed my daughter and i couldn't find out who... extremely devastating!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

World call for HIV testing

So there's a call for all of us to have our HIV tests done by the world health organization... and i found it soooooo funny that the doctor making the calls name is "De Cock" thats soooooo flippin hillarious. He made it hard for me to concentrate on the important stuff he was trying to say with his funny name! but i suppose the bottom line is-- get tested people! know your status!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Airlines and A-rabs

So the Dar-gon A-rabs just messed up our lives again right? now you can't bring your own booze in the hand laguage when you fly! damned those terrorists! they don't even drink alcohol and they should have been sensitive to our needs and not used liquids!

I think they seriously need to send out memo's before they do things so we can go over it with them and evaluate the damned plans before we all have to start taking ships to other continents. I would seriously like to understand what they will achieve by killing many people. What exactly did september 11 2001 achieve for them???

Thursday, August 10, 2006

typical black neighborhood

*fried chicken store...i.e Tyrones fried chicken a.k.a TFC baby!
*liquor store
*bail bond place-
*little place of worship
*chinese nic-nac store with the bullet proof glass around the store owners.
*few houses in between and the cycle continues!
I digress:

The country is apparently on "code red" exactly what does that mean? should I have a bag packed ready to start running when all hell breaks loose..., should I have a months supply of food in the house? a years? should we be heading out of the country like the lebanese? or maybe move to utah, iowa...etc I don't suppose the terrorists would want to go there. Also, how is red different from other codes? do we assume when we're on code yellow we're 'safe'? or should we just keep a standard bag packed and ready for war???

more digression:

Fantasia barino has a new movie coming out and i'm going to watch it! whatchu gon do 'bout it?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

I am surprised the BBC beat me to this story! I remember doing a paper on this in college, and i am glad once again, that I was not born in the parts of the world that practice this B.S! Some people that wrote into the forum on BBC are weiredos... how about, one said that when your wife is circumcised you can trust her....and another said that she/he hasn't seen any woman who suffers from complications from FGM because the circumcision is done by proffessionals. well maybe in her hood its done correctly, but what about the refugees from sudan...a great many are moslem and practice this.... they are too poor to afford real equipment for proper surgical removal of all "unwanted" female parts. Do we know how many die in the process or how many have complications with child labor and delivery?
In this debate, we learn of the quote from the quran, where mohammed "don't cut off too much" or "don't cut off as much as you would like" isn't that discouraging the process? or doesn't he seem like he's promoting hoodectomy? which most women like because it removes a little of the skin from the clitoris and makes it more pleasurable for her... you know like male circumcision. Also if this is religious.... why would God make you with parts that you don't need? I can't think of anything on my body that I don't need. Well the extra fat... but that's not from God.... that's from me and my gluttony! Besides, in the Zambian community...its just extra padding!
There are 3 types of circumcision...
The skin in type 2 and 3 is held together by thorns or sewn closed with anything available. when its time for child labour... the opening of the vigina has to be torn open again for the baby to come out...then sewn shut for youur husbands pleasure... then opened again for your second child, then sewn get the picture. This opening and sewing causes tissue to harden making it harder and more painful every time its done again. And if its shut too tight, i think hubby has to cut it open a little bit before sex if he needs to.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


My last day with the little girl is tomorrow... I feel a little sad....I was getting used to this! Well apart from our one tiff the othe rnight, she has been soooooooo well behaved its unbelievable! I wasn't home with her today, but I called to check up on her and I was told she has been doing everything exactly as I asked her to...! that's awesome! She also called me "just to say hi" so I guess we've really bonded...:) I'm just sooo good at this PR stuff!

Today was girls night out and I think I laughed a tad bit too much. None of us had any alcoholic bevarages because its almost that time of the month and I'm bloated...and my boobs swelled and I should be in a bad mood...but not till next week I think. The joys of being a woman...

I have to work tomorrow... yeah looking forward to some sunday activity. I also have what I think will be a great gig monday... they will have me working in the easiest place possible. I can't wait! besides, my manager said if I like it, I can have the position forever. So keep your fingers crossed that I'll love it.

I think working the 3-11 shift has turned me into a night owl... what to do...?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I'm Laughing My Arse Off! I think the little girl is mad at me!!! teeheeheehee! its soooooo flipping funny... well i was only telling her truth!!! My bed is past her bed...and she normally sleeps after me... so i am really scared to go to bed.... she seems like she'll have my head tonite...teeheeheehee... oh my... i guess i had too much wine... i am tooo amused with her right now!


Why is it that the world seems to have more naysayers than people that want to encourage me? you can not believe how many people tell me what they think I should do and how often they think I am making a mistake in my life. So far I am still alive and well without using any of their ideas!!!

Recently when i was changing/ quitting my job, I had a million and one people tell me I wasn't going to make it without that job....its been a month and i haven't been evicted, nor have I slept hungry. I will not live my life scared to take chances anymore...I have nothing to loose really...and if I die trying, at leasts I can say I tried right? I have worked too damned hard to get to where I am today, and I am not about to risk it all playing some dumb game. But, by the same token, I wont just sit idle, and wait for my future. I am going after it!

Coz seriously, if I was going to die this early... I would have died when I lived in the shady part of west Baltimore. You all remember that when I first moved to Baltimore without a credit history and all that good stuff that I need to get an apartment, I lived in some shady area where drugs were sold at every corner and gunshots were a nightly activity. I used to get off work at 10pm and take 2 buses from one end of town to another... and get home at midnight to be met in the street by rude rats the size of cats and some slim shady wanna be's. Every weekend the popo were on heavy patrol and collected several of the guys on a regular basis.

Now, if i survived that shit...and my mama... you can throw me Bosnia, Rwanda and Iraq...and I can survive them too! So whats a little life crisis??? People, learn to loosen up when you're speaking in terms of "manena" I'm a surviver...and I will keep on trekking, aint no shame in my game!

I aint got my college money together yet and school starts at the end of this month:) so for those of you that wnat to help a sista out, I take Visa, Mastercard, cash and money orders only. I don't trust y'all's personal checks!
oh and I really miss you!!!. ( You know who you are)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fidel Castro

so Fidel is on his way out I guess... he's getting old and somehow I feel a little saddened that we're loosing some of the worlds great leaders. I know in most peoples eye... especially in the US, Fidel is like a monster of some kind. My thing is, certain countries need a dictator...look at what his done with the country. 98% literacy and health care available to all??? thats awesome!! Zambia is "a democratic republic" and we neither have that high of a literacy level nor health care for all. So who said a communist dictator is bad? we would take him any day in Zambia if he could achieve the same results.

Viva Fidel Castro!!!