Monday, April 30, 2007

Shopping is Therapy.

It is pretty common knowledge that I love shopping but hate crowds...:) I also love Fridays...not sure why...
Saturday I was only supposed to attend a birthday lunch...which was conveniently going to take place near a strip mall...So its understandable that I came home with the "perfect" dress, and the "perfect" make up! Seriously, if you suffer from low self esteem, or if you're having a bad day...go shopping! The make up artist was like "oh you have such BEAUTIFUL skin, you don't need make up, we can try if you like...OMG you look even better with it on...the eye shadow is just perfect for you!" I knew she was B.S'ing, but what the heck, my esteem rose to 110%. Then I went to look at dresses, and I walked out to show my friends...and I got ooohh's and aahhh's from strangers and thought...screw credit card debt! I'll make shopping a habit:) Halle berry who??? the new name in town is MANENA!!! hot chicks come with love handles these days...didn't you get the memo?

Then twiddle-dumb and twiddle-dumber my accomplices, were planning a trip for us to go to Costa Rica which happens to coincide with my trip to engy, so i said to them, that I would have to look into visa requirements and the likes...
Twiddle-dumb: but why would you need a visa when you have a passport?
Twiddle-dumber: yeah...a passport is used in place of a can use either!
Me: you heifers know we've had this conversation before! Visa is not a passport!
Twiddle dumb: well the travel agent said all I needed was a passport.
Me: again...traveling on an American Passport doesn't carry the same requirements as traveling on a Zambian passport. I told you that when we were planning our trip to Italy...(which has been forgotten)
Twiddle-dumber: oh yeah, I forgot you foreign people are terrorists!
Me: *eyes rolling* and *rude finger signs* I'm not A-rab!
This is my punishment for hanging out with blonde headed ho's (can I say that?), they ask the same damn questions over and over and over and over...and its not like they listen to my response...coz they don't pay me any attention at all, then they wonder why they don't learn anything! Twindle-dumb is paying for the we owe her big time...but honey you need to pay attention when I speak! everything that comes out of my mouth is IMPORTANT! And if you give me a rude'll never get your money back:-)
And another thing, I am TIRED of dealing with other people's marital issues! I HATE public arguments between couples! No matter how many vague responses I give, they keep calling me! Its fine if you just want to talk, but to involve me??? "what do you think he means? don't you think he's crazy?"...sorry love, I have no clue...the only ring on my finger is a rosary...besides, I am not married to your husband, I don't know what he means! "my wife did this coz she's crazy, why don't you talk to her"...ah no honey, she's YOUR wife, not talk to her! There's a reason I am not a psychologist. Please pay one to sort out your issues. I have enough problems trying to sort out the WHY's in my life! The couples I'm talking about know who they are... don't call me no mo' with your questions, especially if you refuse to go for marital counseling! You're disturbing the feng shui of my house and my beautiful aura...okay?

aaahhhhhhhh! now that I'm liberated, I'm going to eat a huge bowl of chocolate pudding and learn more about that new pill which increases libido and decreases appetite:)

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Who needs T.V when there's all this drama in the world to see?
1. lady, how does your 6 year old have suicidal tendancies, with a plan on how she'll do it?

2. Dude, how do you agree to be the baby daddy of a lady you just met who had checked you out first through your doctors records?...don't even get me started on ethics!

3. Zambian women have turned gangster! The Daily mail has it that one lady hired a hit man to shoot her husbands girlfriend recently, but the dumbasses that went to do it left a witness behind, so wifey has been arrested! what the heck happened to the good old days when wives used to go with some friends to beat up the man snatcher, break the windows of her house or car, put some hot chilli peppers in her punani and maybe splash some hot cooking oil on her body???? lol...but seriously, does intended murder ever solve anything??? Is she worth you going to jail and never seeing your kids again lady? better yet, is any man worth that kind of hussle? (I'll rephrase that when I'm married to Bill Gates:)

4. A group of somebodies are planning to do a series of Impeach Cheney things. Well I was imformed yesterday by a Dennis Kucinich fan that he was filling articles of impeachment for Dick (ha ha) yesterday. Today I think I was informed that they are hanging a banner with the words impeach, and that they would have a sleep out at the mall and spell out the words impeach:) These dudes are serious...they made tee shirts man! I am only putting it out there coz the media probably wont.

5. The above info really does nothing for me because I am neither a democrat nor a republican and probably will never be either. I do not agree with abortion, so that cuts me out of the Democratic party, and I do not agree with guns, which boots me out of the Republican party!

6. There's also an awareness for displaced people in D.C this weekend. I can not remember which organization is doing it, but the kids at the school invited me along. I am not going because I found out you have to sleep in a sleeping bag on the grass to get the experience! first of all I have slept on enough floors at various funerals. Next, sleeping outside in the city with a group of your friends is not as dangerous as sleeping in the woods and running for your life before janjaweeds or the lions get you!

7. What is the point of having the capacity to speak, but not being able to state your opinion?????????????????????

p/s: you don't even want to KNOW what dinner is today!:)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend review

The stripper was cancelled for various reasons...I guess I was never meant to see one now. No free peek shows for me I'm afraid:)
So any way I saw 'Namesake' at the recommendation of Mwabi *hello*(www. )I had read the book because I thing Jhumpa Lahiri is an awesome writter and Mira Nair is a good producer, but I am not sure I was impressed with them working together. As usual the book was far better than the movie.
The catch though was that I was supposed to see an Ingmar Bergman revival series at my favourite cinema in Baltimore. I am not allowed to comment on the Bergman stuff coz I'll be in trouble with the fan that sent me there:)

I also finally saw Rent...and all I can say is, I don't get it!!! It was a waste of a whole hour of my life which I will never get back. For some reason I couldn't turn it off coz i kept thinking it would get better and I would finally understand why it was a big deal...but that moment never came and I was glad the show was over!

Yesterday I ate myself silly and enjoyed reports from the Nigerian and French polls. Only in Africa does a guy think he won by 70% when there are reports of ballots not getting to places and people killed going to the polls!

Three Cheers for Zambia!!!

Our very own Nobel green prize! Ofcourse it had to be a Tonga to win it!!! *smile* and ofcourse Zambian Tonga's have an obsession with the letter H, so his name had to be 'Hammaskjold' just as good as Hamusonde, Hamoonga, I am just playing with you Tonga peeps!

I was very impressed with the recognition especially with the growing 'green' trend. I can't even imagine how much work this man has to do!

Viva Zambia! and Viva Hammaskjold Simwinga! you have done us proud dude!!! I am very honored to belong to the same country as you! The elephants thank you too i'm sure:)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

French Elections

I just found out something interesting. The laws state that telly stations have to allow each person vying for president equal air time before elections! So everyone gets a fair chance to say their piece...yes, even the village idiot! How democratic! ofcourse you would have to listen to your leader of choice and several imbeciles...but who cares?
The person I would avoid would be Le Pen, for obvious reasons, which really don't matter because I don't live there. I would also like Segolene to win because I'm a bigot and she's the front running woman. Simple as that.(and she was born in Senegal)
My mother was one of the pioneers of womens rights in Zambia...she got on the governments nerves and she sort of rubbed off on me. So I am definitely pro-advancement of women. My sex comes before my nationality...wait I need to think this over...don't believe that statement yet:)
It would be hilarious though if Besancenot won...he's so refreshing! He reminds me of Oliver from the 1970's/80's cartoon 'Kid Power'...yeah...who knows what year that cartoon was made??? we were used to re-runs in Zed. Punky Brewster anyone???

it's official!

I have the most disgusting job in the world! Not only do I get to play in people's poop, rotting wounds, pee, puke and snot...I also get to pluck lice out of their heads!
For the first time today, in my 20:) years of existence, I got to see a real louse! then because I am a drama queen...I spent hours disinfecting myself with lice spray and lysol...those suckers were not going home with me!!!
Frankly...I prefer to play in poop:)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stop press!!!

You know how everything has to be about me???? well this aint no different! read on...except if you're my little brother, or father Matt:)
Saturday's party at my friends house is going to have a stripper!!! isn't that exciting? My first strip show!!!! (I know right? I am so far behind!)So I casually told my friends if they were good friends, they could get me a stripper for my birthday...and they said they WILL if I am good!! Those tricky cows know I'll fall off the wagon soon and do something bad, so i wont hold my breath...but I will sure be screaming the loudest when Mr "Hardrock cafe" takes his shirt off:)

aaaahhh, it takes so little to make me happy:)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Those of you with young daughters in Maryland need to know this. As a health care professional it is actually against HIPPA for me to even acknowledge to a parent that their daughter is on birth control or had an abortion without the daughter's permission. The kids still can't legally drink alcohol, nor can they vote though.

Maryland's Minor Consent Law (Article 20-102 of the Maryland Annotated Code)

This law permits minors to receive contraceptive services on a confidential basis. The law states that “a minor has the same capacity as an adult to consent to treatment for or advice about drug abuse, alcoholism, venereal disease, pregnancy, and contraception other than sterilization.” This means minors can get the following services without parental knowledge or consent:

Pregnancy testing
Birth control
Testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

Maryland's Parental Notification for Abortion Law (Article 20-103 of the Maryland Annotated Code)

Maryland law requires that one parent or guardian be notified before a minor has an abortion. The parent/guardian does not need to consent (agree) with the minor's choice, but does need to know the minor is planning to have an abortion. Maryland's parental notification law says specifically that no notification is required if, in the judgment of the doctor performing the abortion:

1)The minor is mature and capable of giving her informed consent to the procedure, OR
2)Notification would not be in the minor's best interest, OR
3)Notice may lead to physical or emotional abuse of the minor, OR
4)The minor patient does not live with her parent or guardian, OR
5)A reasonable effort to give notice has been unsuccessful.

And don't you just love the media??? I love the stress on the fact that the VT shooter was Korean, even though he has permanent residency and has lived here for the past 15-ish years (technically after 10 years you can file for citizenship). According to McCain, lets keep the guns in the hands of law abiding citizens...Ummm...the dude was law abiding before he went on a shooting spree! Lets stress that the shooter was Korean so it appears like a one off thing because...well Americans don't go around shooting one another!
Side bar:
My friends sister in Law goes to VT, they finally heard from her and she's alive...a friend of her's though is feared dead. By the time my friend and I were going to lunch yesterday, we were unsure if er sister in law was okay.

Easy forgiveness or short memories?

It's amazing how easily Zambians forget or forgive. I am not even sure if we forget, forgive or just move on because we have too many things to worry about. I just finished reading Andrew Sardanis's(a.k.a Andreas sortiris Sardanis)book 'Africa- Another Side Of The Coin'...and I would like to say wow! It is so easy to point fingers. While Zambia's adopted son (Sardanis) makes some great statements about africa not being a lost cause
This is the cynical view of the West and many other parts of the world. The old colonial powers lament the deplorable state of the ex-colonies, the misadministration, the corruption, the poverty, the famines, the wars and the un-stoppable spread of AIDS. Many, some Africans included, look back on the colonial period as the golden age of Africa and regret its passing. I do not subscribe to this view… But I am not about to malign it either.

and gives an excellent account of Zambian history circa 1950's. I just don't think it should have been given the hype that it was given based on the fact that monsieur Sardanis is still living la dolce vita after being the god-father of the Meridian Bank scandal! The Meridian Bank scandal is the Zambian equivalent of the Enron and many people suffered and are probably still suffering from the loss of their money while the designers of the issue walk about scott free rolling in money and criticising the government.
In fact, Sardanis now owns one of the largest lodges in Zambia which I am guilty of having enjoyed and which i have just advertised...oopsy! I feel his lodge and his books should have been boycotted! Sadly there aren't that many Zambian authors and there are few spots of interest to hang out at in so he's lucky he'll stay in business.

I know I have some relatives that were also part of the scandal but I can not boycott them:) but can try to apologise for their part.

The Zambian community has done an awesome job at moving on and have that whole 'ubuntu' thing going. I who is blameless and without sin on the other hand find joy in casting stones at others:) Pick up Sardanis's books when you get the chance. If anything, they are an interesting read.

p/s: the picture is of me with Mr and Mrs Sardanis at Chaminuka...I was hoping to get adopted, but they didn't seem interested:)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech University shooting

if this doesn't validate my posting the other day about stricter measures of gun control...I am not sure what will.
Why should guns be available to sick bastards like this guy?????
If we can get people fired for saying the wrong words...why can't we use that same passion into getting gun laws changed...because this is really getting out of hand!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

In boca al lupo!

The weekend is over too soon yet again...well not for me...but for the rest of you:) I am back to my normal schedule of wednesday to friday--yes. 3 lovely work days a week only. Such bliss! I have actually been working on some policies and procedures at work, and any one that has done that can tell you how tedious it is. So in my defense, I do deserve the 4 days off thing. Its funny someone at work complained that I don't talk much. Verily I say to you co-worker...once you get me started, I will never stop! Ask those that *know* me. The people at my last job swore they created a monster:)
So lets see, friday I hosted pizza and wine night, quite nice really. We had pizza from because i was in the mood for brick oven pizza and their hummus is just slurping good! I would make a ridiculous food critic I know! Afterwards it was off to Bethesda where I spent most of my weekend. I would like to say I was productive today...but I would be lying...and it is sunday, so i'll pretend nothing happened. J and I spent several hours people bashing. Who knows? we might have bashed you too!!! other than that, I guess I've just been farting and picking my nose:)
So based on the title of this blog, I need all the luck I can get. I am about to do something, which hopefully wont cost much...oh talking about cost I just realized I haven't seen my mummy in a whole year*...sob...sob...sniff* She was supposed to come this year because she got a full scholarship to Georgetown University, and she turned it down because she wont be allowed to work on her visa. Well she hasn't responded yet, but she pretty much told me she's too old to be sitting around. I told her she can work on campus...but I think she's too scared to leave Zed for long periods though she can't face it. Oh did I tell you I free lance as a psychiatrist?:) lol...that's only coz I hang out with too many retards!

Talking about retards...I don't care what you say...I will always be cautious around Germans and Boers! Yes M.W, I'm watching you too, even though you're only quarter German. My people aren't safe around y'all:) lol, let me stop!

As you can tell I am dead bored, I am waiting for my friend to get off work, so we can hang out. The Telly is on, but there's really nothing of interest for me to watch. Any way you can help a sista by calling...or not...its just that I have a small addiction to my phone:) Enjoy the pictures of my beautiful face:)
FYI: Manena: three - Opponent: Love! I win!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


agony is: going into an organization with the aim of punishing/ fighting corrupt leaders of under developed countries... then you are found out to be using your clout (corruption?) to promote a girlfriend's career!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stem cell debate

S-5 and S-30 both just passed...and because I'm a bored cow I watched the whole thing on CSPAN.
The simplified difference between the two is that S-5 is the use of viable embryo's and S-30 is the use of naturally dead ones...or something like that.
Listening to both sides for an against, I picked 2 people or things said that I liked. Senator Orrin Hatch made a very powerful statement, he said something in the lines of "pro-life is not just caring for the unborn, its also caring for the living." Majority of the time us pro-lifers seem to forget that the living also count because we seem to put enthesis on the unborn.
The other person of note for me would be Senator Brownback...indeed if $613 million dollars have been spent on stem cell research and there have been zero results, is it economically sound to keep putting money in it???

On the one hand I can understand what the one group is saying when they stress that the emryo's used are from left over in vitro fertilization. If the embryo's will be thrown away and distroyed any way, why not use them to create hope for a cure for people with incurable diseases? (ignore the money lost). Surely if it is wrong to use those embryo's shouldn't we be fighting to ban in vitro fertilization for the sheer reason that it leaves over fertilized eggs that are in actual fact living beings?

What we need to remember though about in vitro is that not all eggs are fertilized, and they go to waste just like the many eggs we women lose per year. The sperm is also wasted, just like men lose...when they do big people stuff:) sometimes in in vitro only one egg out of many gets fertilized and other times a big batch does.
Any way I enjoyed listening to the debate.

On a lighter note. I am H.A.P.P.Y? because I saved a life today!!! I have used 911 several times this week, and I figure they will black list me! At 4a.m today was the worst because I called 911 not knowing whether I heard a cry for help or not. I must have sounded crazy because I thought I was aroused by someone calling "help me" so I tried to explain to the dispatcher what I thought i heard and the fact that I couldn't call my neighbour because I am antisocial and have no clue who they are. So any way two fine looking cops walked into my house giving me the "u must be the crazy lady" look, they went to look at the house that I suspected the shout came from, and lo and behold, he was in a hypoglycemic state and couldn't move. The cops came back to give me high fives for being right. I would have been so embarrassed if I was wrong. Thank God I'm always right:)
The other day when I called 911 eight walking testosterones showed up and I almost fainted just so they could resuscitate me!! This has all been in one week! I am such a life saver:) My neighbour and I though are now finally even for the fireplace incident:) lol! He owes me one.


ok. a few quick words on "the Imus" scandal.

How many rap songs and 'black' comedians have used the terms "nappy headed" and "ho's"???? why is it funny when the latter do it?

Are we as a society mad that it was a white man (trying to be funny) that used the terms together?
Why isn't sharpton calling for the music industry to drop rappers that use those terms? aren't rappers and media people entertainers? Imus being suspended is just a little vay cay that he needed and is taking...

How can we expect people to have respect for us if we do not have respect for ourselves? why be two faced? isn't it racist to use certain words and tell others of another race they can't say those same words? my niggaz?

eh? very soon I wont be able to tell blonde jokes coz the blonde society will be asking for my removal from the country...

Wha'a gwan man???

When I am Silent

When I am silent
It's not that I am deaf, dumb or blind
or that you're far from my mind
When I am silent
My confusion kicks in
there's quite a turmoil within
When I am silent
I'm still there
I'm still me
Just Silent

Monday, April 09, 2007

Guns and Violence

Okay, so if you buy a gun…isn’t that intent in itself? If you think about it, you buy the gun with the intention to use it on something or someone. If all you wnated was to look at it, you could have bought a toy gun. Before you gun-totting looney-toons send me hate mail… I have heard your little "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Argument. For one thing this part of the constitution made sense at the time that it was written. This day and age, it doesn’t make sense because its used for more than just security of the state! Just today, the news has that one guy that was fired/laid off/ whatever who went out to shoot his former co-workers. Or, the guy that went to the Amish school to shoot kids he didn’t even know, and columbine? etc. Should we now start requiring that all gun holders report themselves on their employee sheets, or at parties, or in shopping malls so we know not to piss them off?

I don’t understand why smoking can be banned because second hand smoke can kill others, or if having STD’s or T.B is reportable so that others are prevented from getting it and if you do not comply as with the guy last week in the new- they put you in quarantine so that you do not kill others with your germy self! Why aren’t people with guns thoroughly checked for mental stability to make sure they aren’t the kind to go around killing innocent people?

Guns don’t kill people- people kill people. Indeed. Guns though give you wings that you otherwise didn’t have, and a quicker means to end someone’s life. When you are pissed off, you can quickly grab a gun and just aim. Who cares if you blow off people that really didn’t do anything to you? YOU have the right to bear arms!

So please friends and co-workers, or future friends and future co-workers. Let me know if you own guns so I can stay away from your dumb selves!

Photo borrowed from some website that i forgot.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Alleluia, Alleluia , Alleluia!

Happy easter to all of you...yes even you pagan P!
I am having some fatigue issues...maybe its mono???lol....
any way friday was a sheer waste of a few hours...I could have stayed home sleeping, but I was asked to "fill" in at work. Almost everyone was away and i practically sat at work all day doing nothing! I was actually begging people to get sick so I could have someone to was pathetic! Then we went out for dinner...then i fell asleep...then i woke up- saturday.
I find easter rather depressing because I get really home sick. I am convinced no one can do easter like Saint Dominic's in zed. The easter triduum is like the biggest celebration of the church and they go all out. I am talking goats laid at the altar, liturgical Dancers, the lighting of the funeral fire....and the big ALLELUIA! So this year instead of going to my usuall church and getting irritated by Monsignor Tinder's bigoted views (ref: )I opted instead to attend mass at Saint Peter's Basilica via EWTN and play my own Zambian catholic CD' was bangin' in sister Manena's house!! The only thing I didn't have was the eucharist and that's fine coz I didn't go to confession friday:) So since I cheated, easter came early for me. When the bells rang in saint Peter' was easter for me too! That left me with enuff time to go meet my aunt so we could get the program ready for mama C.K's memorial...and without giving away too much, you guys going for the memorial will be much impressed! After several blonde moments we got it together, and i can say that I'm not only pretty but talented too, and ofcourse modest:)
I will leave you all with one of my fav Chewa hymn:

a jehova, chikondi canu, ni co dabwitsa anthu! munalenga ziko lo kongola. ci kondi canu sinditha ku chinvesa mu na pasa anthu o chimwa moyo wa uthali co linga kuthi alape athembenuke. Mu na thulusa chi baraba mu dende. Baraba chinali chigawenga co paya anthu. Muna manga yesu o funa kuti pulumutsa.

A mayi Maria, munkhale nkoswe yanga. Ine Mwana wanu o chimwa monga nkhosa yo sochela, ndigwireni zanja. Mu ndipelekedze kwa ambuye, belu yanga ya lila kupuma kuli kundisiya. Moyo wanga uli ku bitsala naga ndi tawile kuti, kwa satana kulibe malo. Nkhululukileni a mbuye wanga.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The I word.

Most citizens of "developed"/ "first world" nations shudder when they hear the word Immigration...especially when its preceded by the word illegal.
Most recently I came across a college students blog here in Maryland and she was bemoaning a lack of support from the new Governor O'malley for wanting to sign a bill that will permit undocumented aliens (that have completed high school in the state of maryland)to get in-state tuition. Now I personally don't see wnything wrong with this because these are kids have probably lived here their whole lives and their parents brought them here. They graduate from high school and need a fair chance at college. In order for them to pay out of state tuition, they probably need to get on a student visa or something...which would mean returning to the country of their birth...which would probbly mean not being able to get a visa back here so screw that option!
The other thing I saw today was on the BBC Now this is an interesting story because if you think about it from a business perspective, I do not agree as others that President Dabya should make all illegals legal, for that really wont fix the problem as more will come in and do the exact thing. It will help for the moment. My proposal is...make a new visa category for south America. With this new visa, the goverment can make a cap as to how many people enter from that region and require them to pay whatever coyotes charge them to come across deadly ground. They would also need to reduce most of the questions they ask at the visa check point. Now I am not saying blindly let Ahmed in from Mexico... do a background check and ask only minimal questions regarding their plans.
If you are well accustomed to getting visas to developed nations you somewhat know what they ask...they have key phrases that they want you to say and standard things that they want to see...sometimes there are things that are too complicated for one to explain to visa officials...such as you have relatives that will allow you to stay with them for free and you can't show that you have the finaces to live in a certain country. There are a few other minor issues that you know will be okay when you get where you're going, but visa officials want you to show proof of things you can't produce...its crazy!
Many people that don't deal with immigration and have never had to get a visa in their lives think its the easiest thing to do..."why don't they just get citizenship or a legal visa?" they ask...well its not that easy....simple as that!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Letter to my Brother

My dearest brother,
You whom I love. Who is first in line for my organs if needed. I have known you since you were born. I remember watching you many nights as you slept, praying over you that were the house attacked may they kill me before you. Even now, I hope that you will live to be at my funeral and not the other way round.
I have watched you grow with my opinion of you changing at each stage from adorable to annoying to amazing. I can not tell you how proud you have made me over the years and I can only wish the best for you and hope that you will do more amazing things in your life.
We do not talk about it often, but I know the hardships you have endured. I know it’s a problem for you that dad is not there and died way too early for you to have known him. He had his faults, but who doesn’t? I would have preferred for him to be here so you could learn from his mistakes or from whatever he did right so it could help you in your journey to manhood.
We had a very difficult conversation this evening, and I knew it would come one day and I have feared this day. I told you before that I had been having disturbing dreams about someone taking you away and I would always wake up in tears. I explained to you that the reason I was having those dreams was because I needed to learn that you are your own person and I need to let you make your own mistakes through trial and error. You are always about 8-11 years old in my dreams, which is probably how I will always remember you. In my most recent dream this week, I accepted what you had to say and I just held you. I did not cry this time. I just prayed and held you.
Like I said to you earlier there are things in life that are hard to explain. It’s like the law school versus music career conversation we had a few years back. You woke up one day and saw where I was coming from. I feel the path you ‘might’ choose is the wrong one for you because I have seen it not work for a countless number of people. My feelings about the subject could also just be my prejudice, and I am somewhat ashamed to admit it. Religion and faith are two things no one can chose for you in a free society.
I have crossed the line with you many times by defaulting to the position of ‘mum’ and not sister, and as ‘mum’ I am having a hard time accepting that it’s time to let go and let you find your own path. At times I feel the worl is waiting to take advantage of you. There are questions in your life that I can not answer for you, and I am glad you have found what/ who can.
I will always support you even when we disagree. God made sure we were born in the same family for a reason. He just forgot to give me a 'being sister' manual.
Use your judgment. You are probably smarter than me….nah! Who I’m I kidding? We all know I’m smarter Live your life to the fullest. It is YOUR life to live.
To handle yourself, use your head, to handle others use your heart.

FYI: I did cry when I wrote this because I am a foolish lady… and with your help, I will eventually learn to be less judgmental and just let you be you.
Je t’aime.

Days are longer in Zambia!

I know I am not the only one that has noticed that days seem to be longer in Zambia than they are in the USA. I remember waking up at 8a.m to run errands and I would be done by noon and twiddling my thumbs! Now here, I wake up at 8a.m and I am still late for things and I am never done by evening. Maybe its coz there's more to see and the bush girl in me likes to go sight seeing in the city...but it just amazes me that I always ran out of time!!

Friday, we went out for Lady P's birthday to our favorite spot Yummy yummy fresh and tender I could have some now! The service wans't as good as usual, the towels we'ren't as warm as usual and dinner came late...but it was worth the wait!
I came home with a new motto..."do not wait to celebrate" isn't that so cool? I thought of it myself! So following that new joie de vivre...I popped open a bottle of champaign that has been waiting for a "special" occassion in my fridge and I figured now is a good time as ever to celebrate...ME! For if i do not celebrate my life...who will? the clocks-a tickin' and i aint got no children...except for my 2 year old niece, who i might cut out of my will because a) she has been refusing to come to the phone and say hi to me recently and b) I think she STOLE my mommy...!!! So I will be proud of my achievements by my lonesome!
I threw myself a party saturday...great turnout!!! Spent ages on the phone as usual and sunday I over indulged in rich chocolate cake slabs and slabs of it and I need to eat ice-cream. I also got to eat some kabobs and grape leaves from ...not impressive! I wish I could have a real the ones from northmead...not the most common egyptian ones that come on pita bread...thats sooo yucky!
I will be working the whole of this week which sucks, coz my co-worker has to go I am not a happy camper.