Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas post...:-)

This post is especially for "anonymous". I am sorry I was unable to post earlier, but hope this will suffice:-)

Last week was sooo busy and I left town to be with family, so I had no internet access. I am also having a semi-crisis... well really it's self imposed so don't feel sorry for me at all. It will also cause me to be very busy for all of January... I am really dreading January! But I am a lioness and can get through anything!

Any way... Santa was AWESOME!!! This year. I can not even begin to express my gratitude to "santa".... I am truly blessed.

Also I am in the process of reading 'a long way gone: memoirs of a boy soldier' by Ishmeal Beah which was one of my christmas presents. Will update when I finnish reading. Lots of blood so far. Tell you what though... I thought it was a little disturbing that I was given that book for christmas... it says a lot about how morbid my life is I!

Lets see news wise:- I still haven't a clue what I'll do for new years eve. Problems with being a social butterfly is that you get tired at times-- and this is one of those times. I am going to dinner with friends tonight and tomorrow, so I can decide what sounds better then. It's sushi night tomorrow... wrong day I know:-) It's also Michelle's birthday, so that's why. Gaza/ Israel-- is that really news???? Uganda church massacre??? Italian island of Lampedussa? There actually wasn't any real news other than the Somalian president stepping down-- that's like so rare in Africa:-)

Oopsy... phone call ... gotta run:-)


Anonymous said...

12 Noon -Lunch Break – So TONS of THANKS to Manena for the Christmas Post – I can enjoy my Bacon Turkey Bravo and soup from Penera Bread and have a good laugh – Arthur :) Please and I DID use the word PLEASE! Do post an update on The Memoirs of a boy Soldier, I had never heard of it :( See ! I learn something new each time I read your blog - The funny thing is - I am currently reading HOW TO TALK ABOUT BOOKS YOU HAVEN’T READ by Pierie Bayard - seriously! HAPPY HAPPY New Year! And FLY FLY FLY HIGH YOU SOCIAL BUTTERFLY – Oh wait a minute ! You don’t have a passport :) Oh My Bad! More so - since I just got a call on Monday from the person who signs the passports - Life can be so ironic at times – Laughing through Lunch!!!!!!- Arthur

Manena said...

how to talk about books u haven't read seems like something i would like:-)
Oh...I am off panera since i found a baby roach/ other bug in my soup 2 years ago:-)
I will def. post an update on the soldier boys...
Are you taunting me about the passport??? I might cry... i feel like i'm in prison without one! seriously!
Happy new year luv! Enjoy your passport....sniff sniff...

Anonymous said...