Sunday, May 10, 2009

RIP Windows XP

So I made my exciting come back....then something awful happened-- My computer died! It didn't work for like 2 weeks and kept freezing on windows xp. I have been patient and trying to fix it, though it hasn't been a priority because I had my work lap top, but I didn't think it was appropriate to use it for my personal entertainment:-) Yeah...sometimes I have morals!

I am currently using the computer in "safe mode"... hopefully it will fix itself. Or maybe my boyfriend Bill Gates/ Warren Buffet might buy me a new computer. Dunno.

Dude, I am trying to get into grad school ASAP, but can not think what to do! They all don't seem to pay more than I make now which disturbs me. I am also not getting very good reviews on the Nurse Practitioner track-- they are over used and abused...and make the same amount of money that I do. Then I thought I could go back to my international studies that I was previously doing... They don't get paid nuttin.I love that line of work though-- global studies, international relations, international health...etc. So I might just end up doing Public health or a freaking MBA. HELP!!! I can't think for real! I just can't justify the amount paid for school if I wont be paid enough when I graduate. I could probably get a scholarship though... my GPA is great. I just hate writing about myself in letters of interest.

OMG...what is with all the bloody re-runs??? TV has bored the hell out of me today! Serves me right for being anti social and staying home on mother's day. I made a special meal-- got major heart burn and played on the computer.

Oh and as if I didn't have enough to worry about, my car AC stopped working too. So I am looking to buy a new- used car soon too. I absolutely think it's a waste of money to buy new cars because they cost too much for nothing. I just want a car that gets me from point A to B safely and comfortably because my job depends on me driving around town.

Oh don't forget this coming weekend is wine in the woods in Columbia, MD. It's usually lots if music, lots of food, lots of Maryland wineries. I would definitely recommend it.

Hopefully my computer keeps working till I'm rich enough to replace it. I feel bad coz I am going to lose so many pictures and music and documents.

any who...Happy mama's day to all you lovely mama's out there. Also to the person asking if Castro was my boyfriend...umm honey not even if his penis was made of white chocolate raspberry cheese cake and protocolo wine!!! Never!


Anonymous said...

Manena – Safe Mode is just that. Safe Mode – It’s like first base. Say what you want, but your future husband Bill Gates has improved Windows XP. It pretty much fixes itself. Which means Bill will have enough money for you and Melinda’s alimony payments :)
If you are able to get to the desk top – Try System Restore. Click - All programs – Accessories - System Tools – System Restore. Pick – Restore My Computer To Any Earlier Time and pick a date from when you think everything was working fine. YOU WILL NOT LOSE ANY DATA! If you do not have a restore point – Opps – you have malware, a corrupt windows file or a register change in the root files. No need to panic! If your internet connection is working just visit your future husbands’ web site and download – Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. Two other great FYOP TOOLS (Fix Your Own Problem) are Tune-Up Utilities 2009 from and Spybot Search & Destroy both of which are free downloads.
Also check to make sure that you have Service Pack 3. Click – My Computer – View System Information – The General Tab will tell you if you have Service Pack 1,2 or 3 You can download Service Pack 3 at if its not installed. Better still - hookup with a hot guy who can do all of this for you – just don’t tell him you are holding out for Bill Gates so keep the guy in Safe Mode - LOL.
Money helps - but is not the end all to a fully lived life. Follow your dreams and GO TO GRAD SCHOOL the payoff will come later in life. Most of the top US Schools would be happy to have someone with your background. Nurse Practitioners can now setup their own practice and I think you have a number of alternative paths to be certified - three I think. Also consider the Physician Assistant path. It’s like being paid as a doctor without the stress. Oh, I keep doing this! I forgot you can’t join Doctors Without Borders you don’t have a passport.

Manena said... know you're sweet one minute and sour the next! I was almost feeling loved by you...but you had to bring a sista down with the "you don't have a passport bit!" (Note to self: call mum and find out if I have a passport now.I bet the slacker hasn't taken my papers in!)
On the computer thing...ummm yeah...are you seriously speaking french to me? I like plan B better-- Bill Gates/ The new love of my life:-) Unless Warren makes a come back on his finances:-)

Sangwani said...

That Castro comment was just cold.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Nina! Its me....SO the first laugh i have had this week is from reading your blog..thank god you're still blogging or i'd choke! Anyhoo i too have started blogging again... i'll email you the address... do not list me on your blog...


Manena said...

Gurl send me your info:). Thanks for guilting me into writting again. Will do so tomorrow:-)
Dude...the bastido's say my hurr was a braided on my passport pictures so I need to send new ones!!! WTF??? I swear to God another country needs to adopt me for real!!