Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hi cyber space,
I have been receiving your emails asking about where I am...and honestly, It's not that I'm lazy...(tee hee hee-- I can't even lie with a straight face!) Ok, I am a tad lazy this year, but also my computer still isn't working right. I have been promised a high tech one... not sure when I'll get it though so sit tight.

I still don't have a chances of getting outta here are slim to none. Same ol' man problems... same ol' work issues... still watching reruns, and soccer.
Oh talking about soccer... DC United is playing Real Madrid in know I'll be there with bells on!!! I was gonna say DC United will get an ass thrashing...but USA Vs Spain surprised me with a who knows, we might get lucky...well the team...not me:-) ha hahaha
Shucks...I blanked out! All thoses stories going on, crazy Kim Jong Il and his threats, crazy I-ranians, crazy abortion doctor killers, crazy museum shooters...I mean the news is just flourishing with psychos I am afraid to go outside! Add to that Air France or the heart attack pilot...dude...where in the world is safety???

Any way...will be back soon. Please pray for my new computer...It's a sad state of affairs using this almost dead one:( I can't think straight with the screen looking all funny.

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