Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Domestic Violence

Last night the bloody people upstairs had a fight. Little did they know miss 911 lives right below their floor! Yes I said it! I have no fear of dailling 911. I called security on an 80 year old lady who said "you don't know me!" (implying i don't know what she's capable of), so i called security on her ass coz she didn't "know me" either!

So any shway, it took 911 10 minutes to get there even though I had told them, I thought someone was being hit, and they were shouting in loud voices. the people upstairs are Chinese/japanese/korean...etc u know what i mean! I heard mrs chinatown screaming in her language and things being knocked around as mr chinatown conitnued to shout things (and probably kung-fu'd her!). Well I hope I saved a life, or atleast he wont try to do it again because he'll be scared someone will call the police again. My only disappointment was that i was the only one who called it in, and i called 30 minutes after the whole mess started because i was hoping they could just stop at some point...and then i got scared someone would probably die on my watch...!

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