Sunday, September 17, 2006

This week...

I have a flu/cold/allergies going on. So this whole weekend i spent sipping tea with honey, pumping my body with all sorts of pills, many warm baths, using breathe rites (because i've been snoring- and i doubt that they work...) and feeling sorry for myself!

well i did a lot of research for my papers, so i guess thats positive. T.V absolutely bored me...where is law and order when you need it????? Yesterday all the movies on Life time involved a lover killing their partner...etc, and today there was too much love going healthy balance. So i threw in the pride and prejudice dvd for the hundredth time and ...oh Mr Daaaaaarcy!!!

In the news... a Kenyan author was in the new york times talking about how important using his language is... which is kind of like a follow up to the story i have below. He talks about how they used to be beaten in colonial times if they spoke anything other than English, and how the kenyatta and moi era's were also against using languages other than english. It reminded me of how we used to be fined or punished in my high school days if we so much as uttered a non-english word on the school grounds! Viva colonisation! Bwaana surely conquered us!
And as much as people like to go on and on about how bad Kenneth Kaunda (a.k.a KK, Super K, father Zambia). I think he tried his best. When he chucked out Zungu's and promoted "africanism" he was trying to preserve our culture. After years of the people being repressed and not able to practice their customs correctly... i don't see how this was "very wrong". As far as the economy... the man didn't know about running a country because he had no experience, and neither did anyone else. So mistakes were bound to be made, and they were.

Then yesterday i discovered that Fed-ex was supposed to be sending me a package from new york on thursday. How about my package went from new york, to new jersey, to BALTIMORE, MD, to new jersey again, then to Memphis tennessee as of yesterday. So i called to ask them why my package came to baltimore and had to be sent to flipping memphis? the guy on customer service told me it was "standard procedure". Dumb planning if you ask me. How do you transport something to where its supposed to go, then take it the opposite direction? That is not economically sound!

I had also hit an emotional pot hole this week, so i had to relax, relate and release some of that tension. Any way, that's what i get for worrying about other people's issues.

Malcom X just came on and i'm going to watch it. I need to get in touch with my "blackness" okay? okay. Go tribe of shabazz!

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