Monday, September 04, 2006

Sudan vs Sovereignty

The Sudanese government in their wisdom rejected a UN security council resolution to send UN forces to Darfur stating the governments "sovereignty" would be lost! exactly how much sovereignty should the international community allow Sudan to have? should we wait till a 1000 more people are dead? how about 200 000 more for good measure? If the US could go into Iraq to "liberate" the people, why not do the same for the Sudan?

A lot of people feel because Sudan is a million miles from America that they are not affected by what happens...little do they know that the displaced people have to become refugees somewhere, and there's nothing worse than forced displacement as we've seen with the victims of hurricane Katrina...

Now the African Union which is really not much at all has been asked to leave... Its surprising that the Sudanese government and the rebels can sleep well at night.

Glad Zambia doesn't have oil....

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