Thursday, September 24, 2009

What an awesome day!

I have been slightly infirmus and busy and couldn't blog much, but I think it's all about to change.

There has been so much going on from the tragedy of Castor Semenya to Health care reform. Of course y'all know where I stand on the HC debate... but I have a few things to say today.

So any way, let me start by saying, I have had an awesome day!!! I went to the doctor and got the all clear-- then i also got news that the doctors office owes me money! Woo hoo!!! Then, an old man sang "Smile" for me because he said I had a pretty smile, then I was hit on by a random dude(u know how conceited I am!) I LOVED it!!!

Tomorrow I head off to the DC area for the weekend...

Okay HC reform. Look I think Obama's problem is that he doesn't speak dumbaleze (the language of the dumb) people that can speak dumb are those stating that HC reform will be a government take over---- well HELLO??? When the hundreds, nay thousands without health insurance leave bills in hospital emergency rooms, whose money pay's for that and how? Tax payers pay through the government! The government is already involved in health care.

Ha! wait a minute did y'all get to hear Muammar Gaddafi's speech? LOL... that was some funny stuff!!! I couldn't believe he flew all the way to the UN meeting to basically tell them they all suck! Gosh I wish I had his job! Run a country and feel free to act like a jack ass all day!

Then president Ahmadinejad, threw in his own "why should we care about a few dead Jews when many people were killed during that time and we don't hold long conferences about them"

Another reason why some people need to live in China: This one dude robbed some Johns Hopkins students then during the robbery one of the students accidentally killed him... well his sister is on TV going on about... oh he was outside of the house when he was killed so the kid that did it should be punished! Umm your brother was robbing China he would be killed on the spot if caught!

Also in more legal Maryland news: Accorn is suiing the people that recorded them acting all crazy because in Maryland you can not record someone saying something without their permission! Come to think of it I think we don't do lie detectors either:-) goooooooo MD!!!


Luse said...

Hey Manena, missed you big time! And yes, listening to Gaddafi was an exercise in going back in time. but boyi, didn't I feel soooo sorry for africa! And our own presidential entourage made a grand entrance with that guy who didn't quite understand the ways of an escalator!!

Since am in DC, might bump into u over the weekend.....

Manena said...

Yay!!!! Someone missed me!
I had so much fun watching those punks:-)
Oh I wish I had run into you in the DC area:-)

ninas mummy said...

I missed u too...xx