Thursday, October 01, 2009

It's almost my birthday!!!!

You know I get impossible around my birthday...and I have no clue what the plan is, but you know what even though I don't do much that day, i am VERY content at the moment. I am just happy with my life and that I made it to 21...again! lol. (did you really think I would put my real age here?)
I plan on poppin a bottle of bubbly, eating a cheesecake brownie from Sweet Temptations bakery (will let you know how good it is), I will also have a special dinner, and watch a nice movie!
I'm on the phone, so I have just lost concentration!
But about Jon pulling the plug on jon and kate plus eight! wwaahh! /that was sooo funny!!!
- I am sick and tired of the incest Phillips lady!!! For real! How in the world is that news????
Salin Palin has a book... shoot! I need to write a memoir too:-)
I also think I have been watching too much Tyra,,,for real! Too much time on my hands!
Ohhhh... maybe I might see Michael Moore's new flick-- Capitalism: A love story.
I am sooooo sorry phone distraction!!!

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