Saturday, October 10, 2009

Zambia oye!

So what's with the fuel shortage, electricity scarcity and water scarcity in Zambia????!!! Why wont people protest that mess? I mean come on!!! We have kariba damn and all that, then there's indeni, I am not understanding the situation right now. *Disclaimer* i am not inciting a riot or calling anyone corrupt-- just stating the facts! Is Mugabe the president of Zambia?

On a sad note, what's with all these young Zambians dying like every other day? So sad, I appreciate each extra day I live.

Talking about health insurance-- mine totally sucks! I got a $2500 bill from my two night hospital stay! Do I hear health care reform????
My buddy Michael Steel(RNC) is very hurt that Obama won the Nobel Peace prize because Obama hasn't achieved much apparently. Granted there are more deserving people than Obama, that's agreed, but insinuating the Nobel panel was only passing on a political agenda and hence diminishing it's extinguished value. The thing is, they see potential in him. They also see that so far he is trying to improve dialogue with the Muslim world and encouraging him to continue. They have done it before with others!
Oh, I am planning on writing to president Banda to see if he'll give me a diplomatic post to somewhere. Anywhere. I don't care. I heard the positions are going like hot cakes...and based on the fact that I am half from eastern province and so is he...I am guessing I can talk him into being loyal to his province-mate! I am tired of working for the man, I need a government position so I can sit on my ass and do nothing all day!
****************************************************** tomorrow! Rumor has it there's a holiday tomorrow and I am not sure which it is. All I know is i don't get a day off...hello government job are you there???? It;s me Manena!

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