Sunday, November 01, 2009

Zed Independence

So I had a fun time at the Zambian Independence party in Baltimore. I almost didn't go, but my little buddy made me...and it was a much needed night out:-)

So I am not one to criticize (lol...) but as usual, we started on African time 10pm instead of 7pm. Then, we went into major prayer mode (seriously, I have no issues with prayer, but if I wanted to pray, I know where the church is, I don't need an evening of food and dance turned into a church). Then after the many prayers and religious songs, the speeches started and went on for another eternity. Then someone made a PowerPoint presentation on historical Zambia. So it was a great idea at first. It described a little of the migration of peoples that settled in Africa... then spoke about the British leaving Zambia...then Zambia was Independent.

Ok so the dude should have stopped there, but he goes on to talk about Kaunda's one party state thereafter, Chiluba's embezzlement (or whatever it was), captain solo's incident, Mwanawasa and Banda...I mean are you serious???? How that anything to do with the beautiful idea of independence? It just messed it up!!! It felt like it was a political presentation instead of just a "yay Zambia's independent!" thing.

Oh then the MC???? OMG!!! What rock did he emerge from? He was not funny!!! Jeez Louise! I found him to be crass...

Other than week has been up and job is kinda sucky at the moment and many people have quit. I am not getting a good feeling about it. Five people have gone...and instead of hiring replacement, we are interviewing agency staff...then the manager wasn't replaced either...they are using someone from a sister facility. Almost like a merger. That tells me something fishy is going they may be closing down or something! So if you know someone hiring...I'm your gurl! hola!!

Oh! senior moment! forgot what I had to say! any how...goood night


Anonymous said...

Manena – Tik Tok -Tik Tok – you should wakeup every morning feeling like Michelle Obama – coz the party won’t start till you walk in – and the boys turn around to check your photo. So the PowerPoint dude just wants some power and the church crowd prayed for hope – hope for a better Zambia – da! As for the DJ you should have given him your iPod- Tik Tok – Kesha. And the party would have jammed past 2 a.m.

Manena said...

LOL...I wasn't sure if you were being sarky or not...but being that I love being praised, I simply took it and ran with the praise! woo hoo!! I'm Michelle Obama:-) YAY!!!