Thursday, March 08, 2012

Happy International Women's Day!!!

I know I have been AWOL for a long while...but I have officially chosen to be back today on this lovely International Women's day! I hope all the lovely ladies of the world are having a grand day today!

I realized I needed to get back to blogging while sitting in my bed screaming numbers at a girl to win the car on 'The price is right'...isn't that just sad??? lol. I think blogging is really good for made me read more, think more about stuff, offers mental therapy, pep up my self confidence (hmmm, scratch that--- my mirror does a great job!).

So much has happened in between...I wont bother trying to catch up coz that will take all day:-) Will catch you up as i go along. Who I'm I talking to you wonder? Lawd knows! hahaha! I just come here to talk about things I like!

So in all seriousness women: I hope you're taking good care of your health. If you haven't had a physical assessment done this year...please arrange for one to be done. If you haven't had a pap smear-- call your OB Gyn, do a random HIV test and for goodness sake LOVE YOURSELF today-- and I don't mean the other love that comes with batteries-- but if you chose to do that today that's your prerogative too...:-)

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