Friday, March 23, 2012

Blah week

The last two weeks have been a little on the heavy side-- but I can see a rainbow today yay!!!!!

One of my friends-- a very bright young doctor age 31 dropped dead (apparently threw a blood clot of something like that). It was soooo sudden we were just left speechless. Terrible tragedy really. There's nothing worse than someone in your age range dropping really makes you question what's important to you and whether you're making the right choices in your life. Then again-- that really only last a few days, and you go back to making the same sucky choices you were making before-- ha!

Talking about death...why is it that the media took about a week before they announced why George Zimmerman was claiming self defense? Dude said he was turning back to his car when he was attacked....(likely story George!) kind of explains why the police might have opted for the slow route to jail....makes them appear less dumb! What a sad situation.

March 22nd was world water day. I hope you all took the time to appreciate the food and water that enters your mouth. I have been working diligently on research on possibilities of a water crisis in Zambia. The water crisis all over the world is something we should all be worried about

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