Thursday, June 15, 2006

people are priceless!

hello good people! Today i have not been feeling very well all i want to do is sleep...and fart.
So any way I caught the England v T&T game...alll i can say is GGGOOOOOOO T&T!!!! England played pretty badly even though they won... I expected better from them than what i saw.

Also, I just hate the way people go to places and don't bother learning about what the real deal is with the country they are visiting. For instance I came across a blog from I guess it was a girl from sweden/ norway. She was raving about how the initiation ceremonies in Zambia are soo sexist and how she didn't understand why women needed to be taught what to do in the bedroom. Now ok, if teaching women what to do with men is sooooo backward, why then do women in developed nations read cosmopolitan magazines, karma sutra and watch porn? sex sells and helps you maintain relationships. The only way to do it in Zambia is to physically teach yound women how its done because in the past they never had TV's, nor magazines that would act as intruction manuals! If you are lucky i may give a brief history on the Zambian Initiation ceremonies.

Another individual was going on about bride price or as we say lobola. They were going on about how the man is buying the woah! what is the purpose of an engagement ring? a big diamond one at that? doesn't that sound like a man buying a woman? The bride price is not to buy a woman as many people might think. Lobola is to show appreciation to the family for having raised a beautiful woman who was also going to be a good wife.

Remember: people are priceless...only a fool would put a monetary value to another person!

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