Friday, June 30, 2006

This week in my life...

So after a long silence...which was just due to my laziness to get on my blog...I have finally torn myself from my couch and decided to post something today...

Its been a pretty fun week. Over the weekend I had gone to DC to spend time with my cousin and my aunt. We ended up in Adams Morgan...and boy! the place never changes... I had all these memories of when Mwai and I were regulars there:) I guess I've become an old fart because it seemed "kiddie-busy" to me. Don't get me wrong...I enjoyed the dinner and the night out... but too many dar-gon kids were out!!!

I had a pretty rental car which i got while the dent on my car (caused by an accident in march) was being fixed. Lets see....oh! my last day at work was yesterday, I went out for dinner and my work buddies bought me breakfast and lunch.

during a tele-conference on wednesday with some ex-roma girls association members.... i was selected to be co-secretary of all north American members... I must have been drunk to accept!! I am still trying to find an excuse to back out...:) I'll give you the details of the confrence at a later date.

I am trying to take my braids out and having such a horrible time! Also Towson University has accepted all my credits from previous dunno how thrilled I am!

Agony is...if a stranger can tell what you're thinking!!! I am tired of strangers telling me what I'm thinking and being correct... so i am working on my facial expressions...or lack there of. I need to be less animated..:) fat chance!

I have another date tonight...waaahhhh:)

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