Saturday, June 10, 2006

Arch-Bishop Mazombwe

so friday turned out to be interesting. I got a new job YYYYEEEAAHH! (as if I didn't know i was getting it!), the window of my car died...on a rainy day if i may add. Who expects an automatic car window to just not go up one day? Then i got hit on by a gangster with gold teeth and bad breath on the metro! just lovely! I'll give map out our conversation later.

Then I went to the Basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception (enuff words?) in washington DC for the firt time. I then went on to meet the Arch-bishop of Zambia- Merdado Mazombwe (and i thought my name was funny!).

I have never been a room where i felt so loved and like a star. His holiness was traveling with a delegation of the Zambian catholic womens league. Majority of the women were friends of my mothers..who is also in the organization..duh. So i got many hugs and kisses and ooohh and aaahhhs about how fat I've become. Thanks guys! that did wonders for my self esteem! little roundilox my dear- you have competition!

All jokes aside. I had an inspiring evening. The Arch-bishop described what plans the diosese of Zambia have for improving the economy and alleviating poverty. He says there are plans to build a new hospital and a new university both of which are very important to Zambia. He further went onto explain that 80% of the population in Zambia is illiterate! I knew it was a large number... but I never thought it would be that many! He talked about several orphans that he has helped and is continuing to help, and other plans of things to come. Most importantly he spoke of the need for us to love one another and stick together because "one finger can not kill a louse". We then had representatives of the ex Roma girls secondary school (RGSS) association explain to us how to go about sponsoring a child from RGSS for tuition and books. Lastly a member of the womens organization summed up what was discussed at their meeting (the world union of catholic women- or something of that nature!)

We had other speakers, i.e people that had once lived in Zambia and really want to go back. They talked about what they have been doing to help with the development of Zambia and i was really touched by everyone. So I guess you're all wondering what I'll do about it...well

my theory is...if they call me to help with the building of the hospital, I will have my bags packed in a jiffy. But don't hold me to that...I'm middle aged if we use Zambian standards, so my moods change:)

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