Friday, June 02, 2006

Power of attorney

its amazing how many people don't have a living will/ advanced directives! why do people find it hard to decide what they would like done with their bodies once their brain can no longer function? I myself have no living will...i'll get round to it some day...:)

In the mean time, if something out of order happens to me... I elect my mother as power of attorney, if something happens to her before me, I elect my brother as my power of attorney. They can do with me as they please...

I don't understand what the problem was with the Terri Shiavo case. Why didn't the husband just hand her over to his in-laws if he was so eager to get married and be done with her? he claims its because she had mentioned that she would rather die than live like a cabbage. But who is to say she hadn't changed her mind and just hadn't mentioned that? Her parents were prepared to care for her and keep her alive... what was the big deal with hubby?

Verily I say to you, if I am married and something out of order happens to me, hubby kindly return my body to my family(immediate/extended) they will know what to do with me. Hopefully I'll have my Living will/ advanced directives written by then..ha!

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Woman said...

Totally digging the cabbage. I have a living will and I think its vital to have one these days. I know my requests will be made.