Sunday, June 11, 2006

conva with a gangsta!

This is the conversation between me and the gansta i met on the train friday night. Take note, he had a mouth full of gold teeth, tatoo's all over his neck..i.e R.I.P lil troy...etc. He wore a black leather jacket and sagging blue jeans (it was 80 degrees by the way!). My stupidity or lack of judgement led me to sit right behind him, and as soon as my butt touched the seat, he turned around and gave me a huge grin blinding my vision.

Gangsta gold: hi baby wwaassuup?
me (with the OMG look): I'm good how u doin?
gansta gold: watchu doin on the train so late by yourself? can i take you home?
me (why was i born so damned fine!): I live in Baltimore
gangsta gold: in the HOOD????? now why you do that? don't you got a job? why you have to live there boo?
me: I DON'T live in the HOOD!
gangsta gold: well all of baltimore is a hood! so what part of Africa are you from?
me: ethiopia (lolololol)
gangsta gold: so what kind of men you Africans, or African American? you know like other ethiopians i know only date ethiopians. so what kind os men you like?
me: just MEN!
gangsta gold: oh so like me... you want me to show you a good time? i can cook you dinner and we can just ride around town, and you can see my house..huh?
me: (weak smile on my face) hhmmm.
gangsta gold: so give me your number (pulls out his phone, giving me a glipse of what looked like a gun..?)
me: aaahhhh 410.......etc (fear over took me, so i gave him my home number and not my cell phone number. well how about this fool tried to call me..?)
gangsta gold: i need to make sure u aint lying to me. (so I quickly pretend my phone is ringing and i pretend to turn it off) boo i aint heard your phone ring...!
me: that's because it was on vibrate...
gangsta gold: so what's your name?
me: (gosh-dag-it why do i not know any ethiopian names?) Hanna
gangsta gold: ama call u Hanna! we can get together for dinner aight?
me: (running off the train and glad that he wasn't following me) ok. bye!

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