Thursday, August 10, 2006

typical black neighborhood

*fried chicken store...i.e Tyrones fried chicken a.k.a TFC baby!
*liquor store
*bail bond place-
*little place of worship
*chinese nic-nac store with the bullet proof glass around the store owners.
*few houses in between and the cycle continues!
I digress:

The country is apparently on "code red" exactly what does that mean? should I have a bag packed ready to start running when all hell breaks loose..., should I have a months supply of food in the house? a years? should we be heading out of the country like the lebanese? or maybe move to utah, iowa...etc I don't suppose the terrorists would want to go there. Also, how is red different from other codes? do we assume when we're on code yellow we're 'safe'? or should we just keep a standard bag packed and ready for war???

more digression:

Fantasia barino has a new movie coming out and i'm going to watch it! whatchu gon do 'bout it?

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Woman said...

I'm all packed and ready for Lusaka.....Is this where I whip out the I'm a Zambian, please don't blow me up line?