Saturday, August 05, 2006


My last day with the little girl is tomorrow... I feel a little sad....I was getting used to this! Well apart from our one tiff the othe rnight, she has been soooooooo well behaved its unbelievable! I wasn't home with her today, but I called to check up on her and I was told she has been doing everything exactly as I asked her to...! that's awesome! She also called me "just to say hi" so I guess we've really bonded...:) I'm just sooo good at this PR stuff!

Today was girls night out and I think I laughed a tad bit too much. None of us had any alcoholic bevarages because its almost that time of the month and I'm bloated...and my boobs swelled and I should be in a bad mood...but not till next week I think. The joys of being a woman...

I have to work tomorrow... yeah looking forward to some sunday activity. I also have what I think will be a great gig monday... they will have me working in the easiest place possible. I can't wait! besides, my manager said if I like it, I can have the position forever. So keep your fingers crossed that I'll love it.

I think working the 3-11 shift has turned me into a night owl... what to do...?

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