Tuesday, August 29, 2006


okay, so i know its been a while since i last wrote, but you know what...a lot has been going on!

well last week i wrote a whole thing about teachers in baltimore city and the debate they had on NPR, but then it didn't save, and i was too lazy to write it over. The bottom line was, why are children not held responsible for their academic achievements????

Surviver's new episode has races against each other...interesting. I didn't believe their theory that in places people tend to stick together by race...but then i went to a training session last week, and lo and behold, the asians sat in the row in front of me, the white people sat in the row accross from me, and all the black people sat besides me....lol that was really funny!

Oh then i had 2 people i know threaten to commit suicide in the same week...drama for your mama.

Then school started, my stress level has increased by like 1000% i am quetsioning my self about choices i have made and all this other crazy stuff! well we'll see as time goes on. Many people feel i'm crazy for pursuing something that wont pay me as much as the job i do right now... but something tells me i'm on the right path...and even if i'm not... its okay right?

and 2 people i haven't heard from in like a looooooooooong time called me out of the blues! its really crazy!

Finally, 2 of my instructors have stressedthe importance of reading the news...:) i love life. it always amazes me!

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