Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Why is it that the world seems to have more naysayers than people that want to encourage me? you can not believe how many people tell me what they think I should do and how often they think I am making a mistake in my life. So far I am still alive and well without using any of their ideas!!!

Recently when i was changing/ quitting my job, I had a million and one people tell me I wasn't going to make it without that job....its been a month and i haven't been evicted, nor have I slept hungry. I will not live my life scared to take chances anymore...I have nothing to loose really...and if I die trying, at leasts I can say I tried right? I have worked too damned hard to get to where I am today, and I am not about to risk it all playing some dumb game. But, by the same token, I wont just sit idle, and wait for my future. I am going after it!

Coz seriously, if I was going to die this early... I would have died when I lived in the shady part of west Baltimore. You all remember that when I first moved to Baltimore without a credit history and all that good stuff that I need to get an apartment, I lived in some shady area where drugs were sold at every corner and gunshots were a nightly activity. I used to get off work at 10pm and take 2 buses from one end of town to another... and get home at midnight to be met in the street by rude rats the size of cats and some slim shady wanna be's. Every weekend the popo were on heavy patrol and collected several of the guys on a regular basis.

Now, if i survived that shit...and my mama... you can throw me Bosnia, Rwanda and Iraq...and I can survive them too! So whats a little life crisis??? People, learn to loosen up when you're speaking in terms of "manena" I'm a surviver...and I will keep on trekking, aint no shame in my game!

I aint got my college money together yet and school starts at the end of this month:) so for those of you that wnat to help a sista out, I take Visa, Mastercard, cash and money orders only. I don't trust y'all's personal checks!
oh and I really miss you!!!. ( You know who you are)

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