Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

I am surprised the BBC beat me to this story! I remember doing a paper on this in college, and i am glad once again, that I was not born in the parts of the world that practice this B.S! Some people that wrote into the forum on BBC are weiredos... how about, one said that when your wife is circumcised you can trust her....and another said that she/he hasn't seen any woman who suffers from complications from FGM because the circumcision is done by proffessionals. well maybe in her hood its done correctly, but what about the refugees from sudan...a great many are moslem and practice this.... they are too poor to afford real equipment for proper surgical removal of all "unwanted" female parts. Do we know how many die in the process or how many have complications with child labor and delivery?
In this debate, we learn of the quote from the quran, where mohammed "don't cut off too much" or "don't cut off as much as you would like" isn't that discouraging the process? or doesn't he seem like he's promoting hoodectomy? which most women like because it removes a little of the skin from the clitoris and makes it more pleasurable for her... you know like male circumcision. Also if this is religious.... why would God make you with parts that you don't need? I can't think of anything on my body that I don't need. Well the extra fat... but that's not from God.... that's from me and my gluttony! Besides, in the Zambian community...its just extra padding!
There are 3 types of circumcision...
The skin in type 2 and 3 is held together by thorns or sewn closed with anything available. when its time for child labour... the opening of the vigina has to be torn open again for the baby to come out...then sewn shut for youur husbands pleasure... then opened again for your second child, then sewn get the picture. This opening and sewing causes tissue to harden making it harder and more painful every time its done again. And if its shut too tight, i think hubby has to cut it open a little bit before sex if he needs to.

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