Monday, October 23, 2006


well it appears that they have found oil in Zambia....that simply means we'll get a little rich, then we'll have a war, then the US will occupy us, then they'll offer free scholarships and refugee status to those of us that will survive...then in like 50 years or so we'll either be quite prosperous or like our good neighbours les Congolais!

I hate the way the BBC keeps implying Mwanawasa has improved the Economy of Zambia...dude hasn't done too much. He didn't cause the international copper "come back", nor did he cause the debt of Zambia to be cancelled. So I don't think he should be praised for work that he did not do!!! has UNZA been fixed up? does it have as many educated prof's as it used to? has UTH (the biggest hospital) got most of the things that it needs..i.e xray sheets, dialysis machines, PANADOL, nurses, doctors...etc(if its better, why is our PRESIDENT going to the UK for something as easy as stroke treatment? why has he no faith in his own hospital?) c'est terrible! Its sad how the media tells stories to portray the writters views and not what's really going on!...hey it seems that I do it too...but if you read the first blog i published u would know that I live by my own standards...and represent only ME! so its justified!

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African girl, American world said...

they found oil?? girl I used to read the papers everyday but it is too depressing. I'll get my updates from you :)