Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Traditions/ religions/ movement

O.K I have been meaning to talk out this but keep forgetting. There was a case in Engy where a moslem lady was asked to take off her "ninja" wear (a.k.a burka if you want to be politically correct). They claim it's necessary for her to wear it because its her religion. Now do you think an islamist nation would be that tolerant of me walking around with a huge Christian cross (a la 50 cents), and my traditional tumbuka animal skin attire with my boobs bear? so why should we be accepting of theirs?
My job doesn't allow me to wear a nose ring, and i gracefully took mine off...even though i could claim putting an ornament on my nose is part of my tradition and should be allowed!

should people move to other countries and expect things to be done just like it is in their country? what was the point of moving in the first place then?

if the poolicy at your work place crosses or burka's then... thats what it means!

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African girl, American world said...

you're tumbuka? mwana wa (shit I can't spell it!!)
I'm tumbuka too so we must be related...LOL!
People wear crosses everyday in the work place....I just think people should be more tolerant. Just because you've moved here doesn't mean you have to look like everyone here.