Friday, October 13, 2006

Mau Mau Vs UK

All I can say is, if the Mau Mau win their case of abuse against the UK government. I will also be filling a complaint on behalf of Zambia! I don't care that I wasn't even a zygote at the time of their rule... but a sista needs money.
I am probably not as rich as i could have been because of them...who knows? what if I could have figured out a way to sail to the UK myself and conquered them? they didn't give me the I should charge them...hhhmmm...sounds like a plan!

On another note. I am tired of people in my class assuming people from third world countries are dumb..."why don't they just subsidise?" doomass...! read the dargone IMF S.A.P's!!

We might not be philosophers sitting around and thinking about stuff because we don't have the time to do that...we are always thinking about where our next meal will come from, who's going to die next, who's funeral will take priority to attend for that day, who's wedding to organize, who's children to adopt, who's going to get the educated of all the kids in the house...etc

oh crap I'm late for class...taataa!


African girl, American world said...

girl I hated my class 'Politics of the 3rd world' for the same reason!!! Think they know every damn thing!!!

African girl, American world said...

don't hate, congratulate!! LOL!!

That is not my tub but I aspire to have one that looks like that :) Mine's not too far off...LOL!!!