Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Its my birfffdaay!

so its that special time of the year again.... and this year I didn't send out and annual reminder to the family and friends about it. I wanted to see who would remember...!
Cousin Kimmy ofcourse wins the trophy for cousin of the year!
the people at work are soooooo nice, they gave me the cheesiest assignment ever...needless to say i was bored with having nothing to do, but it was great to not get swamped today!

I have had phone calls from all over the world and i can truly say i am blessed and loved...not many people can say that.

My mother who forgets our birthdays every year...did it again...and i have to remind her in an ever so gentle way that if she doesn't improve...we'll put her in a nursing home:)

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African girl, American world said...

LOL @ Nursing home! You already know Zambians don't play that :)

Happy Birthday!!!!!