Monday, October 23, 2006

Samora Machel

They are finally putting a real inquiry into the death of Samora Machel 10 whole years later! I will be surprised if they find a whole lot of evidence...I'm sure any one that saw or heard anything is dead now, or they would have spilt their guts a long time ago. Even though I was quite little at the time that his delegation crashed after leaving Zambia...I still remember feeling a sense of dread...u know like your grand-father just died after promising to take u ice-cream shopping...:)

Oh and on a Sad note...Lebo from Boom-Shaka died!! what's with all the good female South African singers popping off to sing for Jesus??? As usual I smell a conspiracy...we need to bring in the Ng'anga's to "smell the rats".

(Oh and Judy....I am still laughing about yesterday's conva! can't get over it. To the rest of you...mind your own beezwax!)

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Woman said...

You're funny as hell chicka...