Saturday, January 06, 2007

Christmas and New Year

On christmas day, my sister, her husband and my brother took me sight seeing, then we went home where they had cooked a special christmas meal and I got to see christmas crackers, which I really hadn't seen in years! So I pretty much felt like the country bumpkin...and they indulged me:) Therein started my drinking spree. I had champers and wine, and the next day purchased some $2 Irish cream...baileys wanna-be. Well in my defence it all tasted the same!

Boxing day, we decided to go to the west end of London. Big mistake!!! it seemed like everyone was out shopping...t'was the start of the sales. We we're walking around town packed like sardines...I am serious! every store was jam packed, we had to hold hands for fear of loosing each other in town! I had to keep reminding myself the sales were in pounds and not dollars, so they weren't all that good for me... but i abused my credit cards none the less. I really thought Americnas love shopping...but in comparison, I seriously think Londoners are bigger shoppers. Every store we went to was packed like crazy and so were the streets...I really couldn't believe it. One store actually claimed it had 150 000 people shop there on boxing day itself!

New Years day, Mercy and I planned not to go out because she had to work... so after a bottle of Baileys...foolish me suggested we needed to go out and just do the count-down. So we got to the club via a guy that liked Aisha...then we got into the club free via a guy that liked Mercy, and we got free drinks all night and a ride home via a guy who liked me... So how about we didn't get home till 7a.m. and Mercy was supposed to go to work at in reality, we slept for 3-4 hours. By the time we awoke, the loser that liked me had called me atleast 16 times...and I'm not exaggerating. I mean, I know I'm hot...but there was no need to be that desparate! Apparently after we left the club someone got stabbed and died in his girlfriends sad!

Ohh and I also got to taste Nigerian Snails....I am not sure I'll eat them again..:) Oh and we made a few drunken calls on New Years...sorry Bruce! lol;)

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African girl, American world said...

glad you had fun :=)